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Electrical installation work of pumping equipment

Odsherred Spildevand A/S | Published February 8, 2017  -  Deadline March 7, 2017
45317100, 31214500, 45317000, 45315300

The assignment covers design, production and delivery of electrical panels, etc. for pumping stations.

The contract includes the main works and supplies associated with:

- Design of electrical installations

- Delivery of switchboards for pumping stations

- Establishment of conduits in the pump stations

- Complete electrical installation of pumping stations

- Documentation, testing and commissioning.

Electrical installation of pumping equipment 2017 / S 027-047045

Odsherred Spildevand A/S | Published February 8, 2017  -  Deadline March 7, 2017

Electrical signaling equipment for railways 2017 / S 028-050448

Banedanmark | Published February 9, 2017
34632200, 31321700, 34632000, 34632300, 34942000, 45234100, 45234115, 45234140, 45316200, 50220000, 51100000, 48140000, 34943000

Construction work

Næstved Kommune | Published November 9, 2016  -  Deadline October 31, 2026
45000000, 45200000, 45310000

Dynamic purchasing system for craft services between 50,001 to 300,000 DKK - Electrical installation work.

Oxygen administration unit

The Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) | Published February 15, 2017
33157800, 33157810

The Danish Defence will in 2017 acquire two variations of mobile oxygen concentrators.

Variation one (1) is a battery driven, light weight Oxygen concentrator, and shall be used as primary oxygen supplement to the patient at treatment facilities in both Role1 and Role2 level. Variation two (2) is also a mobile Oxygen concentrator, but with higher capacity and for use with 240 Volt and shall be used as primary oxygen supplement to the patient at treatment facilities in all of the Danish Defence.

It's to be used in trauma reception, surgical and postoperative treatment as well as during hospitalization. Variation one (1) is particularly used during transport, in- and out of hospital, and transshipment of patients where there is no access to external power supply and variation two (2) is particularly used during surgical and postoperative treatment, as the concentrator shall deliver oxygen to the sedated patient through an electrical driven ventilator.

DALO invites the market of potential suppliers to a dialogue for analysing the requirements possible for this acquisition. An information for request in terms of a Questionnaire is attached to this announcement. DALO is conduction the market survey via Mercell Sourcing Service and questions can be submitted via the communications tab in Mercell.

DALO emphasizes that it will not influence your participation in a possible future tender on mobile oxygen concentrators to DALO, should you decline to participate or only partly fill out the questionnaire.

Your reply must be sent to DALO electronically using this link: Please send your material using the communication tab after you log in to the tender and press New Message.

Wastewater pumping station

Odsherred Spildevand A/S | Published February 8, 2017  -  Deadline March 7, 2017
45232431, 45232423, 42122220

The job includes the design and delivery of sewage pumping stations.

The contract includes the main works and supplies associated with:

- Design and delivery of 4 dry installed pump installations in underground construction work, which was formed by construction contract, including pumps, complete pipework, covers for hoisting of pumps and pump sumps with Plate Covers.

- Design and delivery of two submersible pumping stations containing 2 pcs. submersible pumps, combined valve and electrical cabinet, pump well with plate cover, pipework etc.

- Water hammer calculations of pressure pipes incl. possibly. necessary pressure cushioning measures and possible. inlet and vents, as shown in the attached drawings.

- Delivery of the assembly instructions for installation contractor for the addition of sump, pump sumps and electrical and valve cabinets.

- Start-up and commissioning of pumping stations incl. after viewing capacity and pressure shock conditions as well as the instruction of the client's operating personnel.

Construction work for buildings relating to health

Region Hovedstaden ved Amager og Hvidovre Hospital | Published February 17, 2017  -  Deadline March 31, 2017
45215100, 45113000, 44112100, 44112110, 45111213, 45233141, 45342000, 45341000, 90911200, 45452000, 79713000, 45262110, 45262120, 44212315, 42416100, 42416210, 90510000, 45222110, 44613700

Construction of electrical installations for the construction of a new hospital wing to Hvidovre Hospital.

