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Electrical installation work

Sozialstiftung Bamberg | Published April 8, 2017  -  Deadline May 11, 2017

Construction of a central power supply system NHV AV / SV NHV

with Notstromaggreagt for a hospital expansion and adaptation of existing

NSHV AV by Erweitung with an additional low-voltage switchgear

consisting of:

1 piece emergency power unit with a generator power of 760 kVA bill with intake and exhaust system

Approximately 54 m exhaust stack on the building

Approximately 32 pieces Switchgear Fields

Approximately 130 m 2 Raised floor system

Approximately 950 m cable NYY 1 x 240 RM

Approximately 4400 m cable NYY 1 x 185 RM

Approximately 1250 m cable NYCWY 4 x 240 SM / 120

Approximately 320 m cable tray.

Elektroinstalltation the new building 4th bed tower

with connection of the new installation to inventory LVMD, fire alarm system and ELA


Circumference approx

50 standing cabinet

70 km installation cables

2,500 lights

external lightning protection

4 IT distribution

Sun protection control

5000 m Verlegesysteme

Low power: EDP, intercom; Media technology and home security

30 x IT Cabinets

Call system

60 PA Speaker

2000 fire alarm

500 m BOS slot cable.

Engineering services

Bürgerspitalstiftung Bamberg, vertreten durch die Stadt Bamberg | Published April 15, 2017  -  Deadline May 16, 2017

This first BA ends 2018th

In the course of the next BA facades, space cup be revised with equipment and the entire building.

Michael will be awarded.

Dates Electrical design:

Award: 2017th

Planning: 2017/2018.

Beginning execution: 2019/2020.

End finish: 2021 - planned completion total renovation.

- Trade Planning Technical Equipment Electrical and lighting technology HOAI 2013 Part 4, Section 2, § 55; Conditioning groups 4 and 5 according to §53 HOAI;

- stepwise instruction to basic services LPH 1 to 9, being only LPH 1-3 (4) (step 1);

- The assignment with further phases (stage 2 with LPH 5 to 9) is intended in accordance with the provision of financial resources;

- There is no legal entitlement to the appointment with other phases and other special services does not exist.

Furthermore, extensive knowledge of planning lighting and electrical installation are provided in large religious buildings, as well as in dealing with historical inventory under historic preservation aspects as well as the construction management for the renovation of the electrical installation of large churches, castles and other comparable monuments.

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