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Gmina Legnica reprezentowana przez Prezydenta Miasta Legnica | Published February 4, 2017

Buying electricity units Commune Legnica.

Legnica: Selection of Contractor's works: Design and construction of the roof grandstands B, C, D city stadium in Legnica in the formula design and build - as part of the investment -Rozbudowa Stadium Sports them. White Eagle.

Prezydent Miasta Legnicy | Published July 21, 2016  -  Deadline July 10, 2017
71320000, 45000000

The stadium is located in the city park the register of monuments - the decision of the Regional Conservator A / 1712 dated 30.03.2010r. Object of the contract includes: designing roofing grandstands B, C, D, ie .: 4, paragraph 4) of the draft contract; 2) a reconciliation of design solutions designers of the Company above. in connection with the copyright designers to design the roof; 3) Presentation of and agreement with the Employer and the User - Sport and Recreation Center in Legnica, the design concept, which will be the basis for the design documentation for the execution of the tasks - 2 copies. + Electronic version on CD - within two months from the date of agreement, 4) Obtaining all necessary for the development of complete design documentation required by laws and regulations, administrative decisions, technical conditions, agreements, opinions and checks, including, inter alia: a) agreed with the Lower Silesian Provincial Conservator of monuments Delegation in Legnica, b) permits Regional Conservator to conduct the work, c) the building permit until 30.01.2017r. 5) Development of design documentation according to the agreed design concept - to 20.12.2016r. a) construction project - 5 copies. b) draft regulations - 4 copies; c) the technical specification of the workmanship and the receipt of work - 3 copies. d) project documentation in an electronic version on CD - 2 copies. 2. Performing the author's supervision. The scope of works related to roofing of the stands: B (west), C (south), D (north), with a total building area of ​​about 3.400m2, includes the construction, among other things: a) to make a roof stands on the roof of the pattern A and the works related to based on the made and approved by the Employer and the user design documentation, and 4. the contractor will design and execute also provides the following scope of work: 1) the performance of the rear guard stands to protect against jamming of rain, for example. wiatroprzepuszczalne banners, to use visual advertising, in addition to securing the stands for ie visiting fans. D stands before transmission or retraction grandstand prohibited from the parking lot for buses and cars guests; 2) decommissioning located on the stands of steel lighting poles, stand B - 6 pieces, stand C - 4 pieces, stand D - 4 pieces, and speakers and light fixtures, two speakers, two light fixtures on each; 3) installation of new speakers on the roof structure stands with parameters not worse than the existing ratio and low voltage electrical installations, commissioning; 4) performance of LED lighting on the roof structure, the impact of electrical and low voltage, commissioning; 5) execution of pipes from the roofs of the stands, the inclusion of storm sewer; 6) removal scoreboard located in the grandstand C and its reassembly in the grandstand D or other agreed place on a separate design, supply and installation of power control, start-up; 24m2 active screen mounted to the construction of the roof of the C or in a separate structure at another agreed place, 8) resurfacing przeciwwodnej grandstands B, C - upper level, a total of about 1350 m2 of replacing flashings, gutters and downpipes from the upper level of the stands; 9) surface repairs stands D - about 540 m2. Employer informs that the works will be performed on active sports facility on the pitch -I will held training sessions and league matches. 10 of this manual. If a description of the contract indicated any trademark, patent, or pochodzenie- be assumed that those patents, trademarks, origin define the technical parameters, operational utility, which means that the Purchaser is permitted bid in this part of the contract with the technical parameters, operational and functional not worse than those proposed by the Employer.

Refuse and waste related services

Gmina Legnica reprezentowana przez Prezydenta Miasta Legnica | Published February 1, 2017  -  Deadline March 9, 2017
90500000, 90511300, 90513100, 90511000, 90512000

Waste collection from property owners from the area of ​​Municipality of Legnica.

Object of the contract includes:

1) waste collection of the property on which they live residents

2) collection of municipal waste with properties that do not inhabit the residents and the area which produce waste,

3) collection of municipal waste from the property on which the part inhabited by the residents and the property on which the part of the residents do not live, and in which waste is municipal,

4) above the load will be held with both the containers and bags for glass packaging supplied by the Contractor, as well as with containers and bags owned by the property owner,

5) organizing the event reception bulky waste and waste electrical and electronic equipment,

6) the organization receiving the shares of biodegradable waste in the green, ie. Poświąteczne Christmas tree, autumn leaf collection (waste collected in bags of brown owned by the property owner)

7) the organization of the selective collection of expired drugs and their acceptance of vessels owned by the Purchaser for collecting overdue medicines in pharmacies located in the city of Legnica - including the provision of contributions boxes with bags and to maintain in good technical condition of containers,

8) the organization of the selective collection of glass packaging with their reception - in the case of multi-family buildings and entities engaged in economic activities of the containers areas, in the case of single-family housing with containers or bags set the properties - and maintaining the proper technical condition of containers,

9) providing for single-family housing bags for glass packaging (the estimated number of bags per month no less than 2 900 units), and public places such containers bell or containers 1 100 liters in the amount of 500 - 600 pieces,

Rzeszotarska 1 in Legnica.

Areas municipal waste collection with the property, which are not resident residents, and the area which produce waste include .:

1) Universities, schools, kindergartens, nurseries or other educational day care,

2) Lodging houses, boarding houses, dormitories, boarding houses, hotels and other establishments twenty-four hour stay.

3) Hospitals, nursing homes, hospices.

4) Retail.

5) Gastronomic.

6) Decorated markets, market halls, stock exchanges.

7) Allotments.

8) Cultural institutions.

9) Cinemas, concert halls.

10) Cemeteries.

11) The grounds on which the activities are exercised therapeutic, such as outpatient health care services.

12) Garages and teams garages located on property unoccupied.

The scope of the order - according to the "detailed order" - Appendix 1 to Chapter 2 of the Terms of Reference, the draft agreement - Chapter 3 siwz and with Annexes No. 1-8 to Chapter 2 of the ToR.

The forecast amount of municipal waste.

in the period from 04.01.2017 r. to 31.12.2017 r. - 27 000 Mg

in 2018. - 36 000 Mg

in the period of 01.01.2019 r. 06.30.2019 r. - 18 000 Mg.

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