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Buy cables and connectors for audio, video and fiber optic connections.

RTV Slovenija | Published May 15, 2014
AVC group d.o.o.Tržaška cesta 126Ljubljana 1000

Buy cables and connectors for audio, video and fiber optic connections.

Buy cables and connectors for audio, video and fiber optic connections.

RTV Slovenija | Published December 24, 2013  -  Deadline January 30, 2014

Buy cables and connectors for audio, video and fiber optic connections.

Electrical machinery, apparatus, equipment and consumables; lighting

Elektro Gorenjska, d.d | Published April 21, 2017
Eltima d.o.o.
31000000, 31211300, 31214200, 31681410, 31343000

Supply of electrical material.

NN Isolated stiklane rails and protective circuit breakers.

LV and MV cable connectors, terminators and connectors for 1 kV and 20 kV cables.

Project documents PGD, PZI for upgrading the connector Smarje Sap.

DARS d.d. | Published August 30, 2013
PNZ d.o.o.Vojkova cesta 65Ljubljana 1000

Project documents PGD, PZI for upgrading the connector Smarje Sap.

Pipeline, piping, pipes, casing, tubing and related items

Komunala Kranj d.o.o. | Published March 28, 2017

- Lot A: pipes, fittings, hydrants, gate valves and seals;

- Lot B: Polyethylene pipes refinishing clamps, other joints;

- Lot C: Fittings.

Lot A: Pipes made of ductile cast iron fittings, hydrants, gate valves and seals;

Lot B: Polyethylene pipes refinishing clamps, universal joints, toothed couplings, clamps quick connectors;

Lot C; Galvanized material (fittings, pipes);

Pipeline, piping, pipes, casing, tubing and related items

Komunala Kranj d.o.o. | Published November 23, 2016  -  Deadline December 28, 2016

- Lot A: pipes, fittings, hydrants, gate valves and seals;

- Lot B: Polyethylene pipes refinishing clamps, other joints;

- Lot C: Fittings.

Lot A: Pipes made of ductile cast iron fittings, hydrants, gate valves and seals;

Lot B: Polyethylene pipes refinishing clamps, universal joints, toothed couplings, clamps quick connectors;

Lot C; Galvanized material (fittings, pipes);

Medical consumables

Univerzitetna klinika za pljučne bolezni in alergijo Golnik | Published September 22, 2017  -  Deadline October 20, 2017
33140000, 33141000, 33141310, 33141200, 33141123, 33141621, 33141420

Successive delivery of medical consumables by assemblies, for a period of 24 months, according to actual customer needs.

Successive delivery of syringes.

Successive purchase of medical material for the needs of the endoscopic department of the Golnik Clinic.

Successive supply of medical material for the implementation of aromatic therapy (masks, catheters, sets, connectors, tubes, etc.).

Successive delivery of reservoirs for sharp objects and other waste.

Successive delivery of panties, lining, nappies and inserts for the implementation of the incontinence program.

Successive delivery of masks and drops for medical staff at the Golnik Clinic.

Successive delivery of protective respirators for clinic staff.

Successive delivery of various gloves for the work of the staff in the clinic.

Parts and accessories for vehicles and their engines

Javni Holding Ljubljana, d.o.o. | Published April 14, 2017
Agroservis vode Maksimiljan S.P.

Subject of the contract is "buy spare parts for trucks and heavy machinery" (hereinafter: Buy spare parts) for the period from the date of signing the framework agreement for each set.

Lot No. 1: Mercedes-Benz general components (includes maintenance).

Lot No. 3: garbage upgrades Atrik (includes maintenance).

Lot No. 4: garbage superstructure Stummer and Ochsner (includes maintenance).

Lot No. 5: garbage upgrades MUT.

Lot No. 8: VOLVO (includes maintenance).

Lot No. 10: Filters.

Lot No. 11: Brakes.

Lot No. 12: Accumulators.

Lot No. 13: Other spare parts.

Lot No. 14: Parts Iveco.

Lot No. 15: paintwork material.

Lot No. 16: Equipment for the production of hydraulic hoses and connectors manufacturer Parker.

Lot No. 18: garbage upgrades Terberg (includes maintenance).

Lot No. 19: Parts Piaggio.

Lot No. 20: Sweepers Boschung (includes maintenance).

Lot No. 21: Parts Renault (includes maintenance).

Lot No. 24: the hydraulic cylinders.

Lot No. 25: Spare parts for lawn mowers and other equipment for the maintenance of green areas.

