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GN Power Sector Recovery Project - P146696

Projet de Redressement du Secteur de Electricite | Published April 25, 2016  -  Deadline July 8, 2016

Supply And Installation Of Equipment And Gear For The Rehabilitation Of Connections And L? TheTerms improvement Connection Techniques The Networks Of Fortune In The Areas Of Kaloum Ratoma And Matoto REPUBLIC OF GUINEA MINISTRY OF ENERGY AND WATER (MEH) ELECTRICITY GUINEA (EDG) PROJECT RECOVERY oF ELECTRICITY SECTOR (WSC) 'Component 2' 'NOTICE oF TENDER AOI N ° 002 / WSC-EDG / 2016 "single Lot" International Competitive Bidding forthe : supply and installationde materials and equipment for the rehabilitation of connections and improved desréseaux connection conditions in makeshift areas Kaloum Ratoma and Matoto IDA Credit IDA NUMBER 5499-GN Don NUMBER H969-GN 1. this notice tender follows àl'avis general award of project contracts mentioned above published in Development Business, No. WB4605 of September 9, 2014. the Government of the Republic of Guinea has received funding for World Labanque the implementation of the Draft electricity Sector Adjustment (WSC), and intends to use this funding unepartie to make payments under the following contract: Fournitureet installation of materials and equipment for rehabilitation connections and improvements fortune theTerms network connection techniques in areas Kaloum Ratoma and Matoto. 3. The implementation unit PRSE of Guinea Electricity (EDG) on behalf of Guinea Electricity (EDG) invites candidates invited to submit tenders àconcourir under pliscellé for the supply and installation of equipment and equipment for the rehabilitation of branchementset improvements fortune theTerms network connection techniques in areas Kaloum Ratoma and Matoto. The work to achieve sontles following: · Supply, installation networks BT twisted pre-assembled cable Aluminium 3 x 70 mm² and carrier neutral x 1 mm² + 54.6 1x16mm²: 53.1 km · Achieving: 39300 connections in single and 5 100 in phase including the laying of the same number of type of prepayment meters split available in magasinsd'EDG. · Supply and installation deQuincaillerie: BT connector pod Al Cu, inner and outer end, alignment clamp and anchor, pre-insulated sleeve dejonction, pigtail rod, bollard, cable tie, insulating bracelet? 4. The maximum execution time is: twenty-four (24) months from the effective date of the contract. 5. Bidding will be conducted through International Appeld'Offres (ICB) procedures specified in the "Guidelines: Procurement of marchésfinancés by IBRD Loans and IDA Credits" in January 2011, and open to all of lessoumissionnaires eligible countries as defined in the Guidelines updates juillet2014. The eligible bidders may obtain misinformation from the executing unit duPRSE of Guinea Electricity to the address below, and be aware of the Bidding Documents at the address indicated below lesjours all working Monday to Thursday from 9:00 to 4:30 p.m. Tuet Fridays from 09-13 pm at the latest on 17 juin2016. 7. A complete set of bidding documents in French may be purchased by interested bidders at mentionnéeci below and upon payment of an amount of nonremboursable Septcent Francsguinéens thousand (700,000 GNF) or its equivalent in USD the Dujour rates. LeDossier Bidding can be sent to bidders against presentation of proof of payment by EmailSupport. Bidders who their representative in Conakry can get to besoinla copy of Appeld'Offres folder. Tenders must be submitted to the National Directorate desMarchésPublics (DNMP) Kanfarandé Building 3rd floor common area Coronthie Kaloum to Conakry later than 08 to 10 hours juillet2016 00 TU.Les electronic filings will not be admitted. The initial period of validity of tenders is hundred fifty (150) days. Late bids will be rejected ledélai set. Bids will be opened in the presence of bidders who desreprésentants souhaiteà the opening session to be held in the conference room of the DirectionNationale Public Procurement (DNMP) Building 3rd floor Kanfarandé Coronthiecommune Kaloum neighborhood in Conakry on 08 juillet2016 10 30TU hours. It will be followed by site visits (required) deKaloum of Commons Ratoma and Matoto / Conakry and discounts available plans and diagrams. The cost of this tour are the responsibility of the bidder. This tour does not relieve the contractor of its obligation to inform desrenseignements that may be required for the preparation of the offer and signing a contract for the implementation of
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