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Semgest | Published November 5, 2015  -  Deadline November 27, 2015

Supply and electricity transmission and distribution.


Semgest | Published December 5, 2015

Transport and supply of electricity for the buildings of the Semgest.

Safety training services

CNRS Délégation Paris-Villejuif | Published March 1, 2017
80550000, 80560000

They are deployed in each Regional Delegation of Île-de-France Pôle formation of shared service Île-de-France (IFSEM) accompanied by regional engineers Prevention and Security (IRPS).

These courses are designed to enable agents to perform specific operations in security installations / electrical equipment or near thereof to acquire electrical skills.

Annual Minimum Amount: 4 000 EUR.

The main objective is to prepare officers to respond effectively to a fire starting.

Annual Minimum Amount: 1 500 EUR.

This contract is for the implementation of collective sessions rescuer rescuer training (OHS) in the field of health and safety. After training the beneficiary must be able to rescue any time in its CNRS unit, any victim of an industrial accident, pending the arrival of specialized help.

Annual Minimum Amount: 6 000 EUR.

This framework agreement is for the development of collective training sessions for the conduct of laboratory autoclaves in the field of prevention and safety.

They are deployed by the training division of the shared service the Ile-de-France (IFSEM) in collaboration with the prevention and security services to all agents in Île-de-France.

The CNRS must organize a system for the training of staff responsible for conducting pressure equipment, to be knowledgeable and competent to monitor and take all the initiatives necessary for their safe operation.

Repair and maintenance services of central heating

Gustave Roussy | Published May 7, 2016  -  Deadline June 10, 2016

The invitation to tender for all monitoring services, conduct, maintenance and major maintenance:

- Of all the heat production equipment (hot and cold)

- In the management of primary energy consumption,

- Distribution networks of ice water, hot water,

- The air handling plant,

- Aeraulics networks

- From the maintenance of technical rooms containing these materials.

- From electrical network HTA delivery stations transformer stations

- The TGBT

- From a technical building management system

- In the management of technical alarms in the building HNO including hardware out contract relates (medical fluids, freezers ...).

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