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Domestic appliances

Stavanger Kommune | Published March 14, 2017  -  Deadline April 18, 2017
39700000, 32324000, 32330000, 39711000, 39711100, 39714110, 42214100, 42716120, 42716200

The contracting authority would like to use this competition to enter into a competition for the delivery of white and brown goods, for the product groups stated in the attached price form.

The product spectrum shall cover the municipality's need for white and brown goods and other small electrical products. The contract does not include digital boards and projectors or large kitchen machines.

The delivery also includes transport, carrying, unpacking and assembly of the product at the stated place. Used goods/products and packaging from the new product shall be taken in return and deposited of in accordance with the rules for processing electrical/electronic waste and packaging.

The contract will apply for all entities in the municipalities and it will largely consist of deliveries to municipal nursing homes, residential and activity centres, schools, nurseries, houses for refugees, administration buildings etc.

The contracting authority reserves the right to go to the market with a separate competition for larger procurements with a total value of more than 100 000 NOK excluding VAT.

The contracting authority is not a legal entity. The municipalities use joint tender documentation, but will enter into separate contracts with the winning tenderer and shall be considered as 6 separate contracting authorities with different delivery and invoicing addresses.

Stavanger municipality will, from 1.1.2020, merge with Finnøy and Rennesøy municipalities. The merging process could affect the contracts for the three municipalities involved (Stavanger, Rennesøy and Finnøy).

Expansion Langevatn E-51 Operational Control

IVAR IKS | Published February 28, 2017  -  Deadline April 10, 2017

IVAR IKS will expand existing Langevatn water treatment plant situated in Gjesdal with new processes (ozonation and biofiltration) and increased capacity. The plant supplies drinking water to municipalities in North Jæren, and about 330,000 people are affiliated waterworks. The contract includes programming, testing and commissioning of control, regulation and monitoring of all process sections. It should be programmed PLCs delivered entreprise E41 Electrical and programmed the necessary changes and extensions to the existing state system (System 2000).
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