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Modular and portable buildings

Zentralinstitut für Seelische Gesundheit | Published March 28, 2017  -  Deadline April 21, 2017
44211100, 44613000, 44613200

ZI Mannheim LV 465.01_0001 - Interim Kitchen for conditioning.

Interim kitchen in container construction.

For the Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim, an interim kitchen is to build during the New Time of the farm buildings. The usage time is approximately 30 months. Container kitchen for commercial use consisting of the areas of storage, cold storage, preparation, production, utility room, staff cafeteria, toilets. The containers include the fixed supply devices including integrated technical infrastructure - sanitation, ventilation and electrical. The overall size of the container unit is approximately 36 x 8.5 x 3 meters. Delivery and installation of a turnkey plant unit.

Track construction works

Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH | Published March 22, 2017  -  Deadline April 21, 2017
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Track, civil engineering and construction management.

Preparation track systems as slab track with asphalt roofing (track delivery site): about 1 700 m;

Preparation track systems as slab track with green cover (track delivery site): 150 m;

Manufacture of railway tracks with ballast track (track delivery site): about 155 m;

Laying of turnouts (electrical and mechanical), partly with projecting tongue device on a solid track with asphalt roofing and green track (course delivery site): 10 St .;

Laying of track crossings on slab track with asphalt roofing (track delivery site): 3 St .;

. Laying a prov Gleisverbindung (construction points) Vignol: 1 St .;

Road surface, in Asphalt construction: approximately 16 450 m²;

Pedestrian and Bicycle Track in pavement construction: ca. 4500 m²;

Cycle track superstructure in asphalt construction: approximately 775 m²;

Stops superstructure for 7 platforms in pavement construction: 1 540 sqm;

Ceiling Restoration: approximately 2 625 m²;

Laying of curbs: about 2 830 m;

Laying stops edges: about 650 m;

Laying heating pipeline FW250 / 400: approximately 220 m;

Laying of water pipe DN 125 PE: 350 m;

Laying of gas line DN 63 PE: about 105 m;

Laying of cable systems of various dimensions;

Laying of surface water manifolds DN150 - DN200 with shaft structures: 800 m;

Preparation of mast foundations for LSA and signals;

Supplying and operating mobile sites LSA about 4 St .;

Number of Bohrpfahlfundamente: 46th

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