Insulated wire and cable

Elektro Primorska d.d. | Published April 27, 2017
J – RUPERT d.o.o.

Deliverable material and equipment for the construction of the electricity distribution network in accordance with the tender documents.

LOT 1: Al Fe Guide.

LOT 2: MV cables earth.

LOT 3: Self-supporting cable bundle 1kV.

SECTION 4: LV cables.

SECTION 6: Insulators.

SECTION 9: Isolating the external casing 20 kV.

SECTION 10: MV universal cable and suspension equipment.

SET 12: MV switchgears (RMU) SF6.

SECTION 13: Cases Precast concrete TP.

SECTION 15: LV switchboards.

SET 16: Connection and a suspension material in LV and MV water.

SECTION 17: Transformers.

SECTION 18: LV fuse.

SECTION 19: MV cable heads and joints.

SET 20: MV cable connectors and equipment.

SECTION 21: Single core cables NN (FG7R).

SECTION 22: Chestnut poles.

SET 23: fuse strips.

Information systems and servers

Zavod za pokojninsko in invalidsko zavarovanje Slovenije | Published October 13, 2017  -  Deadline November 15, 2017
48800000, 48820000, 48210000

Upgrading the virtualization and storage environment by sets.

The upgrade of the virtual server environments includes: the provision of additional server blades, the supply of an additional blade for server blades, the supply of equipment for upgrading the blade connectors to the LAN and the SAN client's network, and the provision of physical upgrades and configuration of supplied equipment for the start of use.

The upgrade involves the purchase of additional VMware and VEEAM licenses for the upgraded server environment and the deployment of network management at the virtual environment level.

The primary disk array PureStorage FlashArray m20 FC (20 TB) and the spare storage box Pure Storage FlashArray m20 FC (10 TB) are upgraded. Upon upgrade, each of the disk arrays must provide at least 60 TB of usable capacity on disk modules without rotating parts (SSD or other technology).

The purchase of dedicated disk arrays involves the purchase of a primary disk array with at least 40 TB of useful disk capacity, the purchase of a spare disk array of the same capacity, and the purchase of another backup system with at least 120 TB of used disk capacity.

The order comprises a dedicated disk array to protect the database, which will provide at least 80 TB of usable capacity for performing regular backups of the Orcle database.

Purchase of the storage network switches comprises a stack of switches that will provide a total of 72 terminals for connecting the storage environment and servers to the primary location of the subscriber and switching to the storage devices at the customer's backup locations.

Railway and tramway locomotives and rolling stock and associated parts

SŽ – VIT, d.o.o. | Published February 15, 2017
M PLUS d.o.o.

Spare parts for diesel multiple units ser. 813th

Pistons and associated parts DM 8217 (Motor).

Shaft and associated parts DM 8217 (the engine).

Gears and associated parts DM 8217 (the engine).

Bearings DM 8217.32 and 8217.12 (engine).

VT - pump and VT brizgaljke DM 8217.32 and 8217.12 (engine).

Turbo charger and associated parts DM 8217.32 (engine).

Fridge and water system DM 8217 (the engine).

Bushings (jacket) DM 8217 (the engine).

Screw material DM 8217 (the engine).

Vibration damping DM 8217 (the engine).

Block and associated parts DM 8217 (the engine).

Cylinder heads and associated components DM 8217 (the engine).

Multidisc clutch DM 8217 (the engine).

The hydraulic coupler DM 8217 (the engine).

Mechanical switch DM, HM and SM (motor).

Starter Bosh DM 8217.32.036 (engine).

Starter DM 8217.12.024 (engine).

Alternator DM 8217 (the engine).

The controller installations DM 8217 (the engine).

Compressor K007579 DM 8217 with associated parts (engine).

Sump DM 8217 (the engine).

Water pump DM 8217 (the engine).

Pulleys various micro DM 8217 (the engine).

Seals oil miscellaneous DM 8217 (the engine).

Holders oljedinamike DM 8217 and associated parts (engine).

Dinamo installations DM 8217 (the engine).

Safety valve DM 8217 (the engine).

VT- pipes and other pipes DM 8217 (the engine).

Bands micro DM 8217 (the engine).

Connectors to connect the DM 8217 (the engine).

Oil exchanger DM and miscellaneous other material for DM 8217 (the engine).

Air system.


Transmission speed.

Transmission direction.

Water system.

Gear transmission direction.

Electric elements.

Drive shaft and elastic coupling.

Pressure vessels.

Medical aids

UKC Maribor | Published April 28, 2017

Medical consumables.

