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Repair and maintenance services

Tisséo | Published February 14, 2017
50000000, 50220000, 50700000, 77310000

This periodic indicative notice does not constitute a contract notice. It informs market participants that Tisséo considering launching consultations in 2017 to cover its particular needs in terms of maintenance and repair equipment related to technical installations buildings, infrastructure and equipment.

The projects are: maintenance subway technical systems: mechanical, electrical and fire detection (Q1); infrastructure maintenance of heritage Tisséo Structural work, waterproofing, repair bridges, roads and utilities, secondary trades (partitions, suspended ceilings, paints, wall coverings, flooring, joinery) (Q3); Repairs electrical strong currents equipment (Q4); cleaning streetcar tracks (Q1); maintenance of green spaces of the tram (4th quarter).

Construction work for school buildings

SPL Midi-Pyrénées Construction | Published April 11, 2017
Eiffage Route Sud Ouest (Mandataire)
45214200, 45262311, 45420000, 45261210, 45320000, 45421000, 45422100, 45410000, 45421141, 45421146, 45432111, 45442100, 45432000, 90911200, 45431100, 45431200, 45262321, 45431000, 45313100, 45331000, 45232141, 45331210, 45333000, 45330000, 45332200, 45232460, 45343220, 45310000, 45311000, 09331200, 45312100, 45212500, 39314000, 44111500, 45421151, 45231112, 45112500, 45342000, 45112710

The work for the construction of the higher education school in the municipality of Montech (82) 1,400 students and 9 in firm phase housing.

The optional unit 1 is to achieve a common courtyard with the college and the completion of 70 parking spaces.

The conditional phase 2 involves the construction of college redevelopment after the delivery of the high school and its commissioning.

The incumbent will also be required to conduct a study mission and implementing technical monitoring (G3) and it will be holding the EXE mission.

The incumbent will perform the following wood: - cupboards - storage (swivel fronts, sliding walls and furnishings cupboards - storage) and furniture (work plan, joinery furniture, shelves, health and school furniture) - locker room partitions (partitions compact laminate, WC and shower cubicles) - sanitary and cloakrooms - floors and stairs - finishing and protection (baseboards, trunk trim and tablets) - interior signage and decorative covering - acoustic ceilings and linings wooden blade.

The holder must carry out the following work: - the insulation linings (mineral wool lining bonded, expanded polystyrene liner elasticity adhered, plasterboard lining on frameworks) and dubbing non insulator - the partitions (distribution partitions metal frame, partition acoustic distribution on metal frames, calcium silicate plates partitions on grid) - ducts and ducts (plasterboard ducts) - ceilings (not removable ceilings plasterboard, suspended ceilings, ceilings mineral fibers and mineral fiber hygiene, ceilings rock wool).

In addition, the incumbent will be responsible to complete final cleaning site pre OPR and end of construction.

The holder shall perform the liquid waterproofing and water protection as well as the following structures: - the screed with cement mortar, screed for underfloor heating and sublayer acoustic - flooring stoneware tiles vitrified porcelain tiles and porcelain slip (shod and barefoot) poses with baseboards - wall coverings - odd jobs and finishes (special seals, thresholds, frame and home carpets, etc.).

Lot holder should provide, implement and ensure the provision of an elevator service with electrical operation, operating in simplex, rated load 630 kg, rated speed 1m / second, one service side, three levels served.

The incumbent will perform the following services: - gas supply (boiler kitchens and housing) - realization of the boiler for heating needs and hot water from high school with two wood pellet boilers in cascade and a gas boiler in emergency extra - networks buried connecting sub stations (north wing and south wing) and their outfits distribution - heating distribution networks and the implementation of the various heat emitters (radiators, radiant panels and underfloor heating) - renewal of hygienic air different spaces with simple type of facilities and double flow - connection, extraction and clearing of the kitchen hoods - air conditioning electrical rooms (VDI and inverters) and local garbage - the establishment of fume fixed as well as their complete connection - the heating and ventilation different logemen ts.

Repair and maintenance services of electrical building installations

Promologis | Published March 31, 2017
50711000, 50721000

That this contract provides for the simultaneous achievement of three objectives:

- The maintenance and upkeep of equipment operation described in Appendix 1 of CCTP.

- Providing users with facilities provided by the contracting authority comfort (heating, air conditioning and Ecs).

- The search for energy savings and respect for the consumer targets defined in Annex 5 of the CCTP to the sites.

Detail in Appendix 2 of Ae.

Detailed lot in Annex 2 of the Ae.

Electrical fitting work

Communauté urbaine Toulouse Métropole | Published January 31, 2017

The consultation is done through a command group with organizations and Toulouse Métropole city of Toulouse. The coordinator of the command group is Toulouse Métropole. Open call for tenders subject to the provisions of Articles 25 and 67-i.1º to 68 of Decree No 2016-360 of 25.3.2016. Consultation under Article 78 of Decree No 2016-360 of 25.3.2016 relating to framework agreements. This is a framework agreement to purchase orders without minimum or maximum concluded with an economic operator. The work is divided into 3 separate lots. Each lot will be a single framework agreement Vt / Tm. However, applicants are advised that the allocation is limited to 2 lots per holder. They must specify their preferences in the tender document.


Estimated annual value HT: Toulouse Métropole 100 000 and City of Toulouse: € 1,000,000.

East sector estimated annual amount HT: Toulouse Métropole 90 000 and City of Toulouse: 900 000 EUR.

