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Electrical installation work

SNCF | Published October 4, 2017  -  Deadline October 27, 2017

The purpose of this project is to define all the supplies and works required to supply the electrical installations and lighting the 3-way workshop on pits / footbridges as part of the SMGL Villeneuve Prairie project.

This building is an ERT Establishment Receiving Workers.

The energy work to be carried out will be the following:

- replacement of an HT / LV transformer substation for the general supply of electrical installations,

- installation of a distribution cabinet,

- lighting of pits and footbridges,

- security lighting,

- lighting of an outer track,

- installation of socket outlets,

- installation of cable trays and supply of forces and lighting,

- installation of power supply for electrical equipment (lifting pumps, velocipedic cranes, ...).

Significant quantities:

Transformation station type Bocage 2 x 630 kVA: 1;

Artery cables BT of general supply workshop 3 VFP (including crossing of lanes, rooms of prints ...): 140 m;

LV general workshop power cables 3 VFP: 2,100 m;

LV BV cabinets workshop 3 VFP: 1;

Luminaire of pit: 696;

Tubular luminaire for traffic gangways: 556;

Projector luminaire for high-luminous lighting: 173;

Stand-Alone Lighting Unit: 280;

Outdoor lighting: 38;

LV supply cables luminaires (all types): 12,000 m;

Socket Set (all types): 188;

LV power supply cables (all types): 7,000 m;

Cable way: 6,000 m.

The quantities indicated above are given merely for information purposes.

Electrical wiring and fitting work

SNCF Réseau — direction territoriale achats Ile-de-France et marchés nationaux | Published September 5, 2015  -  Deadline October 1, 2015

For many years, concrete slabs are constructed to cover the plateau railway ATM website (Austerlitz * * Tolbiac Massena) to make room for the city of Paris. Market project is a result of the diagnostic phase of the master fire safety scheme carried out in March 2014 and the master plan for energy supplies made in 2013. The study area covers the whole area of ​​the Boulevard vincent auriol massena at Boulevard (ERP excluded BFM) and the tunnels of the underground RER C station Paris Austerlitz (ERP excluded Underground Station). The works mainly comprise: - Brought Energy, - installation of electrical outlets - installation of security lighting, LED technology lighting fixtures - creating a backup power station. Execution conditions: The majority of work is done day. Part of the work requiring Temporary Interruptions Railway Circulations (ITC) and Consignations Catenary is performed overnight at 4 nights a week at short ITC. Execution constraints: - Works tunnel near track operated - Access difficulties - low forced site Storability - Co-activity.

Current electrical work hard / low current housing and common areas of the building stock of the OPH d'Aubervilliers, Aubervilliers

Oph aubervilliers | Published December 31, 2015  -  Deadline January 18, 2016

Current on electrical work orders to market high / low current housing and common areas of the building stock of the OPH d'Aubervilliers

Electrical wiring and fitting work

SNCF | Published August 26, 2016

open market orders téléopération Transilien stations.

Electrical wiring and fitting work

SNCF | Published January 26, 2016  -  Deadline February 19, 2016
45311000, 31200000

SNCF Mobility introduces an open market order (MOSO), to ensure the deployment in 142 Transilien stations from a centralized control room. This tool aims to enable to offer customers, in-service equipment from 1st to last train, ensuring their supervision outside the presence of the station staff hours.

The operation consists of unwinding multicore copper cable or optical fiber to the operating equipment (lighting, escalator, elevator, lift pump, sale of equipment, metal curtain, ticket inspection line), a station so they control (lift information and commands) from a central site via an industrial controller.


Foncia IPM mandataire caisse des dépôts et consignations | Published November 25, 2017
Attributaire 3 — GEG Sources d'Énergies

Supply and transmission of electricity for residential and commercial real estate sites managed by Foncia IPM, agent acting on behalf of the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, the contracting authority.

