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Framework agreement of Electrical Workers in LONGYEARBYEN (Svalbard)

Statsbygg Hovedkontor | Published November 9, 2016  -  Deadline December 1, 2016

Statsbygg requests tenders for a framework agreement for electrical work for Statsbygg owned and leased properties in Longyaerbyen (Svalbard) according to NEK 400 Electrical Workers.

It will be entered into a framework agreement with 1-one supplier.

Missions will apply electrical work in connection with the management, operation and maintenance by Statsbygg at any time owned and leased properties in Svalbard. We refer to Appendix 4 for an overview of properties.

The purpose of the MoU is to ensure Statsbygg access to qualified resources within the electrical work and for elective and emergency work arising in connection with the operation and maintenance of buildings. We refer to Appendix 4- list of properties for description of the properties Statsbygg per September 2016.

Option 1:


Statsbygg has an opportunity to use this framework agreement on assignment outside Longyearbyen at any time owned and leased properties in Svalbard and region.

The following list is not exhaustive and properties can occasionally be deducted.

• Property 899 Meterorologisk station Bjørnøya

• Property 900 Meteorological Station Hopen

• Property 13600 Sverdrup Station, Ny-Ålesund

Option 2 Options on servicing the fire construction of housing in Longyearbyen

Statsbygg has an option to use this framework agreement on servicing of fire equipment in properties in Longyearbyen

The detailed requirements are posed in the attached "General specifications for purchasing trade services Statsbygg.

Electric lifting and lowering system for equipment in kitchens and bathrooms

Arbeids- og velferdsdirektoratet, Økonomi- og styringsavdelingen, Anskaffelsesseksjonen (The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration, Economy and Management Division, The Procurement Section) | Published October 18, 2016  -  Deadline December 2, 2016

The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration announces an open tender contest for an electrical raising and lowering system for equipment in kitchens and bathrooms. The procurement will comprise a main product, services, accessories and spare parts in the product groups. The contest will be divided into multiple items (individual contests) where the tenderers can choose to submit a tender on 1 or more of the items.

Electric lifting and lowering of fixtures for kitchens and bathrooms

Arbeids- og velferdsdirektoratet, Økonomi- og styringsavdelingen, Anskaffelsesseksjonen | Published October 13, 2016  -  Deadline December 2, 2016

NAV announces with this an open tendering of electric raising and lowering of the fixtures for kitchens and bathrooms. The procurement will include main, services, accessories and spare parts within the product groups. The competition will be divided into several records (independent competitions) where vendors may choose to submit tenders in one or more.

UBRA, Sub-Project heating, ventilation and sanitation

Oslo kommune, Vann og Avløpsetaten (VAV) [Oslo municipality, The Agency for Water and Sewage Works] | Published December 6, 2016  -  Deadline January 5, 2017

The capacity at Bekkelaget treatment facility shall be expanded to double capacity. After the expansion has been carried out, there will be the capacity to receive waste water from 490 000 person equivalents (pe) and, including rain water/melted snow, the facility shall be able to treat approx. 85 000 000 m³ sewage water per annum.

Incoming waste water with a flow of up to 3,5 m³/s will be able to be treated biologically in a total of eight bio-basins, of which four basins are new. An increasing flow of the sewage amounts over 3,5 m³/s up to 7,0 m³/s will be treated with direct precipitation over new primary settling basins and lead directly to a new emission pipeline. The new emission pipeline was installed in the Midgardsormen project. At times of heavy precipitation amounts above 7,0 m³/s, the waste water will be lead to this emission pipeline via a seiving station, which was established in the mentioned project.

The sludge treatment will be completed with 2 new rotten tanks, a new sludge building and a new fat station. Some alterations will be made in the existing sludge building and parts of the dewatering and heat recovery equipment shall be replaced. The biogas that is produced will be led into the existing gas processing for upgrading to fuel quality. A new torch will be applicable.

