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Fire station construction work

Město Zbýšov | Published March 21, 2017
Miloš Ryšavý, stavební a obchodní firma, s.r.o.
45216121, 45213312

Part of the subject contract is a follow-geodetic survey of the construction, implementation (workshop) construction documentation and preparation of project documentation of actual work. Breakdown of construction on buildings and operational facilities: Operational files: PS 201 Unoccupied, Electrical PS 202, PS 203, thickness distribution. air, PS 204 Measurement and control and spare UPS, PS 205 alarm and intercom, PS 206 Internet, CCTV, videophone, gate control, Building objects: SO 301 Garage, SO 302 Commercial building, SO 303 connector NN, SO 304 connector tap SO 305 gas, 306 Sewer SO, SO vacant 307, SO 308 paved areas, fencing SO 309, SO 310 Landscaping.

On the implementation of the project received support from the Integrated Regional Operational Programme, Project No .: CZ.06.1.23 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 16_055 / 0002085, project title: Increasing the preparedness and resilience of the city Zbýšov - Station IRS.

At PS 204 - instrumentation, UPS was not necessary to implement the flooding sensor and actuators for three-way valve.

Procurement of emergency support tool CIM

IVAR IKS | Published March 20, 2017

IVAR IKS has decided to acquire CIM as crisis support tools. This will be entered into the CIM, basic package, Message Connector, SMS and voice alarm.
IVAR IKS stop looking into the existing frame agreement Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning (DSB) and enter into a similar agreements with the company One Voice AS for delivery of utility SIM that is such a management system for safety and preparedness.
The contract must also ensure contact with other government agencies in providing security and beredskapsområdet- including reporting to the appropriate authorities

Liability insurance services | Published March 17, 2017
Lloyds (synd. 1084CSL)
66516000 is procuring third party liability insurance for the company's vast variety of activities:, the formal Danish TSO, owns the Danish electricity and gas transmission system.'s main task is to maintain the overall short-term and long-term security of electricity and gas supply. has around 800 employees who are operating, maintaining and developing the Company's domestic electrical transmission grid of approx. 7 000 km, 1 000 km of gas pipelines, 2 gas storage facilities, a number of off-shore transformer platforms shore including export cables and also several large electrical inter-connectors (international electrical integration). The span of activities is frequently and constantly developing as is trusted with more and more activities within the domestic Danish energy infrastructure.

Third Party Liability Insurance.

Lot 1: 300 000 000 DKK in excess of deductible.

Refer to Instructions to the Tenderers for details. Available on the site listed previously in section I.3 above.

Third Party Liability Insurance (excess).

Lot 2: 1 700 000 DKK in excess of 300 000 000 DKK in excess of deductible.

Refer to Instructions to the Tenderers for details. Available on the site listed previously in section I.3 above.

Third Party Liability Insurance (excess).

Lot 3: 1 500 000 DKK in excess of 1 700 000 DKK in excess of 300 000 000 DKK in excess of deductible.

Refer to Instructions to the Tenderers for details. Available on the site listed previously in section I.3 above.

Construction work for buildings relating to education and research

Stesad GmbH | Published March 16, 2017
Fliesen Lechner GmbH
45214000, 45214220, 45212225, 45212220, 45233123, 45431000

School location Tolkewitz, Fachlos 050 tile installation in schools and gymnasiums TO 1A-2D.

