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Installation services of electrical equipment

Elverum kommune | Published January 10, 2015  -  Deadline February 25, 2015
51110000, 31600000, 31681000, 50710000

Elverum municipality requires electrician services and materials.

consultancy, engineering, and engineering services in the subject electrical engineering.

Elverum kommune | Published November 25, 2014
Boro Rie as
71300000, 71000000, 71321000

The purpose of the contract is to conclude priority framework agreements to cover the city's needs for external assistance with consultancy, engineering, and engineering services in its projects in the coming 4 year period. The aim is to enter into an agreement with three suppliers pr. field, assuming there are three suitable suppliers and offers. Supplier highest ranking will get priority. In missions that require independent control will supply lower rank used to this.

Black Holtet living community

Elverum kommune | Published December 8, 2015  -  Deadline January 21, 2016
45000000, 45200000

Building assignment includes 5 care homes in communities, with common, human resources base and joint technical rooms, 744 m2 BTA. Framework over ground, walls and ceilings, are largely solid. It will be built cold sport stalls, 41 m2 BTA. Obtaining car park and internal kjøreveg, footpath and green areas included in the project. The plot is undeveloped. Obtaining public walking and cycle past the plot carried out (possibly simultaneously) by another contractor. General contract comprises, besides the overall rig / operation of these disciplines: • Structural work, incl. VA-work • plumbing installations • Electrical Power Utilities • Telecommunications and automation installations • Utomhus Worker

Terningmoen - Replacement of heating in inv. No.. 0061

Forsvarsbygg Utleie markedsområd Østlandet | Published April 22, 2015  -  Deadline May 19, 2015
45331100, 48921000

The entire heating system in inv. No.. 0061 including boiler room to be totally renovated. Heating, ie all installations in boiler, radiators and piping will be demolished. Today there is a separate price for delivery of district heating from inv. No.. 0061 to inv. No.. 0050 and 0051. This will also be demolished. All pipes to sanitary facilities outside the boiler room should be retained. Demolition work must not be included in the bid, then this will be done by another contractor. Structural work, demolition and electrical work being carried out by NDEA framework partners. In this provision shall plumbing works and automation works for the rehabilitation of heating included. Existing heating bills for inv. No.. 0061 be retained. Heating rebuilt with new manifold for three pieces. prices for ventilation units, DHW and radiators. DHW will be rebuilt in the boiler room with its own tap water bills as well as two pieces. heaters with electric heating elements. Radiator price built up with new piping and radiators. Radiators equipped with electric actuators and room controllers. It should be up new piping to ventilation units and shunt must be supplemented and rebuilt. This procurement shall also include automation works acc. current description. Existing automation and BMS are supplied by Schneider and all new equipment will be fully compatible with current type. It shall be included option price of plumber works for installation of new heating pipes to inv. No.. 0050 and 0051. It will be established exchanger inside the inv. No.. 0050 and 0051 to achieve hydraulic separation between buildings and district heating network. Digging work performed by NDEA framework agreement partner on construction work.

Ydalir, Entreprise E3

Fylke: Hedmark, Kommune: Elverum | Published December 13, 2017

This contract, Ydalir - rv. 25, Entreprise E3, has an interface with ongoing E1 contract. It has a construction site north and south of Olav Sæter's road and north and south of Norway. 25 Trysilvegen. The contract includes new construction and / or conversion of roads and pedestrian roads, new network bridges on RV. 25, crossroads, about 1000 m road and 1500 m pedestrian crossroads. Planting, signage and marking. VA worker includes approx. 1000m VA main decks, digestion magazine with OV 800 BET of approx. 23 m³, infiltration magazine of approx. 25 m³, approx. 22 sandpit, approx. 25 sandpit with infiltration, about 18 kum groups of which 8 of them have fire pads, as well as connections to existing VA. In addition, remediation of existing VA; Estimated 4 pieces of sand and remediation of approx. 4 kum groups. The electrical work in the contract includes new lighting facilities of 200m along the highway including new bridge, approx. 900 m along assembly and access road and approx. 800 m along the footpath and cycle path. In addition, adjustment of existing lighting systems will be made in connection with the adjustment of roads and intersections in the area around Rema 1000. The area of ​​†<†<the area extends from Sagåa to the south to the roads around Rema 1000 in the north, and is limited by the contract limit, with the exception of some remarks and bypass road for RV. 25. The network bridge bridge consists of a padded concrete deck, two arches of glued wood and a steel roof network. Brua is carried out landscaping and founding on steel core to mountain. Brua is in a span with a span of about 35 m. The total width is approx. 19.3 m, of which 11 m is a road and 3 m is a GS road constructed as a broken part on one side of the bridge. Municipal roads and corridors, which will also be built in this entry price, cross under the bridge.
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