The contract comprises all heating, ventilation and sanitation technical installations in the expanded sewage treatment plant at Bekkelaget, and includes the following:

The heating, ventilation and sanitation technical installations consist of ventilation, cooling, sprinklers for the new and parts of the old plant, flushing and fire alarms, sanitary installations, heating installations, humidity treatment filters and pressurised air installations for the new part of BRA, as well as external work in the administration building.

A new air treatment plant shall be established for the new part of the plant, with a new air intake in the southern escape tunnel with pre-heating via heat from the treated sewage water. Furthermore, a channel system and auxiliary fans shall be established around the plant for distributing air. The air in the fat reception and rooms in the cross hall is to be treated in separate aggregates. The channel system shall include all the necessary supply air/extraction points, regulating damper, fire damper, sound traps and insulation.

Acid proof channels for polluted extraction are to be laid to a new bio-filter, which is to be established in a separate niche in the access tunnel. Some channels will need to be altered so that the air is distributed between the old and new bio-filter in the best possible way.

The heating installations are to be based on an expansion of the existing water-borne installations, in which heat is provided from a heap pump and oil/gas boiler. After the expansion, the heat production shall be at two temperature levels, high temperature (HT) 70°C and low temperature (LT) 45°C respectively. Each system is to be equipped with accumulator tanks built on site of 75 m3 and 275 m3 respectively, and communication pipes between the tanks. A new electrical boiler of 1,5 MW shall be installed. Heat recovery from blowing machines and pressurised air compressors shall be established and connected to the plant. Furthermore, heat pipes shall be laid to the heat exchangers for heating the mixed sludge, fat and for heating the ventilation. In addition a new heat recovery system shall be assembled for extracting heat from the treated sewage water. The pipe installations shall be complete with the accompanying pumps, valves, insulation, expansion vessels etc.

The existing sanitary installations shall be expanded with combined flushing stations/fire stations for the new installations, as well as connection points for new machines. Ordinary sanitary installations shall be installed in the plant, such as toilets, showers, hand basins and slop sinks, as well as emergency and eye showers. The existing hydrophor installations with UV-treatment for treated sewage water shall be expanded. Points for high pressure flushing shall be established in hall 0 and the fat reception.

The existing pressurised air installations that provide instrument air shall be expanded.

Sprinkler installations are to be established with water fog in the access tunnel to the fat reception. The sprinkler installations shall be supplied from a separate water intake from a manhole on the outside through the tunnel system. Separate fire stations with options to connect to the fire service shall be established.

A new air treatment plant, with separate aggregates for a workshop and laboratory shall be established for the administration building's expansion. In addition the laboratory is to be equipped with special extraction. The existing heating and sanitary installations are to be expanded to cover the new parts. The new areas are to be heated with radiators and underfloor heating.

Framework agreement concerning. Delivery and installation of interior blinds of aluminum

Norges Bank | Published December 1, 2016  -  Deadline December 21, 2016

Norges Bank has approximately 1450 blinds distributed on all facades. Technical life has expired and it is necessary to replace the current blinds and motors. It is therefore initiated a process where all blinds will be replaced over a five year period.

This framework agreement deals with blinds fitted inside the glass vertical wall made of aluminum.

Contract Work The scope will be delivering complete persienneløsning inkl.motorer, slats etc., Disassemble and reassemble the blinds and required design of blinds.

This is a turnkey project where all necessary work to be included as demolition, electrical, assembly and delivery of blinds incl. All aid worker like. lift.

1017801 UiT MH2 K204 Rebuilding MH Totalentreprise

Statsbygg Hovedkontor | Published November 10, 2016  -  Deadline January 9, 2017

Statsbygg requests in connection with the project:

no .: 1017801

Name: UiT MH2

tenders for turnkey:

K204 Rebuilding MH

The project includes the reconstruction and rehabilitation of existing Medicine and Health Sciences Building (MH) to the University of Tromsø (UiT). The rebuilding has 8 rebuilding areas at 12 different locations in the existing MH building from 1991. In addition, the affected areas, and 1 new electrical generator on roofs. The conversion is approximately 1800 m2 while affected areas are approximately 990 m2.

