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Purchase of planning and engineering services E16 Bjørum-Skaret

Statens vegvesen Region øst | Published March 23, 2017  -  Deadline June 8, 2017

The assignment includes: • Preparation of construction plan with document and working drawings for execution contracts on the route E16 Bjørkåsen - Skaret. • Preparation of tender documents for turnkey for stretch E16 Bjørum - Bjørkåsen. • Preparation of zoning and environmental impact assessment for snødeponi. • Various options in connection with snødeponi, electrical & SRO, monitoring during construction and the tender for the old E16 to lokalveg. All planning should be in 3D.

LIPRO Lillehammer - Conversion to classrooms

LIPRO AS | Published March 30, 2017  -  Deadline April 27, 2017

Turnkey request includes the following works: • Structural dealing with dismantling of walls, doors, windows, port and reconditioning with new walls, windows, doors, gates. New takoverbygg above the main entrance. • Plumbing Works with div. disassembly, including removal of two underground oil tanks exterior and reconditioning sanitary and heating incl. automation. • Ventilation with div. disassembly and reconditioning incl. automatics. • New electrical installations, including removal / removal equipment / construction as not to be recycled.

Purchase of measuring stations for air quality

Statens vegvesen Region øst | Published March 30, 2017  -  Deadline May 8, 2017

For all instruments going all the necessary equipment to undergo a complete measuring depth and are priced. For example: nulluftgenerator etc. For NOx. The supply includes the following: Metering station Wolf Oslo: o instrument for measuring PM10 o instrument for measuring PM2.5 o instrument for measuring NOx with associated equipment to carry out measurements (gas cylinder, nulluftgenerator etc.) o Målebod with associated equipment o Data Logger offered målebod should be ready to use, that is, the following are included:  Isolated  least 1, 7 x 1, 7 x 2.0 (WxDxH)  Air - conditioning  Electrical wiring with sockets  machines for placement of instruments  In the offer must be attached picture of offered målebod.  Should be safe and suitable for service, also on the roof of the booth Mobil station Lørenskog o Instrument for measurements of PM10 o Instrument for measurements of PM2.5 o Instrument for measurements of NOx and associated equipment to perform measurements (gas cylinder, nulluftgenerator etc.) o Målebod with associated equipment o Data Logger o Air-conditioning featured målebod should be ready for use, that is to say that the following is included:  must have room for instruments which both measure PM10, PM2.5 and NOx, and all inclusive equipment necessary for satisfactory measurements.  must at least have the dimensions: B: 125 cm, D 70 cm, H 160 cm Instruments for observation rim, Moss o Instrument for measurement of PM10 o instruments for measuring PM2.5 o instruments for measuring NOx with associated equipment to perform measurements (gas cylinder, nulluftgenerator etc.) o Datalogger Existing målebod has the following internal dimensions: H: 115cm B: 95cm D: 95cm Climate control and two shelves in the booth. Note; it can be offered in one instrument that measures both PM10 and PM2.5. All instruments must be type approved according to the relevant CEN standards and references to reports of type approvals to be attached to the offer.
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