Accumulators, primary cells and primary batteries

SNCF Mobilités — direction du matériel — dpt achats | Published January 22, 2016
31400000, 31200000, 31000000, 34632000, 34631000, 31110000, 31100000, 31500000, 31600000, 31700000

Provision of electronic and electrical equipment for railway rolling stock.

Repair and maintenance services

SNCF | Published July 30, 2016  -  Deadline September 8, 2016

The market generally relates to:

- The realization of preventive and corrective maintenance of technical installations of the site "Campus Network", located in Saint-Denis (93)

- Benefits concern the equipment: heating, ventilation, air conditioning, smoke extraction, fire protection, fire safety system, plumbing, electrical strong currents and low current, building management, closed and covered, automatic doors, nacelle.

Support services for railway transport

SNCF Réseau | Published May 6, 2017
Tribunal administratif

Personnel security services with regard to traffic during construction of the Rapid Zone Dense.

Advertisements for circulations intended to ensure the safety of personnel present on construction sites

With regard to the risks of clashes.

Removing and installing on-site, autonomous, of electrical installations of signaling.

Installation and dismantling of temporary speed markings in connection with the realization of a site.

Engineering works and construction works

SNCF Réseau, représenté par la direction territoriale achats Île-de-France (DTA IDF MN) | Published November 20, 2015  -  Deadline December 9, 2015

The law requires the STIF to make the stations accessible to people with reduced mobility (PRM). This is done as part of a project which is called - Master Plan for Accessibility Ile de France - (SDA) In this case, the project is to make it accessible to people with reduced mobility (PRM) Station bleach. The works mainly comprise: the global construction design, site facilities, metal Public Construction (Construction of metal walkway to reach 4 ml and 11ml width 1 span) Civil Engineering (supports of the bridge, 2 hopper lift, body docks) Catenary Second works: dock furniture, metalwork, painting signage High Current (lighting building the station, change electrical installations) Current Low (Video, Telecom).

Support services for railway transport

SNCF Réseau | Published November 28, 2017
Tribunal administratif

Services for the safety of personnel with regard to railway traffic during the construction of EOLE project sites.

The contract includes the following tasks: manual traffic announcements, SE assistance, LTV assistance, self-propelled lorry management, perchage site electrical protection, operational safety representative, S9 service provider, SE service provider, SE LTV service provider and LTV , VT / SE service provider, SM service provider, support for work trains, logistics management of the Vernouillet work base and safety supervision mission.

Interconnections Grand Paris Express - Les Ardoines - civil works, engineering structures, VRD and various furnishings.

SNCF Réseau, représenté par la direction territoriale achats, Île-de-France (DTA IDF MN) | Published February 13, 2016  -  Deadline March 9, 2016

As part of the interconnection project of the station Ardoines, RER C with the project Grand Paris Express, Line 15 south (of Ardoines station), the following work is planned:

- Works of art work, PASO (underpass)

- Civil Works docks,

- Earthworks (+ PaSo Quays)

- Civil Engineering of electrical energy,

- Emergence docks

- Metal Gateways: temporary (rental) + final (foundations, supports)

- Demolition of shelters and various docks,

- Track (removal rests, leveling)

- Landscaping PaSo (equipment, furniture, signage) and docks,

- Fixed Stairs PaSo to Quai (metalwork, floors, paintings)

- Metalwork path (railings, PMR slope) and temporary stairs

- Dock facilities (equipment, furniture, signage).

Engineering works and construction works

SNCF Réseau, représenté par la direction territoriale achats Île-de-France (DTA IDF MN) | Published December 23, 2015  -  Deadline January 13, 2016

The law requires the STIF to make the stations accessible to people with reduced mobility (PRM). This is done as part of a project which is called - blueprint of accessibility Île-de-France - (SDA) In this case, the project is to make it accessible to people with reduced mobility (PRM) the Station Issy Val de Seine The works mainly comprise: Comprehensive implementation studies, site facilities, Public Construction: Creating an underpass (PASO) in channels 1 and 2 Civil Engineering (hoppers lift Body docks): Creation of 2 hoppers lift, 3 stairs and asphalt work on the docks Second works: dock furniture, metalwork, painting signage High Current (lighting building the station, change electrical installations) Current Low (Video, Telecom).