Tile and slab work in the finished reinforced concrete shell of 2 school buildings (gymnasium 5-quickly and high school 4-quickly), each with 4 storeys and 2 gymnasiums (4 field and 2 Field Hall), each 1-storey + basement. TO A - High School, 4 storeys + connector 1 storeys 12 460 m 2 BGF to 4060 m 2 Area with: - 194 / 28.5 / 4.5 cm, including covering with porcelain stoneware stair tiles, 30/60 cm, non-slip, performance boards with grooved slip edges, - covering with porcelain stoneware floor tiles, 30x60, 20x60 and 10x60 cm, non-slip. , the pattern association, - approximately 1 310 m 2 Porcelain stoneware floor tiles, 30x60, 20x60 and 10x60 cm, non-slip, in the pattern association to FBH, - ca. 260 m 2 Porcelain stoneware floor tiles, 10x10 cm, non-slip, R10, with straight joints in composite waterproofing, - 700 m 2 ceramic wall tiles, glazed, 10x10 cm, in 3 colors, - 320 m 2 Porcelain stoneware floor tiles, 20x20 cm, non-slip, with straight joints in waterproofing layer - ca. 460 m 2 ceramic wall tiles.

109M89, Pressure Sensor 100k PSI, 0.07 mV/psi 1032 connector, 3/824 & others


109M89, Pressure Sensor 100k PSI, 0.07 mV/psi 1032 connector, 3/824 & others

Building 323 Upgrade Lighting, Kirtland Air Force Base, Bernalillo County, New Mexico

Department of the Army, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers | Published March 15, 2017

a. Demolition1. Contractor shall remove existing light fixtures as indicated on drawings. b. Construction1. Contractor shall provide and install new ground rod on existing transformer as indicated on drawings. 2. Contractor shall provide and install new copper clad ground rod (2 total) as indicated on drawings.3. Contractor shall provide and install new high compression copper conductor to ground rod as indicated on drawings.4. Contractor shall provide and install new hole straps as needed to attach conduit to slab as indicated on drawings.5. Contractor shall provide and install new 1/0 insulated copper wire and terminate as indicated on drawings.6. Contractor shall provide and install new 1-1/2" conduit and run copper wire in the secure space as indicated on drawings.7. Contractor shall provide and install new steel plate and anchors to secure new conduit as indicated on drawings.8. Contractor shall provide and install new bi-metal single post, two cable connectors to existing I-beam as indicated on drawings.9. Contractor shall provide and install new #4 copper wire with ring clamp as indicated on drawings.10. Contractor shall provide and install new copper grounding bars as indicated on drawings.11. Contractor shall provide and install new UPS and tie into existing electrical panel as indicated on drawings.12. Contractor shall provide and install new light fixtures as indicated on drawings.

Database and operating software package

NISZ – Nemzeti Infokommunikációs Szolgáltató Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság | Published February 15, 2017

Licenses required ForrásSQL transportation system expansion.

1) Operating System licenses (64).

2) External Connector Licenses (10).

3) Microsoft WinRmtDsktpSrvcsCal 2012 SNGL licenses (200).

4) SQLSvrStdCore 2016 SNGL MVL 2Lic CoreLic licenses (24 pieces).

5) SQLSvrENTCore 2016 SNGL MVL 2Lic CoreLic licenses (8).

Version control license, as specified in the technical specifications.

Medical equipments

Szpital Uniwersytecki nr 1 im. dr A. Jurasza w Bydgoszczy | Published February 15, 2017
NZ Techno Sp. z o.o.
33100000, 33140000, 33169000

2.1 The contract is for the supply of diagnostic equipment, medical disposable, reusable surgical instruments and attachments distal to the endoscope, as defined in Annex 2 to this Terms of Reference, hereinafter referred to as the Terms of Reference.

2.2. Object of the contract includes 19 indivisible, for which ordering a possibility of partial offers, provided that the offer in each of them should be full and should meet the specific requirements set out in the form of price, constituting Appendix 2 to this Terms of Reference, as and the requirements contained in section 3 of this specification.

Corrugated tube.

Contribution to the secretions.

Blades, drill systems.

Filters for nutrition.

Endoscopic equipment.

Mouthpieces - Entonox.

Mouthpieces for breathalyzer Dräger.

Inspiratory filters.


Accessories QuinTron.

Caps thermometer.

ECG electrodes.

Heating blankets.


Accessories Niccomo.

Cap distal to the endoscope.


Accessories for Evita.