ABDOMINAL.OP.Elektrode COOL TIP "Valleylab 'sk -100%.

ABDOMINAL.OP.Dreni abdominal-silicone-100% of Gp.

ABDOMINAL.ODD.Vrecke and pads for ostomy-100% of Gp.

ANESTEZIJA.Dihalni systems and other pripom.-100% of Gp.

ANESTEZIJA.Filtri bacteriological - 100% of Gp.

ANESTEZIJA.Igle spinal anest.-atraumatic-100% of Gp.

ANESTEZIJA.Katetri peripheral venous-100% of Gp.

ANESTEZIJA.Potrošni material "HAEMONETICS" -100% Gr.

ANESTEZIJA.Pripomocki of aspiration-to 100% of Gp.

ANESTEZIJA.Pribor for hemodynamic monitoring-Picco-100%.

ANESTEZIJA.Sistemi for measuring the pressure-to 100% of Gp.

ANESTEZIJA.Supragloticni aids SK-100%.

ANESTEZIJA.Tubusi endotracheal-PVC 100% of Gp.

ANESTEZIJA.Tubusi endotracheal-siliconized PVC-100% of Gp.

ANESTEZIJA.Tubusi endotraheal.ojacani steel žic.100%.

ANESTEZIJA.Tubusi traheostom.-silikon.-100%.

ANESTEZIJA.Tubus guedel-100% of Gp.

ANESTEZIJA.Tubusi rae-PVC 100% of Gp.

MEDICIN.REHABIL.Elektrode for coffee "BIEGLER" -100% Gr.

NEVROKIR.OP.Implantati "Cervios Chronos" -100% Gr.

NEVROKIR.OP.Osteokonduktivni substitutes-100% of Gp.

NEVROKIR.OP.Nevrokirurške vatice-100% of Gp.

Cannulas traheostomijske.-100% of Gp.

Cannula tracheal, pvc, silikon.-100% of Gp.

Luer TRIDELNE.-100% of Gp.

Needleless connectors, extensions, bore needles with spojk.-sk 100%.

Dogwood PVC tanks for drainage op.ran-sk 100%.

Dren silicone. + Tanks drainage op.ran-100%.

Elektrode.kabli + others "VALLEYLAB" .- 100% Gr.

Cannulas varne.-100% of Gp.

Cannulas venozne.-100% of Gp.

Catheters urine with temperatur.senzorjem + kabli.-100% of Gp.

Paper for ECG and EEG aparate.-100% of Gp.

Covers RTG.-100% of Gp.

Systems Ivaci crpalke.-sk 100%.

Skalpeli.-100% of Gp.

Zapestnice.-100% of Gp.

Tanks sharp predmete.-100% of Gp.

ANESTEZIJA.Grelne blazine.100% Gr.

ANESTEZIJA.Kartice, sensors hemodinam.mon.Lidco-100% of Gp.

ANESTEZIJA.Senzor for hemodinam.monitor Invos.100% Gr.

Motorway construction works

DARS d.d. | Published December 19, 2015  -  Deadline February 2, 2016
45233110, 45233120

Upgrading AC connector Šmarje Sap in the section AC Malence Šmarje-Sap.

Engineering design services

DARS d.d. | Published September 10, 2015
Lineal d.o.o.

Project documentation PGD / PZI the construction of the motorway connector Brezovica - west.

Ukinitev nezavarovanih nivojskih prehodov na regionalni železniški progi Rogatec-Grobelno in gradnja nove povezovalne ceste do priključka na državno cesto

IPI, d.o.o. | Published November 16, 2016

Abolition of unprotected level crossings on the regional railway line Rogatec-Grobelno and construction of new connecting roads to the connector on the state road

Engineering design services

DARS d.d. | Published May 16, 2015
PNZ d.o.o.

Annex. 3 to the contract DARS No. 395/2013 for the preparation of project documentation PGD and PZI for the completion of the connector Šmarje Sap - additional work.

Production of material for the proposed transmission line R51B TE-TOL - Fužine / Vevče.

