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Installation services of electricity distribution and control equipment

Hydrostadium | Published March 31, 2017  -  Deadline May 5, 2017
51112000, 31200000, 51112100, 51112200, 31211100

This contract is for the renovation of the command and control of electrical installations of the development of Liebvillers, hydroelectric plant with 4 groups vertical Francis turbine of 3.22 MW each and operated by EDF.

This Lot 2 comprises the design, manufacture, supply, delivery, unloading, assembly, wiring, programming, configuration and commissioning of control and monitoring systems.

valve head:

- replace the control head control valves,

- replace the cabinet power equipment MLVS.


- remove and replace the SAG cabinets + + Epah Telecom,

- driving optimization to distribute the requested rate on each of the groups to have the best performance,

- remove and replace the main switchboard cabinet

- remove and replace the groups cabinets (x4),

- take into account the new command winnowing and WTP by the PLC following the replacement of RGN by new oil hydraulic power plants,

- achieving new DC Interface with equipment not replaced: RGU / post MV / HV position,

- establishment of a vibration Protection Groups,

- replacement of the power cables of the excitation,

- Conservation DSPCF (Yokogawa), reimplantation in SG cabinet

- replace other groups sensors in each case,

- replace the pump control box dewatering,

- LV cables to replace the position HTB non CERT

- regain ground network,

- replace the transformer auxiliary services,

- replace the continuous energy workshop V + 127 + sealed batteries UPS.


- replacement power cable between VDT ​​and factory. (About 150 m).

This list is not exhaustive.

The entire perimeter will be described in the specifications which will be attached to the tender documents.

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