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Electrical installations

Staatliches Bauamt Bayreuth | Published October 11, 2016  -  Deadline October 24, 2016

University of Bayreuth

Electrical fitting work

Gesundheitseinrichtungen des Bezirks Oberfranken | Published October 19, 2016  -  Deadline November 25, 2016
45311200, 45315100

- 1 St. MV switchgear 20 kV, 7-fields;

- 2 St. transformer 20 / 0,4 kV, 400 kVA;

- 1 pc power system 0.4 kV, 315 kVA;

- 1 St. Nazi main distribution 0.4kV AV and SV;

- 16 St. Subdistributor;

- 1500 m installation systems;

- 2 000 m main lines;

- 60 km installation cables;

- 2 000 St. switchgear, sockets etc .;

- 900 St. KNX devices;

- 55 km telecommunication / signal and data lines;

- 800 St. ITC data ports;

- 8 hour data distribution cabinets;

- 1 pc UPS 10 kVA;

- 1 St. PA system;

- 1 St. patient call system;

- 1300 St. Lighting;

- 1 St. lightning protection system.

Greenhouse construction incl. Electric installation

Staatliches Bauamt Bayreuth | Published October 20, 2016  -  Deadline November 3, 2016

University of Bayreuth, Bot. Garden, convertible greenhouse


Kommunalunternehmen „Gesundheitseinrichtungen des Bezirks Oberfranken“ | Published November 10, 2016
Stadtwerke Bayreuth

Supply of electricity incl. Power usage for the facilities of the municipal company clinics and homes of Upper Franconia, this concerns the locations Bayreuth Regional Hospital, District Hospital Obermain, District Hospital Rehau and District Hospital Hochstadt.

Extent of each year about 7.3 million kWh.

Engineering design services for mechanical and electrical installations for buildings

Stadt Bayreuth | Published December 30, 2016
Planungsbüro Käppel Elektrotechnik GmbH

The City of Bayreuth is intended the refurbishment of the Richard-Wagner-Gymnasium with 2-fold gym.

Apart from the newly constructed area of ​​lunchtime supervision and the already renovated area of ​​specialized classes (except the specialized classes of Biology) are to restore all areas of the school.

The school was founded in 1867 and is conveniently located in the center of Bayreuth.

A part of the building complex is a listed building. School extensions were carried out in the 60 unf 70s.

Currently about 800 students / inside the gymnasium.

The renovation will must be in running school operations.

The education sector has an area of ​​about 10 500 meters 2 BGF.

According currently überschlägiger cost estimate (DIN 276 Kgr. 300 + 400) is of construction costs of about 10 million EUR gross assumed.

It is intended to entrust this call the following services:

Technical equipment, plant groups 4, 5 and 6, work phases 1-9 in accordance with §§ 53 ff. HOAI.

Electrical installations

Staatliches Bauamt Bayreuth | Published March 24, 2017

University of Bayreuth

Electrical work

Staatliches Bauamt Bayreuth | Published March 24, 2017  -  Deadline April 13, 2017

Electrical wiring and fitting work

Landkreis Bayreuth | Published April 6, 2017  -  Deadline May 9, 2017

- 2 pcs. Switch and control cabinets

ISP 01 and ISP 02 RLT heating technique 1;

- Field devices with accessories;

- GLT with accessories;

- physical data points 400 pieces;

- communicating data points about 400 pieces;

- plant displays about 41 pieces;

- electrical installation.

Electric - Renewal medium-voltage switchgear

Staatliches Bauamt Bayreuth | Published April 11, 2017  -  Deadline May 4, 2017

Technical offices buildings Bayreuth

Electrical engineering

Staatliches Bauamt Bayreuth | Published April 13, 2017  -  Deadline May 3, 2017

Electrical fitting work

Landkreis Bayreuth | Published April 28, 2017  -  Deadline June 13, 2017

3 St. distributions;

4,000 m cable;

50 m cable trays;

100 St. Installation equipment;

140 lights;

1 pc RWA system;

1 pc. BM system;

1 pc IT system.

Repair and maintenance services of electrical and mechanical building installations

TenneT Offshore GmbH | Published May 17, 2017  -  Deadline June 16, 2017
50710000, 09310000, 31120000, 31130000, 31170000, 31160000, 42100000, 42410000, 45262680, 45320000, 34999400, 45262100, 45262120

The order includes the electrotechnical and mechanical maintenance work including

- welding works,

- inspection and repair of the structure and parts of the structure above the water line, and

- Coating, insulation and scaffolding work at offshore and onshore converter stations.

Provision of material for the necessary maintenance work on the scope of services to be provided by the tenderer.

The work shall be carried out according to DIN 31051: 2003-06 and DIN 31051: 2015-09.


The scope of this commissioning includes all necessary measures at the offside converter stations and AC power transmission systems on the topside.