Framework agreement engineering services

Oslo kommune Boligbygg Oslo KF | Published October 13, 2016  -  Deadline December 5, 2016

Residential Oslo KF need framework agreements for design services. They comprise all the necessary disciplines to develop a full feasibility study with cost estimate, tender documents for total and execution contracts, detailed design, applications / substrate material for all relevant public authorities, as well as coordinator for safety, health and working environment issues in the project in accordance with building regulations. This in connection with construction projects such as våtromsrehabiliteringer, facade renovation, fire precautions, takomlegging, new construction, rehabilitation, care +.

Providers must offer all disciplines; engineering group leader, coordinator of engineering, architect, interior designer, landscape architect, responsible applicant, consulting engineering construction engineering, building physics, HVAC and climate engineering, electrical engineering, fire safety, geotechnical and engineering geology, water and wastewater engineering, acoustics, antiquarian, environmental and adviser integrated building automation , BIM coordinator, CAD operator and secretary, either internally or by subcontractors.

UBRA, subproject Elektro

Oslo kommune, Vann- og avløpsetaten | Published November 30, 2016  -  Deadline January 5, 2017
85 million m3 wastewater per. year. 

When heavy rainfall over 7.0 m3 / s will effluent is passed to this discharge line via a silstasjon which was created in connection with the said project.

New torch will apply.

The contract includes all electrical installations in the expanded plant at Bekkelaget, and include the following:

It established new substations (transformers 11 / 0,4kV) in sludge built and cross hall in mountain resort.

Distributions in hall 0 fed from the main distribution / transformer in Midgard Serpent.

Distributions, boards (MCC), inverters, cabling for building installations and process is in electrical contracting

Stainless steel tubes used for cables individually recognized from ladders to process units and components.

In smaller rooms controlled light directly by the motion detector.

Every third light fixture should be connected Emergency centralized and controlled by the access control / SRO.

It installed photoluminescent guidance system and marking connected emergency center in escape routes.

Today's standby power generator in mountain resort is retained, it will be expanded with new protection for UBRA.

Exterior mounted new standby power generator.

It established uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in mountain plant scroll SRO.

It used aspirating the halls, access roads and point detectors in technical rooms and distributions / boards.

Shall be installed CCTV monitoring process and traffic in the system.

Access installed port, access to the facility, switchboard and SRO room.

Communications in mountain plants are under consideration.

Clean Water Pools, Mountain and concrete work

Oslo kommune, Vann- og avløpsetaten | Published October 28, 2016  -  Deadline December 7, 2016

VAV will build new water basins with storage capacity 100,000 m3 affiliated Oset water treatment. This is done by blasting of 4 caverns which fitted with freestanding pools of poured concrete. In addition, it established a cross-hall for piping and access routes between new and existing facilities and a new access from the day and into the new clean water pools. The project also includes technical facilities such as pipelines, valves, drainage pumps, plumbing, electrical and SRO.

This procurement includes rock and concrete work Eidene project, named as the main contract and is an execution contracts in compliance with NS 8405.

The main contract will include the following construction works:

• Establishment of an access tunnel of approximately 250 m with fuse, roadway and drainage

• blasting of rock caverns and cross hall with a total volume of approximately 290 000 m3

• Sawing of implementation to existing facilities

• Construction of 4 detached pools in concrete including fabric and coating. Volume ca. 17,000 m3 of concrete.

• Concrete foundations in the cross hall and completion operations at the end of expansion

• All necessary safety work, bolts and injection in rock caverns

• The establishment of rigging areas

• Completion Work related to existing construction road between Oset and Maridalsveien, walking trail and parking area

Construction start for the main contract is tentatively set to end in June 2017.

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