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Recycling Liebigstraße 66

Stadtreinigung Hamburg AöR | Published January 4, 2017

Schnackenburgallee 100, Building 6

Stadtreinigung Hamburg AöR | Published December 13, 2016
Electrical installation work

Recycling Brandstücken

Stadtreinigung Hamburg AöR | Published December 15, 2016
Electrical installation work

Renewal mid / low-voltage systems

Behörde für Stadtentwicklung und Wohnen | Published January 9, 2017  -  Deadline February 9, 2017
Renewal of the low and medium voltage systems in the Hanseaten-Barracks Hamburg delivery and installation of: - station building with separate transformer chambers, medium and low voltage rooms - medium voltage switchgear according specifications TAB DSOs "mains Hamburg" - 2 Transformers - Other technical equipment for the station building - 2 low-voltage main distribution estate network - Reconnection work / female work in medium and low voltage network - Baustromversorgungen - 4 building main distribution - 850 m medium voltage cables 12/20 kV - cable testing medium-voltage network - 1000 m low voltage cable to 150mm2 - 400 m fiber optic cable - 120 m telecommunication cables - selectivity analysis dismantling work - 1 medium-voltage switchgear - 2 oil transformers 630 kVA - 2 low-voltage main distribution boards - 2 power factor correction systems - 4 building main distribution - 1 replacement power system 250 kVA - Lacking electrical installations

Building construction work

HaGG Gewerbehof Offakamp GmbH & Co. KG | Published January 5, 2017  -  Deadline February 16, 2017

The former area of ​​the City of Hamburg on Offakamp in HH-Eimsbüttel, Lokstedt district is to be of commercial use supplied as craftsmen and industrial complex - the so-called master Mile.

On four floors up to 102 rental units are rented with surfaces between 50 sqm and 500 sqm approx to small and medium craft and manufacturing companies - from equipment manufacturer to Zimmermann.

In addition to the basement with storage space and technical rooms underground parking with 116 parking spaces is planned. More 96 car parking spaces for tenants and visitors are in the courtyard. Parking, delivery zone and building entrances are in the eastern part of the property - so the west adjacent residential area is protected from noise. The roof is extensively landscaped and thereby improving the urban microclimate.

The planned work will take place in the territory of old dump. Bauziel is making a pit for the shell and by the Auffüllungsabtrag in the Free space Earthwork preparation for the production of green and traffic areas by third parties.

The bill of quantities of "enhanced structural work" includes the following service areas:

- Parent site equipment services,

- Rest excavation and backfilling the excavation,

- Drainage works,

- Concrete and reinforced concrete work,

- Masonry work,

- Steelwork,

- Plastering and filling works,

- Insulation work,

- Facade works,

- Coating and mastic asphalt works,

- Drainage works outside the building,

- Underground pipes inside the building,

- Foundation earth and concrete inlay Services Electrical

including site equipment services of the supplier.

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