New Hospital Hvidovre wish to award a number of contracts for the construction of a new hospital wing to Hvidovre Hospital with a total floor area of ​​32,500 m² and an associated 7,750 m² underground parking. The building is located on Kettegård Alle 30, 2650 Hvidovre. There is a main project contractor prequalification application should rely on. The building will be completed in the period from mid 2017 to end 2019. The tender runs on RIB Tender Portal, where the tender documents are available and where prequalification application must be submitted. This offer represents electrical installations including construction total floor area of ​​32,500 m². The contract included the following works:

E11.01 Terrain

E11.02 Feeder Roads

E11.03 Fire and lydtætning

E11.04 supply 10 kV

E11.05 Distribution 400 V

E11.06 installations for lighting

E11.07 Luminaires

E11.08 Power Installations

E11.09 Communications

E11.10 IT infrastructure

E11.11 Surge Protection

E11.12 equalization Connections

E11.13 Appliances and technical equipment.

Construction work

Forsvarsministeriets Ejendomsstyrelse | Published February 16, 2017  -  Deadline March 17, 2017
45000000, 45110000, 45100000, 45113000, 44230000, 45441000, 45330000, 45440000, 71550000, 45262520, 45262300, 45310000, 45331000

The works offered in 5 lots, of which 4 are offered by this notice. 

In addition, purchased tiles independently as client delivery.

Demolition and debugging large contract settled mainly before reconstruction and renovation can begin in individual houses and construction section.

The contract is responsible for construction site operation incl. conservatory measures, and nedrivning- and environmental sanitation works including down / picking up the slab, roof, plumbing and electrical systems, ventilation, stairs, tiles, floors, ceilings, walls, cabinet elements, etc.

E01 is working closely with other relevant contracts, including in debugging sessions where other contracts including dismantles the landmark building and / or the initial gentle cleaning work on the landmark building.

E01 comprises:

- Construction site incl. winter measures.

- Demolition and disposal of discarded materials and building components - incl. environmental measures and disposal of all hazardous waste generated from the construction project.

- Environmental clean-up including mold decontamination, asbestos removal, PCB decontamination, PAH redevelopment, blysanering and other heavy metals, including zinc.

II.2.7) is estimated.

Early in debugging sessions to be E02 in cooperation with E01 charge of cleaning or dismantling of the landmark building.

During the entire project cooperate E02 closely with the other contracts.

E02 comprises:

- EMPTY - carpentry / joinery

- GLA - Glass Construction Works

- BLK - Plumbing Supplies

- MAL - Painter Working

- SME - Forging Works.

II.2.7) is estimated.

During the entire project cooperate E03 closely with the other contracts.

E03 comprises:

- JOR - Excavations

- BE - Concrete Work

- MU - Bricklayers

- JFL - Excavation for wires

- AFL - Drain in soil.

II.2.7) is estimated.

During the entire project cooperate E04 closely with the other contracts.

E04 comprises:

- Plumbing - water, heating and sanitation works

- VENT - Ventilation Works

- EL - Electrical installation work

- AUT - Building automation

- BYPASS - Technical Insulation.

II.2.7) is estimated.

North Denmark Region, Fælleshus and outdoor areas incl. Parking

Region Nordjylland | Published February 8, 2017  -  Deadline March 1, 2017

Common house and outdoor areas must be performed on Markedsvej, 9600 Aars.

The reason is an exposed piece of land, and common house built in 2 levels and has approximately 1,060 m².
Outdoor areas is approximately 11,500 m² and containing trails, grasslands, paved areas and plantings etc.
The common house to be gold certified according DGNB standard. TR facilitates the process for certification to DGNB Gold but each bidder should expect to provide product data sheets in the process.

Entreprise Distribution

Entreprise A = Råhus - and sewer contract
Contains Highlights earthworks, sewers, poured concrete floors, foundations and plinths.

Entreprise B = Carpentry contract
Contains Highlights massive wall elements in wood exterior facades incl. wooden linings, interior plaster walls, windows, doors, ceilings, roofing work incl. green roofs and joinery. In wall and floor tiles.

Enterprise C = plumbing and ventilation contract
Provides Highlights of water and heating systems and sanitary and complete ventilation systems.

Entreprise D = EL - contract
Contains outline all electrical installations incl. fittings and various management systems and elevator / lift and exterior lighting in terrain.

Entreprise E = Floor contract
Contains outline all linoleum and vinyl flooring

Entreprise F = Painter contract
Contains outline all internal painting treatments

Entreprise G = System contract
Contains all outdoor areas incl. plantings and paved areas, however, minus sewer installations located subcontracted A under the common house.

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