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closed, integrated parking system

NHSZ Zounok Zártkörű Részvénytársaság | Published December 18, 2015
Vecosys Kft.
34926000, 38730000

closed, transport assets integrated parking management system, supply and commissioning Quantity: Parking area: 1 entrance terminals (ticketing,) 1 exit terminal (ticket reader) 2 barrier (3 m arm length) 4 vehicle detection loops, and 2 loop detector 2 automatic pay stations (. to receive coins and banknotes is suitable or money back tax) 2 x license plate recognition camera tripod can be locked room or closet: 1 data center (server), parking management software, fixed IP and Internet access options for remote monitoring Saturation displays: one single-sided, three-digit LED display at the entrance
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