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Electrical engineering installation works

ProPotsdam GmbH | Published December 17, 2016  -  Deadline February 2, 2017

The ProPotsdam GmbH plans on the property at Moosfenn 27, 29 and 31, the construction of 3 residential buildings. The number of storeys and the ground plans, consisting of a basement, ground floor, 1st-4th OG, and a 5th floor / penthouse level, are the same for all 3 buildings. All units of the building are accessed via a central inboard staircase and reached by an elevator. 75% of the apartments will be built as subsidized housing, 25% as free rentable apartments.

- Ring earth V4A about 420 m;

- Protective bonding conductors from StZn about 420 m;

- 3 NS Zählerzentralisationen for 3x30 and 3x6 meter boards.

Three point mounting three-phase; m. Power outlet tenants Keller

- 105 Subdistributor apartment, UP / HW;

- Approximately 40 500 m cable NYM-J to 5x4mm 2 ;

- About 4 200 meters main cable NYCWY-J 4x16 / 16mm 2 ;

- Approximately 5400 Schucko sockets and switches for installation;

- Emergency lighting system for staircase and entrance area;

- CLS-battery system;

- 300 lights for staircase, entrance, basement and exterior lighting;

- 105 firewall cable entries with cable box in the

Residential units;

- About 54 fire preventions to 0.2 m 2 ;

- Speakerphone and bell system for 105 units with a door intercom and entrance-station;

- 105 media distribution apartment, UP / HW;

- BK-conditioning 450 St antenna sockets for 105 WE;

- PBX approximately 360 TAE sockets for 105 WE;

- RWA system for staircase and entrance area;

- 80 optical smoke detector.

Retest fixed electrical installations DGUV Rule 3

Universität Potsdam, Hochschul-Gebäudemanagement-Potsdam | Published December 16, 2016  -  Deadline January 27, 2017

Renovation / repair Pestalozzistraße 4, 6, 8-10, 14482 Potsdam - Building Automation

ProPotsdam GmbH | Published January 16, 2017  -  Deadline February 8, 2017
The ProPotsdam GmbH intends renovation of three residential complexes with a total of 24 residential units in the Pestalozzistraße 4-10, 14482 Potsdam. The buildings consist of 3 full floors and a basement. In the cellars are among other things the service connections of the media. The advertised service includes the installation and commissioning of the automation stations each building with the following scope: -. Assembly of three automation station including cabinet for each district heating transfer station and water heating, - Override of fault messages from four exhaust systems, - Override of M-BUS meters for electricity and heat - check the electrical system, - commissioning.

Technical inspection and testing services

Universität Potsdam, Hochschul-Gebäudemanagement-Potsdam | Published December 21, 2016  -  Deadline January 27, 2017

Higher building management Potsdam Potsdam University (HGP UP) intended as an operator of the buildings of the University of Potsdam, the services for testing the stationary electrical equipment and plant DGUV Note 3 in connection with the DIN VDE 0105-100 for different locations in Potsdam by lot to forgive.

19 objects

about 43 500 meters 2 BGF

about 5 600 individual circuits.

28 objects

approximately 115 000 m 2 BGF

approximately 14 700 individual circuits.

24 objects

about 48 000m 2 BGF

about 6 500 individual circuits.

Los 56 Window Restoration

KIS-Kommunaler Immobilien Service Landeshauptstadt Potsdam | Published January 19, 2017  -  Deadline February 22, 2017
Los 56 - Window renovation retreading wooden windows single glazing (joinery): 17 pieces 5-bladed wooden windows with single glazing to about 1,30x2,70m 14 pcs 3-bladed wooden windows with single glazing to about 1,30x1,80m 1 pc 3-bladed wooden windows with single glazing to about 1,30x1,80m, conversion to RA, electrical OL Opener complete maintenance of single windows in wood for 4 years retreading box double window (joinery): 3 pcs of 6-leaf box double window to about 1,30x1,80m 10 pcs a total of 14-leaf box double window to about 2,92x1,85m 26m² VSG glazing in wing box double windows use maintenance box double box for 4 years maintenance box double window (joinery), which have been revised in the last 5 years: 4 pcs of 6-leaf box double window to about 1,60x1,80m 7 pcs of 14-leaf box double window to about 2,92x1,85m maintenance box double box for 4 years sills: coated 51m new windowsills Softwood or HPL, in the depths of 80-150, 150-250, 250 -350mm

