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Oxygen administration unit

The Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) | Published February 15, 2017
33157800, 33157810

The Danish Defence will in 2017 acquire two variations of mobile oxygen concentrators.

Variation one (1) is a battery driven, light weight Oxygen concentrator, and shall be used as primary oxygen supplement to the patient at treatment facilities in both Role1 and Role2 level. Variation two (2) is also a mobile Oxygen concentrator, but with higher capacity and for use with 240 Volt and shall be used as primary oxygen supplement to the patient at treatment facilities in all of the Danish Defence.

It's to be used in trauma reception, surgical and postoperative treatment as well as during hospitalization. Variation one (1) is particularly used during transport, in- and out of hospital, and transshipment of patients where there is no access to external power supply and variation two (2) is particularly used during surgical and postoperative treatment, as the concentrator shall deliver oxygen to the sedated patient through an electrical driven ventilator.

DALO invites the market of potential suppliers to a dialogue for analysing the requirements possible for this acquisition. An information for request in terms of a Questionnaire is attached to this announcement. DALO is conduction the market survey via Mercell Sourcing Service and questions can be submitted via the communications tab in Mercell.

DALO emphasizes that it will not influence your participation in a possible future tender on mobile oxygen concentrators to DALO, should you decline to participate or only partly fill out the questionnaire.

Your reply must be sent to DALO electronically using this link: Please send your material using the communication tab after you log in to the tender and press New Message.

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