Engineering works and construction works

SNCF Réseau | Published January 23, 2016  -  Deadline February 22, 2016

This contract notice relates to the completion of all the work for the construction of docks and setting accessibility of the station-Aubergenville Elisabethville in the EOLE project, extension of the RER E in the west.

Brief description of work to be done:

* Public Construction / Civil Engineering miscellaneous:

- Enhancement of both platforms up to 920 mm from the running surface,

- Adapting the length of platforms for a useful length of 225 m, creating a ramp 11 ml at each end of platform 1 and adaptation of ramps on platform 2,

- Creation of two hoppers elevators in the docks, giving access to the underpass,

- Realization of micropiles for shelter,

* Masonry:

- Resumption of stair cavities, garden walls, steps, platforms enhancement next, etc,

* Metalwork / Metalworking:

- Handrail, guardrail, fencing, gates, etc.

* Metal frame:

- Replacement of existing shelters by shelter-type Pompadour,

* Electrical energy / telecommunications:

- Lighting, power, sound system, remote display, video, etc.

* Safety equipment.

Construction work for railways workshop

SNCF | Published December 2, 2015  -  Deadline January 15, 2016

The Technicentre Paris Est, located in Noisy-le-Sec is a site currently used for maintenance of the trains lines E, P and T4. The construction of a workshop dedicated to the maintenance of trains T4 and the future line TLN allows requalification of existing channels 53 and 54 in the main workshop. The main shop is a building of 150 mx 90 m wide approximately. In terms of routes 53 and 54, the building measures 200 mx 20 m in width. The proposed development will require to achieve: - The demolition, excavation and removal of 2 channels (channel 53 and channel 54) on concrete pits (rails, slabs, metal walkways) - The creation of two railway lines on bollards, a new pit and seats instead of demolished tanks, - The creation of two levels of metal maintenance walkways, - the modification and adaptation of an existing crane and adding an overhead crane serving routes maintenance, and removal of the lifting tables. The work of this contract consist of: - Legislative history: expansion of the access door V54, recovery of the area of ​​disconnectors, removal, recovery cladding - Earth in cut and fill - Civil Engineering pits - technical Galleries - Electrical Networks and industrial fluids under paving - Railway Works: track laying on bollards Being in a constrained and operated site, special attention should be paid to the containment of the site (dust cover), storage areas, and the management flows and road noise (demolition work outside the operating hours).

Construction work for buildings relating to railway transport

SNCF | Published December 5, 2015  -  Deadline January 4, 2016
45213320, 45234180

The decision of the Syndicat des Transports Ile de France (STIF) to replace the Z5300 trainsets by Regio2N rowing a consequence for the operator SNCF Transilien Mobility adapt maintenance facilities of Villeneuve Saint Georges site (Technicentre Villeneuve ). The facilities will have to be versatile and adapted to the future as much as former Z2N Regio2N which will still be held in this building. Only one way out of the three of the workshop will be neutralized for work, the other two remaining in operation (except in special cases fitting the new gantry beams). The program for the workshop summary 98 is the following: - implementation of fixed roof access walkways on 3-way with electricity supplies, fluids and installation of all the necessary safety equipment (fall protection, electrical protection ); - Establishment of a retractable catenary on 3 tracks; - Enhancing lighting over and under bridges; - Adaptation of heating and electricity (general movements of lights and heating calopulseurs travel lane A, adding radiant panels Hot water queues B, A 'and B'); - Equipment of each of the 3-way with two cranes, each equipped with 2 hooks 1 ton; - Development of mobile ladders in place for entrevoies access in rowing; - 3-way equipment on a fixed installation test run; - General and potting soil marking; - Development of the Paris outside storage area.

