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"A contract of ÉMOP-4.1.1 / A-12-2013-0097. the context of children's medical clinic construction project identification number of the works of construction of "- Amendment 2

Encs Város Önkormányzata | Published November 12, 2014
Encsi Városgazda Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft

Number of Children's Surgery Reconstruction of Places: 17 pieces of architecture, mechanical engineering, electrical works and accessibility. Unpriced plans and budgets of the documentation. For more information, see the documentation.

Within the framework of EEOP 1.1.1 / 2F / 09-11-2013-0002 subject project "Hernad Valley Solid Waste Management System Development" road crossings and supply of infrastructure construction tasks (under FIDIC Red Book)

Hernád Völgye és Térsége Szilárdhulladék-kezelési Önkormányzati Társulás | Published February 11, 2015
Podráczki - MISA Konzorcium

Within the framework of a contract for the EEOP 1.1.1 / 2F / 09-11-2013-0002 subject project "Hernad Valley Solid Waste Management System Development" road crossing infrastructure and supply construction jobs (according to FIDIC Red Book) Part I Infrastructure deployment - monitoring wells - Water - Sewage - Precipitation - Gas - Power - leachate - Weak Power - Public Lighting II.rész: - Road construction works pavement - Railway Gateway redevelopment: Within these: off-site works Road construction of road asphalt , 2x1 lane, 0.5-0.5 m wide, two-verge. Right side 0.5 m deep, 50 cm wide base 1: 1.5-inch trench rézsűhajlású land will be developed. The road crossing the 0 + 179.51 km section of Miskolc Hidasnémeti crosses the railway line, with prefabricated concrete elements gateway. The crossing is currently the site is located in a 6 meter wide passage, necessary for this expansion. Be transferred to existing equipment enabling the light as well. During the execution of the MAV professional supervision is required. The special construction job, the amount available £ 18 million plus VAT. Water supply to construct the building wall to be achieved up to a distance of 1 meter. Sanitation 1pc Flygt pump incorporation or equivalent pump incorporating + 1 hot spare. Gas supply gas supply to the site next to the existing siding DN90 KPE medium pressure pipeline occurs ~ 220 m long cable deployment, agreed TIGÁZ DSO Ltd. manner, preparing construction plans. The electrical energy waste treatment plant ~ 100 kW power needs by installing a transformer intended to solve, as agreed with the provider, the preparation of detailed design. Jobs in the colony due to road construction, paving the expected high axle load on the pavement unanimous: 15 cm gravel protective layer 20 cm CKT cementstabilizációs roadbed, 25cm basalt concrete. The control building (office) with 5 pieces of Motor Vehicle orthogonal design. Parking will be built. The waste transfer - also provides compression circle of 2.00 m wide asphalt pavement. Water supply in the plot of land border with ~ 1 m from a combination water meter water meter pit is established (test tapping) the measurement of small consumptions guarantee. Sanitation of the sump area generated Q = 2 m3 / day wastewater quantity accepted, then pump increases over and pushing up the planned D110 HDPE pressure pipe 288 m length of the u-u 542 road becsatlakozásában existing tisztítóaknába rainwater and leachate drainage final recipient of Devecser stream , storm water pump stations in between. 1pc or equivalent Flygt pump pump installation of incorporation + 1 hot spare. Gas supply of individual buildings (offices, machine color reception) gas supply to earth ditch push invested in plastic tubes, as for the construction plan. From electric power supply cables to the ground in some places of consumption, according to the construction plan. Low Voltage Engineering to determine the content of the promoter is required to match. Street lighting is lighting in front of the property, which is necessary for carrying out job-winning designs manufactured to the contractor. Monitoring wells: 4 groundwater monitoring wells (8 m deep), the works do not include non-eligible costs within the framework of the project EEOP. Detailed technical information on the works included in the documentation. Based on Government Regulation. Section 7 (4).

Within the framework of EEOP 1.1.1 / 2F / 09-11-2013-0002 subject project "Hernad Valley Solid Waste Management System Development" to perform the tasks of building construction site waste (according to FIDIC Red Book)

Hernád Völgye és Térsége Szilárdhulladék-kezelési Önkormányzati Társulás | Published October 8, 2014
Jánosik és társai Build Kft.