West sector estimated annual amount HT: Toulouse Métropole 230 000 EUR and city of Toulouse: 880 000 EUR.


Communauté urbaine Toulouse Métropole | Published November 10, 2016
Espaces Verts Caussat
45113000, 45234116, 45316110, 45112710, 45247230, 45262400, 45212140, 45313100

Street furniture enhance the comfort of the users instead.

Lot 1: Roads, drainage, street furniture.

Qualifications of professional identification of the National Federation of Public Works (FNTP February 2016) or equivalent:

- 3421 Urban Roadways - coating conventional coated

- 341 Urban Roadways - pavement seating

- 3451 Urban Roadways - pavers and slabs of natural materials

- 5143 Network Construction urban-gravity environment in deep trenches <or = 3.5 m with groundwater.

Lot 2: Civil Engineering.

FNTP or equivalent:

- 111/112/113 structures and industrial engineering (steel and concrete)

- 2421/2422 micro stakes

- 7263 works related to the repair, rehabilitation and strengthening of civil engineering structures - masonry structures - masonry occasions.

Lot 3: dry networks.

electrical empowerment Title (B1 - B2 - BC - HC) to intervene on the public lighting network for Regulated Agents

- 651/652 street lighting.

Lot 4: Green space / Watering

Qualipaysage qualifications or equivalent:

- Integrated watering a500

- P120 Creating green spaces.

Lot 5: Restore dam wall.

FNTP or equivalent:

- 7261 works related to the repair, rehabilitation and strengthening of civil engineering structures - masonry structures - pointing or repointing masonry.

Lot 6: metalwork.

Qualibat or equivalent:

- 4412 Métallerie confirmed technicality

- 3533 external joinery superior technicality steel.

Lot 7: playground.

Qualibat or equivalent:

- 4412 metalwork confirmed technicality.


Electronic components

ISAE Supaero | Published August 25, 2016
RS Components

Acquisition of small components (electronic, optical, electrical and mechanical micro elements) needed for studies and laboratory research projects and students and models of ISAE.

Electrical supplies and accessories

Université Paul Sabatier | Published September 23, 2016
Wurth France SAS
31680000, 31000000, 44115210, 44316000

See Annex 4 to the Act of engagement lot price schedule 4: Consumable hardware items all trades.

Repair and maintenance services of electrical machinery, apparatus and associated equipment

Tisséo | Published August 13, 2016
Socomec SA

Maintenance branded Socomec UPS with a power greater than or equal to 1.5 KVA:

Construction work for electricity power lines

SNCF réseau | Published July 6, 2016

catenary regeneration work - Online Toulouse / Bayonne - Section Montréjeau / Capvern

Repair and maintenance services of electric motors

Communauté urbaine Toulouse Métropole | Published May 7, 2016

repair and maintenance services of electric motors

Electrical apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits

RTE | Published May 21, 2016
Qualitrol Instruments

Supply and maintenance of monitoring and control equipment "tilt disturbance" to ensure the acquisition and storage of electrical quantities of RTE structures.

Construction work for electricity power lines

SDEHG | Published July 26, 2016

power line construction

Rental and maintenance batteries for electric shuttles BREDA.

Tisseo | Published January 15, 2016

Rental and maintenance batteries for electric shuttles BREDA

Lighting equipment and electric lamps

Communauté urbaine Toulouse Métropole | Published January 27, 2016
SCT Toutelectric
31500000, 31531000, 31520000

No 15c079ao - ac / Jm - supply of light sources for the maintenance of buildings in the city of Toulouse and Toulouse metropolis - 2016 renewable in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Electricity supplies

Promologis Coordonnateur de groupement de commande | Published January 28, 2016

Framework agreement for the supply and delivery of electricity and related services.

Removal and treatment of dom, DIB WEEE, paper and on the sites of the EFS-PM.

Établissement français du sang | Published February 6, 2016
Déclaration sans suite du marché
90500000, 90511200, 90511400, 90513100

This contract involves the removal and treatment of household refuse waste (DOM), industrial waste (DIB) and waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) at the sites of Toulouse, Montpellier and Nimes, as well that the collection and processing of paper on some sites of the EFS-PM. Participation in lots 2, 4 and 5 of this contract is reserved for sheltered workshops (EA) and institutions and support services through work (ESAT).

Electrical wiring work

SMAT | Published February 16, 2016
45311100, 45262660

Removing asbestos cables - A tunnel line security work

Electricity distribution and control apparatus

Ville de Toulouse | Published October 31, 2015
Dushow Toulouse
31200000, 31230000

No. 15V152AO - acquisition of a new stage lighting console big guy my light 2 or equivalent and its new accessories for the room of the orchestra of the Capitol.

Electricity supplies

Cite de l'Espace — Semeccel | Published October 23, 2015
Edf Commerce Sud Ouest

15-105082 - supply and delivery of electricity to the site of the city of Space.

Repair and maintenance services of rolling stock

Tisseo | Published October 27, 2015
50222000, 71630000, 50220000, 71600000

This contract concerns the realization of an expertise on certain electrical relays VAL 206 trains (RDET relay RPA RUCA). The objective is to determine the wear of the elements that make up these facilities and establish a maintenance range adapted. This service, which includes the revision of appraised equipment, determine the maintenance level 3 which will be applied to all these facilities the park VAL 206 trains during the general revisions of rowing 1.89 million km and will ensure the sustainability of equipment until the next revision to 2.52 million km.