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Provincie Flevoland | Published April 8, 2017
45200000, 48000000, 43328000, 50710000, 45248000

On 05/08/2017 keeps the project Major Maintenance Bridges and Locks (GOBS) of the province of Flevoland market rally. This wants the province interested companies about the proposed method of procurement and contracting. It also wants to project as response received ideas and suggestions from the market, thus to create the optimal approach to the needs and opportunities of the market.

The area of ​​the GOBS program consists of some 16 building sites consisting of movable bridges and locks spread throughout the province of Flevoland, plus the central control room Flevoland (CBK) at the provincial house. For all these sites is that the electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems need to be renovated. The same goes for certain civil engineering and structural components of these objects.

In addition, uniformity must be achieved with respect to renovate the facilities, which should lead to uniform remote from the CBK Flevoland.

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