Railway and tramway locomotives and rolling stock and associated parts

SŽ – VIT, d.o.o. | Published February 15, 2017
M PLUS d.o.o.

Spare parts for diesel multiple units ser. 813th

Pistons and associated parts DM 8217 (Motor).

Shaft and associated parts DM 8217 (the engine).

Gears and associated parts DM 8217 (the engine).

Bearings DM 8217.32 and 8217.12 (engine).

VT - pump and VT brizgaljke DM 8217.32 and 8217.12 (engine).

Turbo charger and associated parts DM 8217.32 (engine).

Fridge and water system DM 8217 (the engine).

Bushings (jacket) DM 8217 (the engine).

Screw material DM 8217 (the engine).

Vibration damping DM 8217 (the engine).

Block and associated parts DM 8217 (the engine).

Cylinder heads and associated components DM 8217 (the engine).

Multidisc clutch DM 8217 (the engine).

The hydraulic coupler DM 8217 (the engine).

Mechanical switch DM, HM and SM (motor).

Starter Bosh DM 8217.32.036 (engine).

Starter DM 8217.12.024 (engine).

Alternator DM 8217 (the engine).

The controller installations DM 8217 (the engine).

Compressor K007579 DM 8217 with associated parts (engine).

Sump DM 8217 (the engine).

Water pump DM 8217 (the engine).

Pulleys various micro DM 8217 (the engine).

Seals oil miscellaneous DM 8217 (the engine).

Holders oljedinamike DM 8217 and associated parts (engine).

Dinamo installations DM 8217 (the engine).

Safety valve DM 8217 (the engine).

VT- pipes and other pipes DM 8217 (the engine).

Bands micro DM 8217 (the engine).

Connectors to connect the DM 8217 (the engine).

Oil exchanger DM and miscellaneous other material for DM 8217 (the engine).

Air system.


Transmission speed.

Transmission direction.

Water system.

Gear transmission direction.

Electric elements.

Drive shaft and elastic coupling.

Pressure vessels.

Diagnostic supplies

Samodzielny Publiczny Szpital Wojewódzki im. Papieża Jana Pawła II | Published February 15, 2017
Bialmed Sp. z o.o.

Supply of disposable diagnostic and drug-eluting stents for Hemodynamic Laboratory - 27 tasks.

Diagnostic Catheters - 7000 pcs.

Sets introducing SCA - 3000 pcs.

Sets introducing long - angiography - 200 pcs.

Sets introductory artery promieniowej- 2000 pieces.

A set of introductory to the radial artery hydrofilny- 200 pieces.

Set hydrophilic to arterial puncture promieniowej- 50 pcs.

Extension pressure to high-pressure syringe -200 pc.

Guides Diagnostic - 4500 pcs.

Diagnostic guides with very high hydrophilic turns up with 45 stopni- 300 pcs.

The transducer for measuring the pressure of invasive Abbott - 1000.

Set oppression radial artery after the removal of a set of introducing - 1000.

Tourniquet on the radial artery - 2000 pieces.

Tourniquet to the radial artery PTCA - 500 pcs.

Electrodes for temporary bipolar pacing - 30 pcs.

Sets barren treatment of coronary angiography and PTCA -4000 units.

Bezkoszulkowy PTCA catheter to -15 pc.

Guide to the CTO -200 units.

Rotational atherectomy catheters with connectors - 30 pcs.

Guide catheter to ateraktomii rotary - 30 pcs.

Stentgrafts - 5 pcs.

Thrombectomy catheters for coronary - 200 pcs.

Coronary Stent bezpolimerowy drug-eluting - 200 pcs.

The stent on the balloon releasing drugs - 200 pcs.

Drug-eluting stent with a bioabsorbable polymer - 200 pcs.

Catheters diagnostic markers type of pig - tail - 25 pcs.

Catheter Extension PTCA procedures 5F - 15 pcs.

Hygienic protective cover - 2500 pieces.