Construction work

ProPotsdam GmbH | Published December 23, 2016

The building Guido-Seeber-way 1-15 (odd), Hans-Albers-Straße 8-12 (even) and Erich Pommer Str. 2-6 (straight) are part of the overall project "Conversion of the district 8 in Garden City Drewitz, Potsdam". Due to the conversion of municipal Drewitz in a garden city, the district is 8 rehabilitated, expanded and remodeled with a total of 270 apartments.

The buildings are located on the parcel 788 in hall 8 in the district Drewitz. The plot has a size of 7 617m 2 ,

Interior demolition, drywall, concrete and masonry, plaster, production of new entrances, preparation of the elevator shaft, static Abfangkonstruktionen.

Balcony New building, balcony railing, foundation.

Balcony demolition, demolition of the elevator, demolition entrance, porches, entrance stairs, dismantling the Kellerverschläge.

Residential, staircase and basement windows, exterior doors.

New roofing, incl. Constructions, roof edge manufacturing, Drempeldämmung.

EIFS, seal incl. Earthworks, exterior window sills, scaffolding, work in facades, concrete conservation facade elements.

Interior doors, fire doors.

Painting in the stairwells, apartments and in the basement.

Bodenleger work in the homes and stairwells.

Tilers work in the homes, paving works in the entrance areas.

Rebuilding basement storerooms, insulating the basement ceiling.

Building cleaning.

Installation of central heating.

Sanitary fixture installation work, construction of a solar thermal system.

Installation of ventilation equipment.

Installation of electrical equipment, Installation of telecommunications equipment, lightning protection works.

Installation of elevators.

Building control.

Landscaping work for green areas, excavating and earthmoving.

Los 7 window

KIS-Kommunaler Immobilien Service Landeshauptstadt Potsdam | Published December 20, 2016  -  Deadline January 24, 2017
Lot 7 - Window A total of 35 pieces 1-winged to 4-leaf window demolition / disassembly: 20 windows of various materials (wood, plastic and metal) to about 2,90x2,85 size, and 3 exterior doors made of wood, or metal Remove, leave and dispose of up 0.95x3,50m size. Openings temporarily driving rain close New wooden windows (doors) New: new wooden windows, Wärmeschutzisolierverglasung (2 triple glazing, alternatively 3-fold glazing), window element overall U-value 1.3 W / m²K, Ug 1,0W / m²K, g = 60 %, noise category 3, soundproofing Rw 39dB, internal security laminated glass: 10 pcs 1-leaf window tilt / turn up 1.135x1,385m which 5 piece in burglary resistance class RC2N and VSG safety glazing P4a outside 1 pcs wooden door element (emergency exit door) 1,26x2,405m , burglary resistance class RC2N 1 pc 2-leaf window element 3,025x1,135m, down tilt / turn, centrally fixed glazing, top flipper with electric opener 24V setting / damage revise before handing over maintenance for 5 years new wooden windows Old house: new wooden windows, Wärmeschutzisolierverglasung (2-fold glazing, alternatively 3-fold glazing), window element overall U-value 1.3 W / m²K, Ug 1,0W / m²K, g = 60%, noise category 3, soundproofing Rw 39dB, interior safety glazing VSG: 9 pcs 2-leaf window rotation , tilt / turn up 1.665x1,80m which 7 pieces in burglary resistance class RC2N and VSG safety glass outside P4a 1 pc 4-leaf window rotation, tilt / turn with skylight (bottom hung, mechanical) 1,27x2,66m 1 pc 1-leaf hopper windows (smoke extraction), 1,30x1,80m, with glass dividing rungs (training as fighters and forend of the stock window), electrical OL Opener 24V 13 pcs 2-leaf window rotation, tilt / turn with 2 stationary elements, 2,90x1,82m coupled as 2-3 part element, of which 12 pieces in burglary resistance class RC2N and VSG safety glazing P4a outside setting / damage revise before handover
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