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Ville de Levallois | Published April 5, 2017  -  Deadline May 9, 2017
71314100, 31522000, 45316000

These markets corresponding to the 2 following lots are intended achievement of year-end lighting on the territory of the city of Levallois, including design, provision, installation, removal and maintenance, and storing illuminations.

Markets are subject to Ordinance No. o 2015-899 of 23/07/2015 and Decree o 2016-360 of 25/03/2016. These are designated by the terms "order" and "order" in the WFD.

They constitute the framework agreements within the meaning of Article 4 of the Ordinance and subject as such to the provisions of Article 78 of the decree.

They will each be assigned to a single holder for a maximum period of 4 years, including renewals.

As an open procedure, the maximum number of participants is not limited.

The total contract value is between 800 000 EUR excluding VAT and 3,600,000 euros maximum VAT, given their duration and possible renewals.

Benefits will be paid by purchase orders emission As the occurrence of needs within the limits of minimum and maximum amounts following annual:

Annual Minimum Amount: 100 000 EUR excluding VAT.

annual maximum amount: 450 000 EUR excluding VAT.

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