Medical consumables

Szpital Wojewódzki im. Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego | Published February 15, 2017
VARIMED Sp. z o.o.

1. The contract is for the supply of medical equipment ju, ju urological equipment, accessories, disposable kit type shaver laryngological, tape for surgical procedures loop suspension of the urethra and systems for the front and rear of the diaphragm repair urinary gender venflon cannulas and bandages to their attachment, equipment already for the neonatal unit, surgical suture, drapes operating and tubing, tracheotomy tubes, connectors anesthesia filters, anti-bacterial, heat exchangers and moisture and hardware reuse of the Provincial Hospital in Lomza hereinafter referred to as the Employer in amounts range and parameters required by Annex 1 hereto.


Defense Logistics Agency, DLA Acquisition Locations | Published February 22, 2017

No Description Provided

Construction work for school buildings

Stadt Waldkirchen | Published March 10, 2017
Herzig GmbH
45214200, 44163120, 44115220

033 - Construction of Emerenz-Meier Middle School Waldkirchen -

Gewerk 3010-01 Heizungsarbeiten.

033-3010-01 Heizungsarbeiten.


Heating pipes steel DN10-DN65 - about 2 200 m;

Heating circuits - 4 St .;

Heating circulators - 5 St .;

Heating fittings heating and ventilation Central - 60 St .;

Radiators, convectors, heating walls - 110 St .;

Space heating - 100 m 2 ;

Degassing, pressure maintenance - 1 St.


gem 12 days after request. § 5 para 2 VOB / B.

Expected Installation Begin: KW 17/2017;

Assembly time window for basic installation: approximately 69 working days;

Assembly time window for fine installation: approximately 59 working days.


Defense Logistics Agency, DLA Acquisition Locations | Published March 12, 2017

No Description Provided

Architectural and related services

Caisse primaire d'assurance maladie des Pyrénées-Orientales | Published March 9, 2017

General contractors for the renovation of ice water and hot water systems, replacement of convectors, establishment of a global GTC-BMS consists of: DIA; APS; ODA; PRO-EXE; ACT; DET; AOR; UCI.

Technical building-inspection services

Caisse primaire d'assurance maladie des Pyrénées-Orientales | Published March 9, 2017
Apave sudeurope sas

Technical control mission for the renovation of ice water and hot water systems, replacement of convectors, establishment of a global GTC-GTB: basic missions L and S in detail SEI and complementary missions LE, GTB and F.

Medical consumables

Uniwersytecki Szpital Dziecięcy w Krakowie | Published March 9, 2017
Centrum Zaopatrzenia Medycznego „Cezal” S.A. - Wrocław Oddział Kraków

1. The contract is for the supply of small medical equipment - 16 groups

2. This code Common Procurement Vocabulary CPV medical materials

3. detailed order forms contain price - Attachments 3 / 1-3 / 16

4. The required minimum payment period is 60 days.

5. Change of VAT by operation of law.

6. For medical devices, which are the subject of the order should be understood medical devices within the meaning of the Act of 20 May 2010. Medical products. Offered medical devices must be approved for marketing and use of the principles specified in the Act on Medical Devices

7. The Contracting Authority reserves the obligation not personal performance by the contractor key part of the contract. Employer requires an indication by the contractor of the contract, whose implementation intends to subcontract and give the companies subcontractors.

IV. Employer allows partial bids - tender may be submitted for one or.

Group 1 - sets for pumps and Agila APPLIX - 8 items.

Group 2 - Specialized stretched breathing circuit type Mapelson - 2 positions.

Group 3 - catheter with a trocar.

Group 4 - Kits for blood transfusions, a device for transfusion fluids, the camera infusion gravity.

Group 5 - Urological Catheters Nelaton type.

Group 6 - catheter to suction the upper respiratory tract - 2 positions.

Group 7 - catheter for feeding.

Group 8 - Foley Catheters type.

Group 9 - Catheters different size 6 - 4 positions.

