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Miscellaneous general and special-purpose machinery

Conseil régional des Pays de la Loire | Published March 29, 2017  -  Deadline April 24, 2017

It will enable the renewal of part of the equipment sectors of agricultural production, agricultural machinery, environment, land and forest for the following courses: - BAC professional agricultural machinery (possibly related CFA) - LAC professional conduct and management of the farm "dominant breeding system" - technical sales BTSA: food products and beverages - BTSA forest management - BTSA analysis and driving operating systems.

garage equipment.

Assembly consists of the following equipment:

- 1 open bench hydraulic circuit with load sensing hydraulic pump for the study of proportional hydraulics and all or nothing (TOR).

- 1 bench hydraulic closed circuit having a motor (actuator) semi-slow to allow the connection of agricultural equipment.

Study model of the ABS braking system.

training bench including all components and accessories required actual operation of an air conditioning system in conditions similar to that of a vehicle.

Bench CAN network study.

The following items are required:

- movable structure,

- three-phase asynchronous motor,

- alternator,

- synchronoscope,

- food,

- speed variator,

- resistive load,

- rheostat

- meter switch,

- Three-phase power meter,

- voltmeter

- ammeter

- tachometer,

- rotating the torque sensor,

- display module electrical quantities,

- display module mechanical quantities,

- Lot O safety leads 4mm back recovery.

Assembly consists of the following equipment:

- 1 photovoltaic system allowing operation in isolated site operation with a return on the network,

- 1 artificial solar source system.

Carrier electric 4WD, 2 seats, approved road with a bucket.

CNC press brake. Equipment for performing bends either strikes or in the air.

maintenance equipment for green areas.

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