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Refuse-collection vehicles

Urbis Sp. z o.o. | Published February 23, 2017  -  Deadline April 6, 2017
34144511, 34144510

The contract is for delivery of brand new (not older than 2016) truck specialist - demountables - 2 pcs., And garbage trucks on the three-axle chassis - 2 pcs.

The possibility of redemption at the end of a 36-month lease.

Part I. - Trailers - 2 pcs.

brand new, not older than 2016 years, the same brand.



1.2. wheelbase of the vehicle 3500 - 3600 mm

4.48 t

8.48 t

1.5. stabilizer rear axle

1.6. permissible maximum weight of 11990 kg

1.7. engine capacity from 4.5 liters to 5.0 liters

1.8. power engine 210-220 hp

800 Nm

1.10. emission standard Euro 6

1.11. speed limiter to 90 km / h

1.12. Manual Transmission 6-speed plus reverse

1.13. appetizer additional PTO gearbox satisfying

requirements development

1.14. tool kit on the vehicle frame lockable

1.15. limited slip differential ASR

1.16. Electronic Stability Control VSC or ESP

1.17. hydraulically assisted steering, left hand

1.18. steering column adjustable in two planes

1.19. ABS

1.20. additional exhaust brake, controlled by steering wheel

1.21. ventilated disc brakes on all wheels

1.22. adaptive cruise control with the function of warning before hitting the front of the vehicle

and emergency braking system

1.23. warning system lane

1.24. cover antyrowerowe

1.25. dehumidifier

1.26. a fuel tank made of plastic with a capacity of at least 180 liters

with plug lockable

25 liters of lockable and heated

1.28. wheels with size 245 / 70R17,5 - plus a spare wheel

1.29. main switch electrical (battery)

2 x 175 Ah, 12V

1.31. Three working lights LED lighting field operation

1.32. mounted system for monitoring vehicle with fuel and carried probe

probe calibration and metering equipment hook with a company with which

Purchaser is related to the agreement on monitoring

1.33. daytime running lights LED lights embedded in the daily

24 months


2.1. day cab, with double steel bumper

2.2. windshield and side mirrors electrically heated

2.3. Keyless Entry

2.4. two warning lights on the cab roof

2.5. Outside sun visor above the windscreen

2.6. window in the rear wall of the cab protected against damage from the outside mesh

2.7. on-board computer in Polish

2.8. Tyre Pressure Indication giving messages on-board computer display

2.9. electrically operated side windows

2.10. cabin width without mirrors max 2.2 meter mirrors with folding max

2.4 meters

2.11. driver's seat with air suspension with integrated headrest

and three-point safety belt

2.12. substitute a single seat with integrated headrest and three-point seat belt

2.13. lockable storage compartment between the seats

2.14. manually controlled air conditioning with air recirculation

2.15. roof hatch

2.16. factory immobilizer

2.17. radio with controls on the steering wheel, a set of

Bluetooth hands-free phone with controls on the steering wheel and

on-board computer display

2.18. manual vehicle in Polish

cabin equipment

3.1. fire extinguisher

3.2. warning triangle - 2 pieces

3.3. warning vest - 2 pieces

3.4. Rubber floor mats

3.5. work gloves

3.6. a flashlight

3.7. wheel chocks - 2 pieces

3.8. hydraulic lift - 10 tons

3.9. pipe for pumping the wheels with a gun

3.10. aprons flaps front and rear

3.11. camera located on the back of the building and a monitor in the cockpit


3.12. gun with spiral cable for blowing the cabin


Part II - Sanitation - 2 pcs.

The parameters and specifications which must have landing gear and building a car to collect waste - garbage.

Complete vehicle, brand new no older than 2016.

Chassis and cab

Chassis must meet the following conditions:

1. chassis type: three-axle,

2. pre-adapted for building municipal,

3900 mm

4. front suspension - parabolic springs,

5. stabilizer front axle,

6. rear suspension, pneumatic suspension control via remote control

7. stabilizer rear axle,

8. daytime running lights LED,

9. techn. dop. total weight of 26.000 kg,

8000 kg.

19000 kg (11500
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