Plinovodi d.o.o. | Published October 11, 2013  -  Deadline November 11, 2013
71000000, 71200000, 71240000

Subject of the production of material for the National Spatial Plan (NSP below) for the transmission line R51B TE-TOL - Fužine / Vevče the following scale: - a national spatial plan - preliminary design and - environmental report. Subject to the national spatial plan, spatial arrangements in the area of ​​the planned route of transmission pipeline, which runs from the connector to the measuring station regulating TE-TOL (hereinafter referred to as MRP TE-TOL) to volumetric control stations Vevče (hereinafter Vevče MRP), which consists in establishing the existing pipeline facility. Transmission pipeline to a diameter not exceeding DN 300 and will operate with a working pressure up to 30 bar and a total length of approximately 4.2 km. An integral part of the transmission pipeline all the required facilities and associated functional connections with existing or. planned gas pipeline system in the MRP TE-TOL and MRP Vevče, as well as all associated systems and cathodic protection systems, cable ducts for control of the pipeline and stations.

The renovation of the facility power jakotočnega Green Triangle no. 430-52/2013

Carinska uprava Republike Slovenije | Published July 12, 2013
Energomont d.d.Pot k sejmišču 26Ljubljana - Črnuče 1231 +386 15636363 15636364

Subject of the contract to overhaul jakotočnega power in the house green triangle. The contract be awarded by negotiated procedure without prior publication pursuant to the first paragraph 1 Article 29 of the Law on Public Procurement. The contract will be funded by the Customs Administration and the Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia in relation CARS: TARS = 32.01%: 67.99%. Renovation jakotočnega power include: the renovation of the energy supply and an increase in the coupling strength, the renovation of the physical and UPS power supply, erection and connection of distribution boards, the necessary installation space in the system and replace the transformer station. Technical requirements of the client in relation to the announced subject of the contract are reflected in: - Customer technical documentation - project documentation PZI no. E-47/12 - Design electrical installations and el. Equipment - Transformer station and low voltage power connector, "Espina doo", no. TP-47/12, June 2012, which are an integral part of the tender for the renovation of the dossier jakotočnega power facility in the Green Triangle no. 430-52/2013.


DARS d.d. | Published March 7, 2016  -  Deadline April 19, 2016
16310000, 34920000

Supply annual machinery: Lot 1: Sweeping pressure steam, cold water and detergent- mobile on-board assembly 2: Vibration plate, Cold ASPHALT as a connector on the carrier machine; trimmer head for trimming the central reservation - connection to the existing mower MHU 800 hydraulic-powered trimmer for branches - hydraulic connection to the arm mowers, self-propelled tracked mulcher, remote control Lot 3: Mower - mulcher hand rotary part. width 1.3m Lot 4: Kosilnica- embankment mulcher for self-propelled Lot 5: Mower - mulcher for the Bank, with additional mower for precision mowing around pillars: Lot 6: Mower - mulcher for embankment L = 7 m (connection working vehicle mount container work Unimog U 400) Lot 7: addition mower for precision mowing around stebričkov- mounted to the base mower for verges Lot 8: Mower with two heads for mowing verges on fences Lot 9: Mower - uniaxial mulčer- operated manually or remotely, part of the width of 1.2 to 1.3m

Road-maintenance equipment

DARS d.d. | Published January 25, 2017  -  Deadline March 1, 2017
34921000, 16310000, 16700000, 43260000, 34223310, 34996000, 38410000

Deliverable annual machinery and equipment. The contract is divided into 12 lots. Tenderers may submit an offer for one or more lots.

1. LM 1 Mower - mulcher for shoulder

2. LM 3A mowing mulcher for embankment L-7m.

3. LM B Mower - mulcher for shoulder and brežine- front connector univ. a working vehicle.

4. LM 5 Mower - propelled mowing slopes in difficult conditions.

5. LM 7 Mower - mulcher hand rotary working width of 1.0 m and 1.2 m

6. LM 9 mower on lamp

7. LM 12 self-propelled tracked mulcher

8. LM 19 saw motor.

9. LM 27 Traktor with the last mulčarjem grass and bushes.

10. LM 33 Trimmer head width 1200 mm for mounting on a tractor mower

11. LM 34 mulcher hammer behind a working width of 160 cm

12. LM 34A hammer mulcher working width of 190 cm.

13. DM 6A mini excavator with accessories

14. DM 56 cutter pliers bushes and trunk diameter of 15-18 cm and a connection to the excavator boom to 5 tons.

15. DM 37 Trencher with attachments.

16. PV 1 trailer for transport of machinery min. 1.5 t of the total weight

17. PV 2 trailer for transport of machinery 11 t gross vehicle weight.

18. PV 5 trailer working with nadgradnjo- signal board of variable content

19 PV 7 signboards full color RGB variable content for mounting on a transparent vehicle.

20 ml of a 1 meter salinity of the road.

21 11 Ml Tester diagnostic freight and passenger cars with the associated equipment.