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Competition on inquiry. Framework agreement for the purchase of white goods, brown goods and small electrical appliances

Drammen Kommune [Drammen municipality] | Published October 12, 2016
Competition on inquiry. Framework agreement for the purchase of white goods, brown goods and small electrical appliances.

Technological Progress of emission ferry in the inner Oslo Fjord

Buskerud fylkeskommune | Published October 21, 2016  -  Deadline November 3, 2016

Buskerud County Council invite to tendering for the supply of technological assessment of emission ferry in the inner Oslo Fjord.

This is a single acquisition.

Requirements specification - procurement objectives and scope

On hydrogen side, there is from the government side with the development of a national regulatory framework for the use of hydrogen for seagoing transit.

The assessment is done in conjunction with industry cluster Maritime Cleantech, and shows that it is possible to develop cost-effective operation of a battery-powered passenger ferry that runs for 20 knots.

The mission will build on the original application from Hurum and Nesodden municipalities and project results from Enova project 15/706 and contribute a more thorough analysis that will reveal the technological possibilities, consequences, costs and risks associated related to the establishment of emission-free boat service in the inner Oslo Fjord, including reports and technical assessments of piers and ports of call.

Charting technical solutions, including the design of vessels and energy systems, and hull fitting and cost estimate appropriate solutions for eventual implementation of a pilot emission boat service.

Estimating the investment and operating costs for vessel

Mapping the infrastructure needs and costs associated with ports of call / piers and access to energy / charge necessary for conversion to electric drive and hydrogen.

Assess the need for securing year-round operation on the basis of ice in the fjord and the ability to customize the hulls of ice conditions in the fjord.

Opportunities, consequences and risk scheduling and operations associated with the various solutions that will be assumed to have different strengths and weaknesses depending on what one chooses to optimize

Selecting an appropriate number of cases that should be subject to more detailed cost calculation, GHG calculations and impact and risk assessment, including the impact of solutions presumed to have the operation and reliability

There shall be established a set of evaluation criteria which form the basis for these elections.

The survey of suitable solutions and determining the evaluation criteria that will be used to evaluate and select the desired solutions to be implemented in close cooperation between the consultant and contractor in the project.

There must be allowed sufficient time to review the draft report with the principal.

We also want a powerpoint presentation that compiles and summarizes the assumptions and basis for the analysis and the main results and conclusions from the analysis for use by the Principal further work on "Emission-boat service in the inner Oslo Fjord." Requirements personellDet is a requirement that personnel to be used for the implementation of the mission shall have the necessary knowledge and expertise on electrical solutions and hydrogen attached to vessels, infrastructure, land, operations and risk timetable / customers and the necessary experience from previous projects in order to accomplish the mission.

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