Engineering works and construction works

SNCF Réseau, représenté par la direction territoriale achats Île-de-France (DTA IDF MN) | Published November 10, 2015  -  Deadline December 7, 2015

The law requires the STIF to make the stations accessible to people with reduced mobility (PRM). This is done as part of a project which is called - Master Plan for Accessibility Ile de France - (SDA). In this case, the project is to make it accessible to people with reduced mobility (PRM) Versailles Chantier train station. The works mainly comprise: Enhancement docks B / C, D / E and F / G to 55 cm (level relative to route plan). Reversible partial enhancement wharves B / C, D / E and F / G to 76 cm (level relative to the track plane) opposite to the first gate of the second drive for each direction and for all types of traffic serving adaptation of these platforms with trains stopping points. PMR standards put to the lighting of the docks. Compliance PMR docks equipment (distance between the equipment and the platform edge, platform height equipment, detection cane obstacles on the docks, sitting supplement, replacement of non-compliant alarm limits PMR, installation signage conforms to the path PMR). Demolition shelters hard (next to Paris) under the ropy shelters with maintaining existing supports. Setting up shelters kind "signature" (metallic glass) on each platform. Wharf resumption coating over the entire length of the platforms. Laying awake strips and concrete vigilance along the waterfront. Inserting fence with gate at the end platform. Upgrading existing facilities telecom and electrical Implementation of PRM signage on the platform.

Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

SNCF Réseau | Published January 17, 2017  -  Deadline February 1, 2017
71000000, 71600000

The objectives of this audit are:

Update the assessment of the network status;

2. Assess maintenance policies and trajectories in connection with the condition of facilities and the expected performance;

Express policy recommendations to adapt where necessary the industrial trajectory:

industrial policies;

Allocation by technical area (track, signaling, catenary structures ...).

The audit will therefore endeavor in the first place to produce a photograph * * the state of the heritage of the national network, with a reminder of changing its consistency for 20 years, and in a second stage to assess the likely trend this state in time for the effects of traffic, the natural aging of components and maintenance policies (as maintenance and regeneration) being implemented.

4 axes of analysis:

a) On the network status:

The national railway network will be broken down into 6 main categories:

- The high-speed network,

- Principles of UIC lines groups 1 to 4,

- The main lines of UIC groups 5-6,

- Secondary lines with travelers UIC groups 7, 8 and 9 AV,

- No user secondary lines of UIC groups 7, 8 and 9 SV,

- Service roads including major projects to treat freight traffic (yards).

In addition, it will consider the segmentation used in Île-de-France to differentiate certain policies:

- Hyper-dense areas,

- Dense areas,

- Standard + areas

- Standard areas

- ...

This photograph will focus on examining the following areas:

- Ways and crossings,

- Engineering structures and earthworks,

- Security installations,

- Telecommunications facilities,

- The fixed installations for electric traction: catenary and sub power stations into electrical energy.

b) policy evaluation:

This assessment will focus on maintaining the broad sense, ie:

- Regeneration

- Servicing,

- The surveillance.

And the effectiveness of related policies in the medium and long term, given the stakes:

- of security,

- Performance (speed, speed, reliability, availability, resilience, robustness)

- The cost of ownership over the long term.

Comparisons with other networks provide useful insights.

The analysis will also take into account the conditions of realization of the renewal or maintenance work light rail traffic and potential constraints generated by network development operations.

c) On resource allocation and adjudication process:

It will set out recommendations as necessary on this subject.

d) On the path of renewal of signaling installations:

The audit will be able to propose changes on trajectories between JRC and other signaling (automatic blocks, cables, power supplies ...), in respect of heritage data, incidents are and its evolution, direct and indirect consequence of these performance data etc ...

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