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Kielce: Delivery of food to the Boarding Team of Electric Schools in Kielce, Al. The 1000th anniversary of PP 20.

Zespół Szkół Elektrycznych | Published July 25, 2016  -  Deadline June 30, 2017
The contract is with the exception of days off from school during the school year, morning delivery of food products (bread, vegetables and fruits, dairy and eggs in the chair. 5:30; Art. Food, meat and cold cuts, frozen foods and fish in the chair. 07: 00-07: 45); from 31.08.2016r. to 30.06.2017r. kitchen Boarding Team of Electric Schools in Kielce, Al. 1000th anniversary of the PP 20, the quantity and range, and consistent with the description of the contract indicated in the form of range-range, constituting attachments to SIWZ being its integral part. Object of the contract has been divided into 6 tasks ..

Kielce: Painting rooms in buildings stroke

 | Published July 13, 2016  -  Deadline December 15, 2016
1. The contract is for the execution of works of painting, carpentry, plastering and the flooring in offices, technical, corridors and stairways in buildings stroke Ages IX Kielce 3 2. A detailed description of the order is attached as Appendix 1 hereto. 3. supplement the description of the subject of the contract is the bill of quantities (Appendix 2 hereto), Technical Specification Execution and Acceptance of Construction Works (Appendix 3 to the ToR) and floor plans of the building A, ground floor plans, III, IV and V floors of the building C, throws building workshop and boiler rooms (Annex 4 to the ToR). 4. The Contracting Authority allows the possibility of the vision of local contractors in order to obtain the information needed to prepare tenders. 5. Employer informs that in building A during the implementation of the tasks will be carried out works related to the modernization of the telecommunications network and the replacement of electrical wiring. Works loud (drilling, forging) can only be carried out outside of office hours, ie. From 15³º to 22ºº. 7. ordering a possibility of the completion of work on days off from work. 8. The Employer will provide the Contractor storage areas and area objective foundation of waste containers. 3 of the Act, the Employer allows tenders of equivalent products, provided that the technical parameters, operational, utility not worse than those set out in the Technical Specification Execution and Acceptance of Construction Works. 4 point 1 of the Act. 1) The Contractor in the implementation of the contract will employ at least 2 unemployed, Purchaser will have the right to request access to the documents confirming the scope of activities and records of working time, which will carry out the unemployed as part of the contract. 22 § 1¹ Act of June 26 of the Labour Code), a full-time job in the event of termination of employment by an unemployed person or by the Contractor before the end of this period, is committed to employment in the place of another unemployed person, under the same conditions. 3) The Contractor at performing the order, agrees to the date specified in (Draft agreement) to provide the Employer copies of contracts with the unemployed for employment, proof of directing the unemployed to the employer during the period of the contract, and confirmed by an unemployed person range of activities which the Contractor predicted the employment relationship to be performed by an unemployed person.
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