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Multi-dwelling buildings construction work

Torntoft & Mortensen A/S | Published December 7, 2016  -  Deadline January 6, 2017

The building covers a total of 90 homes in four tower blocks, as well as convenience store and underground parking, ground works, etc.

We search shortlisted 5-6 companies to tender on each of the following trades:

E - Coating contract

G -Betonelementmontage

J - Cleaning contract

L - Under Floor contract

M - Letbetonentreprisen

O -Dør- and window delivery

P Alufacadeentreprisen

Q - Tagdækningsentreprisen

S - plumbing contract

T - Ventilation contract

U - El-contract

V - Lift contract

Y - Painter contract

X - Floor contract

Z - Cleaning contract

E - White goods contract

Other contract performed by Torntoft & Mortensen A / S in underhåndsbud.

The contract includes surfacing incl. gardener working.

The contract includes concrete element assembly, excl. delivery.

The contract includes a bricklayer contract including executing ext. Masonry, plinths and int. Tile work.

The contract covers the floor work, insulation and concrete work for floating floor in housing.

The contract includes letbetonentreprisen, the performance of int. Non-load bearing partitions in aircrete.

The contract includes door and window delivery, delivery of outside doors and windows in wood-aluminum mm ..

The contract includes alufacadeentreprisen, delivery and installation of windows, doors of shops and facades for stairwells.

The contract includes tagdækningsentreprisen, extensive insulation work, tagdækningsarbejder and begrønningsarbejder of roofs.

Plumbing installations, plumbing, plumbing, pipe insulation, etc. and plumbing.

The contract comprises Ventilation contract, including aggregates, channels, automation etc.

The contract includes El-contract, extensive plain. electrical installations in homes, lighting installations in the convenience store, etc.

The contract comprises Elevator contract, including delivery and installation of 4. person lifts.

The contract covers Floor contract, including delivery and installation of wooden floors in homes, etc. and a few rolls floors.

The contract comprises Painter contract, extensive vægbehandlinger, painting ceilings, walls, woodwork etc.

The contract includes cleaning contract, extensive cleaning of new buildings after construction.

The contract includes Hard hvidevareretreprisen, delivery and installation of appliances to homes.

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