Group 10 - gastric tube.

Group 11 - Catheters - 2 positions.

Group 12 - Bags for urine and other - 5 items.

Group 13 - Connector for suction control - 2 positions.

Group 14 - Small equipment - 4 positions.

Group 15 - The casing on the thermometer.

Group 16 - Replacement Blades brzuszaste.


Defense Logistics Agency, DLA Acquisition Locations | Published March 10, 2017

No Description Provided

Plumbing and sanitary works

Kommunaler Versorgungsverband Baden-Württemberg | Published March 14, 2017
Pleitz GmbH

The Municipal Versorgungsverband Baden Württemberg (KVBW) is planning to build its headquarters on a currently unused land in Karlsruhe. The plot is located on the corner of Ludwig-Erhard-Allee / Henneberg road to a higher-level main thoroughfare in the east of the city. The new headquarters has a one-storey underground garage with natural ventilation, a ground floor and a total of 7 storeys. From the 4th floor ongoing in parts of the building as a relay projectiles back. The office building forms with its 4 aboveground bars of about 14-16 m building depth in the standard floors and up to 26 m building depth in the conference area EC a trapezoidal block with internal courtyard.

Heating systems (heating / cooling) for the construction of an administrative building.

The heat supply for the project via a district heating connection.

In connection room located in the basement, a district heating station with central heat quantity measurement is situates for the entire building.

The entire production of cooling water via a chiller.

The recooling is effected by means coolers on the roof. It is the implementation of a free cooling provided.

The office areas are concrete core, which already eingelegtist by the technical crew shell, seasonally heated or cooled. For complete coverage of the heating load convectors are used facade side. The meeting rooms and office areas where a concrete core Structurally is not feasible, obtain hybrid cooling panels.

The computer rooms on floors get air cooling units.

Cooling the server rooms in the basement is via multi-split cooling systems.

Parking meters

Budapest Főváros XI. kerület Újbuda Önkormányzata | Published March 14, 2017
Siemens Zrt.
38730000, 34926000

City of Budapest XI. New district in the administrative area of ​​operation of the pay parking system in the year 2016 - Automatic occasional purchase of spare parts, replacement parts Prisma Siemens 82 pieces of 5 types of vending machine.

The contracting below the maximum amount to be purchased was identified and stipulates the possibility of downhill (less weight) deviations, stating the extent of the deviation percentage.

The tenderer to transport an offer the following tools:

Name Quantity (number)% difference.

CPU motherboard 2 50%.

Complete printer (ticket cutter, thermal printer) 2 50%.

modem for communication 2 50%.

Red button 2 is 50%.

Green button 2 is 50%.

Blue Knob 2 to 50%.

Thermal printer head 10 to 20%.

Chip Card Reader 20 to 10%.

Plexiglas top 10 to 20%.

Lower Plexiglas 20 to 10%.

Battery (70Ah, batch-loaded) 50 to 10%.

Intermediate pot 5 to 20%.

Ticket cutting 10 to 20%.

Coin 5 to 20%.

Coins opening and closing 3 33%.

Coins and windows 5 to 20%.

Cash boxes of 5 to 20%.

Pénzkazettazár 50 to 10%.

Automatic bottom lock 10 to 20%.

Automatic locking the upper 10 to 20%.

Ticket sensor circuit board 20 to 10%.

Paper sensors 20 to 10%.

Battery connection cable 50 to 20%.

Ticket vending machine main supply cable connector 10 to 20%.

Coin cable 20 to 10%.

Coins cable lock slot of 20 to 10%.

the date of delivery of the individual components included in the technical specifications as part of the documentation.

Contracting authority shall notify tenderers that the invitation, as well as to an article specified in the documentation, references to type only happened for a clear definition of the nature of the subject. The contracting authority 310/2011. under Regulation (XII. 23.) Government. § 26 (6) accepts everything with an equivalent product.

the final day of the contract period 02.05.2017. Day has changed.