Electrotechnical maintenance mainly comprises the following components:

Control systems, GIS, transformers, switchgear, auxiliary and emergency generators, AC and DC self-contained including UPS, normal and emergency lighting, Paga system


Mechanical maintenance mainly includes the following systems:

Fire brigade systems, drinking water systems, deck washers, sewage systems, platform cranes, lifts and other material handling systems, electric hatches, bunker station, nautical systems, sea water systems, compressed air systems, fuel supply, auxiliary and emergency diesel engines , Fresh water cooling systems, mechanical parts of converter cooling systems, supply cooling systems.


The work is carried out inside and outside the platform as well as in confined areas.


Additional operating and inspection tasks can be added to the scope of services in situ.


Proposals for optimization using the RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) method.


Creation of a 3D model.


Special attention is to be given to all relevant technical requirements as well as to requirements arising from legal and legal requirements during the entire service provision, in particular the VDE and DGUV regulations.


Details of the type and scope of the service to be provided are specified by the tender documents.

Engineering design services for mechanical and electrical installations for buildings

TenneT GmbH & Co. KG | Published May 19, 2017  -  Deadline June 16, 2017
71321000, 71323100, 71314100, 71315000, 71315210

This is to form the so-called Nordstandsort location.

The invitation to tender for the competition consisted of two parts, a realization competition and an idea section:

Part 1 (Realization Contest)

The competition contribution, which is envisaged for realization, is divided into two administrative buildings which are directly connected to each other in a city-planning context.

Reconstruction of the canteen,

7,000m 2 )

2,700m 2 )

Part 2 (attached part of the idea)

6.500m 2 ).

If necessary, the implementation will only take place partially or in construction phases.

The planning of electrical engineering must contribute to a building that is economically and energetically optimized, which pursues a holistic planning approach in the architectural and functional implementation of the space program and meets the requirements of the AG.

The contract is gradually closed.

Appendix 15 HOAI.

The services are optional / stage-wise, with the planning part 2 and 3 planned in the first half-year 2019 for the idea part.

Part 1 (Realization Contest)

New building V1O including conversion canteen and new building V1N

- Performance phase (LP) 1-8 with gradual commissioning, of which stage 3 as option for the building owner, LP 2 has already been provided in part

Stage 1: LP 1- 4, Stage 2: LP 5-7, Stage 3: LP 8,

Investment groups 4/5/6 (§ 53 HOAI)

Part 2 (attached part of the idea)

Conversion of the building, building V1W, optional

- Performance phase (LP) 1-8 with gradual commissioning, of which level 2 + 3 as building-side options, LP 2 has already been provided in part

Stage 1: LP 1+ 2, Stage 2: LP 3- 7, Stage 3: LP 8

Investment groups 4/5/6 (§ 53 HOAI)

There is no legal claim for the assignment of optional project stages.

It is pointed out that the client provides some services himself and also assigns a project manager, so that not all of the service phases are assigned 100%.

Electrical renewal medium voltage switchgear

Staatliches Bauamt Bayreuth | Published May 22, 2017

Technical office Bayreuth

Electric photovoltaic installation

Staatliches Bauamt Bayreuth | Published May 24, 2017

Technical office Bayreuth

Electrical engineering

Staatliches Bauamt Bayreuth | Published June 9, 2017  -  Deadline June 27, 2017

Electrical engineering

Staatliches Bauamt Bayreuth | Published July 7, 2017  -  Deadline July 25, 2017

Electrical installation work - renewal NSHV

Staatliches Bauamt Bayreuth | Published August 11, 2017  -  Deadline September 5, 2017

Engineering works and construction works

Stadt Bayreuth – Sanierung Stadthalle | Published October 4, 2017  -  Deadline November 2, 2017

Services include excavation works, carcass work reinforced concrete, masonry and waterproofing, dismantling works static fuse, installation of basic pipelines, installation of electrical components, installation of anchoring systems.

Consultative engineering and construction services

TenneT Offshore GmbH | Published October 24, 2017
Ramboll Denmark A/S
71310000, 71630000, 76521000, 34514800, 98360000

The details concerning the type and scope of the documents to be examined are specified by the tender documents.

This is necessary in order to ensure the delivery service of the general contractor (GU) owed to the project.

The supply of this contract for the project handling of the client is divided into three areas ("technical installations", "electrical systems" and "sea platform / steel structure") due to its complexity and the following phases:

- offer / planning phase,

- construction phase including all associated technical installations to be installed,

- the shipping phase of the platform to its final location in the German North Sea,

- Establishment phase of the platform at its destination,

- the start-up phase,

- phase of the final technical inspection by the main contractor.

A project manager on the part of the contractor must coordinate all the necessary services of the contractor and be available as a contact for the client and representative of the contractor.

The details are clarified by the tender documents and during the procurement negotiations.