Within the framework of a contract EEOP 1.1.1 / 2F / 09-11-2013-0002 subject project "Hernad Valley Solid Waste Management System Development" to perform the tasks of building construction site waste (according to FIDIC Red Book) A contract for the purpose of construction waste management functions of the site will be constructed within the framework supported by the number of EEOP 1.1.1 / 2F / 09-11-2013-0002 European Union project. Suitable portal and service buildings of 18 m length scales, measuring the combined weight of the fittings as well. Floor plan layout on the ground floor of a waste site personnel serving social premises housed or located in the reception here. GROUND FLOOR For any loft office space be located in the corner of the stage, for which the concrete slab opening we left off. The locker room to get through boot washer anti-crease insight. The black locker room 12, a bench built-in cupboard provides storage for work clothes. Located in the basin between the black and white shower locker room, which is open toilet. Get through the sink-shower premises the white locker room, where the lockers are provided for street clothes. The team locker room, accessed via a separate csizmamosóval dining hall with the rest of the reception lobbies and office spaces on the covered porch away. The building is single storey sectional layout design of the roof-space option of traditional roof structure. The same gable roof, hipped and gable roof. Sectional data: Ground floor floor line + 0.00 = 136.52 asl - Porch floor level of 0.015 - 0.02 pavement around the lower edge of the lower level of the building of reinforced concrete slab plane +3.00 +3.20 +4.63 Reinforced concrete Reinforced concrete slab upper surface wreath Reinforced concrete upper surface of the lower wreath +4.93 +6.05 +8.55 Ridge Relay Couple plane height and length Technical Specifications Name, Flooring, Cladding, Receptionist, Office Space, gres, 240 cm, 30.49 m2 Wash, gres, 240 cm, 1.54 m2 pissoire, gres, 240 cm, 1.26 m2 WC, gres, 240 cm, 1.26 m2 of boiler, gres, 240 cm, 3.08 m2 Hall, gres, 240 cm, 6.80 m2 sink, gres, 240 cm, 1.68 m2 warehouse, gres, 240 cm, 1.54 m2 Hall, gres, 240 cm, 1.26 m2 pissoire gres, 240 cm, 1.26 m2 WC, gres, 240 cm, 1.26 m2 gres 60 cm, 9.30 m2 White Dressing, gres, 240 cm, 16.20 m2 Shower, gres, 300 cm, 8.40 m2 WC, gres, 240 cm, 2.20 m2 Black locker room, gres 240 cm, 12.60 m2 Hall, gres, 240 cm, 3.51-m2 Covered with open space, housing space rock, 240 cm, 33.77 m2 office building Encs total: 137.41 m2 COLOR AND WASHING MACHINE The machine is operating in the colony color building for the storage of equipment and vehicles involved COLLECTION, which includes space for washing the vehicles are kept clean and a piece eszközraktárt. The floor plan of the room one color machine, washer is placed on the wall next to the building's electrical power switch, and the boiler and the steam cleaning equipment engineering. Sectional layout of the building at the end of two larger ceiling, gable-roof sections are located in the middle tract pitched roof, which roof which extends beyond the heated area, open-roofed forecourt strings. Sectional data: Ground floor floor line + 0.00 = 136.90 asl - the level of about 0.03, sidewalk and road building Pitched roof eaves +7.50 +8.65 +5.08 Pitched roof ridge pitched roof eaves line of sight +4.49 pitched roof eaves back +6.375 pitched roof ridge line Technology and Pagination Room Number, Name, Housing, Area m2 01, Tool Storage, industrial flooring, 93.02 m2 02 Buy Paint, Industrial Floor, 115.34 m2 03, Machine Paint, Industrial Floor, 115, 34 04 m2, washing, waterproof industrial flooring, 93.02 m2 416.72 m2 Total Covered, open space, asphalt, 96 m2 417.68 m2 TOTAL BUILDING BÁLÁZÓ the baler building an open-plan lounge, which serves as a selective waste compacting and baling . The floor plan of a building Baling compact, low-pitched gable roof, unheated buildings, which results in temporary storage of selective waste baling and serve. Sectional layout of the high-ceilinged hall gabled half-label, fixed steel frame system for steel purlins paneled hall. Sectional data: Ground floor floor line + 0.00 = 136.49 asl - sidewalk around the building level 0.03 +0.20 +3.00 foot beam upper surface plane of the upper doors and window sill +4.50 +6.57 +7.125 Eaves line Ridge height and length Technical data room number,
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