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electrical power

Fiskeridirektoratet | Published January 26, 2017

The purpose of the contract is to conclude a framework agreement for the supply of electric power for Fisheries their office location. See plant list, Appendix 5.
Estimated volume of contract: Annual consumption is about 4.6 million kWh, divided into 21 construction. Number of plants will be able to change.
Fisheries will enter into an agreement for the supply of electrical power to the spot price.
The delivery also includes invoicing of tariffs.
For further information about the contract scope and content, refer to the specification, see Part 2 Appendix 1.

Framework agreement electrical services

Askøy kommune | Published June 2, 2017

Framework agreement for the supply of external electrical services to municipal buildings and homes in Askøy and municipal enterprises and municipal corporation.

Delivery of electrical services to Hå

Hå kommune | Published September 2, 2017

Delivery of electrical services to Hå

Electrical Work - Local rammmeavtaler

Hordaland fylkeskommune | Published February 15, 2017

Local framework agreements for electrical work
The agreements are valid works, operation and maintenance of buildings.
Both small and large projects we deem appropriate to carry out as separate contracts will be advertised in their own competitions and are therefore outside of the framework agreements.
Installer will hold annual FSE courses for operations managers at the relevant buildings.
The areas are divided according to geographical location and transport related to bioavailability, clinics linked to the area geographically belongs.
Collective Construction is defined as a eiget area
Each site is evaluated separately.
Shall be entered into a framework agreement for each area

NAV Vestby remodeling, electrical work

Vestby Kommune | Published October 2, 2017

Today the building houses offices for NAV Vestby and the planned reconstruction of two main floors and a basement floor.
This description includes complete electrical work in accordance with the attached specifications developed by Bright AS.

Dialogue Conference Rammeavtale fire control, electrical

Østfold fylkeskommune | Published October 2, 2017

Dialogue Conference on the future framework for fire prevention devices electrical, control panels, voice alarm, emergency light lights, curtains and smoke hatches.
Østfold County Council would like to advertise an overall competition on the above areas. In connection with this work wanted dialogue with the industry on how we can best implement this. There are many suppliers of different plants and some plants require special permissions. How to solve this best in our description.

Sauland new school K401 - Electrical works

Hjartdal kommune | Published December 2, 2017

Purpose and extent
Hjartdal Municipality invites with this tender process for the construction of Sauland new school.
This competition comes entreprise K401 - Electrical work.
The measure consists of a new building that houses the multipurpose hall and the new 5-10 school. The new building is located on the east side of the existing skoletomt.
Principal makes special note that since the local economy is strained, there will not be room for changes along the way. Offered sum will therefore be fixed for work. The project is conducted under the condition of political approval.
For further information please refer to Section 2, Description.

Vea nursing homes - building phase II, E01 - Electrical installations

Karmøy kommune | Published February 15, 2017

Electrical installations comprised in this project of complete installation of electricity and lighting and wiring for telecommunications, alarm and signal systems. Including an expansion of the fire alarm system.
The contract does not include delivery of sick signaling and access control.

EEA 015-2017 Rammeavtale appliances, brown goods, small electrical equipment, etc.

Bergen Kommune | Published June 2, 2017

Bergen municipality shall enter into a framework agreement for white goods, brown goods, small electrical products (eg kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaner, coffee maker, heating products and wielding more.
Prior to the competition implementing want Bergen municipality to enter into dialogue with interested vendors. Therefore we urge suppliers to register their interest in this competition in the electronic procurement implementation tool Mercell within 17.02.1017. We will contact all those who have expressed interest.

Tønder Farm school - Electrical supply

Molde kommune | Published January 28, 2017

New fixtures, supplies, supply, reconstruction.

Dialogue Conference charging points for electric vehicles

Avinor AS | Published November 1, 2017

Dialogue Conference charging points for electric vehicles

E03 Conversion Solbjør VBA

Nesset kommune | Published August 2, 2017

Building Technical work and plumbing and electrical work related to reconstruction of Solbjør water treatment plant.

System Test of battery electric buses in downtown Oslo

Ruter As (Forsyning) | Published January 26, 2017

All public transport in Oslo and Akershus will be running on only renewable energy in 2020.
Routes have adopted a target image for a transition to renewable energy for the bus fleet, up to 2025. Electric propulsion is expected to be dominant in the future, and routes now laying the foundations for the electrification of the bus fleet. Based on the current available solutions in the market, look fast charge on the stand as the most suitable operating concept for bus operations in Oslo. Further information of the knowledge base for Ruter ratings available at:

Dialogue Conference Framework agreement for the purchase of electric bicycles for loan

Østfold fylkeskommune | Published August 2, 2017

Østfold County Council are planning - along with many municipalities as possible in Oslo - to prepare the basis for an upcoming competition in the area of ​​"framework agreement for the purchase of electric bicycles to borrow."
On the said basis, we want to invite potential suppliers to a dialogue conference. See further information and agenda for this conference.

Norwegian graphic museum - advisory RIE

Stavanger kommune | Published December 2, 2017

Buyer wishes through this competition to enter into a contract for the delivery of consulting services for electrical engineering (RIE) in conjunction with the design of new buildings for Norwegian graphic museum (Stavanger).

Upgrading of fire safety at Våler care center

Våler kommune | Published June 1, 2017

Principal invites with this competition for a contract to upgrade fire safety of Våler care center. This involves structural work, plumbing work and electrical work.
Structural work includes conversion of existing roofs, replacement of interior doors, replacement of flooring, paint the interior walls, replacing ceilings, establishing tactile and new handrails.
Plumbing work includes the establishment of irrigation in plan 2. Replacement of valves for ventilation.
Electrical work includes the replacement of the main distribution, sub-distribution, which dismantling of existing lighting and the provision of new lighting. Some changes associated with fire alarm system and establishment of a new guidance system on level 2.

E105 Trifontunnel electromagnetic tunnel

Statens vegvesen Region nord | Published April 1, 2017

Work on completion of the road project E105 is in its final phase. Road and tunnel is handed over from the installation contractor before year-end 2016 and the works on Bøkfjorden bridge to be completed by 1 September 2017. Electrical works in the tunnel, 680 meters, can proceed without that there should be other works in the area of ​​comprehensive nature.
Works to be performed under this contract the cable racks and lighting, safety equipment, distribution boards, UPS and battery systems, emergency network and radio equipment, SROanlegg, road lighting and completion of earthing systems.

Framework agreement DLE services Nordland Online

NORDLANDSNETT AS | Published May 1, 2017

The assignment includes delivery of electrical services in Nordland Nett (hereinafter NOR) supply area according to approved audit plan.
Each municipality is divided into a separate audit plan with supervisory activities in relation to the number of supervisory objects, and priced separately.
Principal uses Mercell Sourcing Service. To register your interest, and get access to any documents, please click on the link below or copy and paste the link into your browser. [[Http://]]. Then follow the instructions on the website.

Risør - rehabilitation of Sagjordet wastewater pumping station

Risør kommune, enhet for eiendom og tekniske tjenester | Published May 1, 2017

Risør municipality will rehabilitate existing sewage pumping station on Sagjordet, crane. it should be made complete replacement of existing plant and implemented structural improvements / measures. New electrical / control cabinet to be mounted and connected to the municipality's operational control system. There shall be established measures for air treatment from this facility.
The station is located in close proximity to buildings and a much used recreational area in summer.

E01 floodlights Construction - Harstad- and Kanebogen stadiums

Harstad Kommune | Published January 25, 2017

Replacement of floodlight facilities respectively Kanebogen stadium and Harstad Stadium. Existing facilities are old and obsolete, and that the photometric quality is poor.
The project includes the following works:
1. Designing
2. Grøft- and foundation works
3. Electrical work
4. Delivery and installation of street lighting, lighting fixtures and wiring