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Electrical machinery, apparatus, equipment and consumables; lighting

Engadiner Kraftwerke AG | Published July 28, 2015  -  Deadline September 11, 2015
31000000, 50500000, 50800000, 09300000, 65320000

Revision of the bottom outlet of the dam Punt dal Gall with disassembly and assembly incl. Hydraulics.

Electrical machinery, apparatus, equipment and consumables; lighting

Engadiner Kraftwerke AG | Published October 20, 2015  -  Deadline December 18, 2015
31000000, 31200000, 31210000, 31214000

The Engadiner Kraftwerke AG (EKW) intend on power plant Martina (hydroelectric generating station in a cavern, 2 Francis turbines, GESAM power 72 MW) to carry out an extensive renovation. This renewal is intended to ensure that a safe, economic and entertaining poor plant operation for the next 25 to 30 years, until the next major revision results. They should be completed by 2018th This renewal is divided into 2 lots. When Retrofit KW Martina, Lot 2 Power / dissipation is about: - New secondary equipment for the 110 kV substation; - New 16 kV substation. The work is described in detail in the specification. Lot 1 machinery and process control will be advertised separately on SIMAP.

Electric conduit

Engadiner Kraftwerke AG | Published December 29, 2016  -  Deadline January 17, 2017
44141100, 44160000, 44164310

As a substitute measure for the rehabilitation of the 380 kV line Pradella-La Punt Swissgrid AG, Engadiner Kraftwerke AG (EKW) realized an underground cabling of existing Talleitung Pradella-Zernez-Bever.

The present relates to the supply of empty tubes for the entire planned route over Pradella Zernez up to Bever. Les Engadiner Kraftwerke AG (EKW) réalisent un câblage souterrain de Pradella-Zernez jusque à Bever. The total quantity of shipped conduits is about 380 km from the nominal Weisten DN 60/72 to DN147 / 160th

110 kV line Pradella - Zernez - Bever supply cable protection pipes

Engadiner Kraftwerke AG Muglinè 29 CH-7530 Zernez | Published December 26, 2016  -  Deadline January 17, 2017

CPV: 44141100 - Electrical conduits,
44160000 - pipelines, piping, pipes, casing, tubing and related items,
44164310 - Pipes and fittings

Los B01, Baumeisterarbeiten Pradella

Engadiner Kraftwerke AG | Published November 27, 2014  -  Deadline January 21, 2015

With the present call the builder is to be determined, which makes the necessary structural adjustments to the conversion of the switchgear. In summary, the following construction work - adapted to the electrical construction work - provided: 2015 - Construction of a new GIS-hall in reinforced concrete (and steel) - Adaptation of the foundation for the new mains coupling transformer 1 (150 t) - Reconstruction of the field W001 in the 380 kV switchyard (FSA) in 2016 - Adaptation of the foundation for the new mains coupling transformer 2 (150 t) - Reconstruction of the fields W002 to W004 in the 380 kV FSA - rebuilding the array TR 60MVA 2017/2018 - dismantling the foundations of the overhead line field 220 kV (2017) - Decommissioning of the foundations of the overhead line field "Preda" (2018) - foundations for the development of 380 kV FSA with a 2nd bus (2018) Quantities: Reinforced concrete: approx 660m3 new foundations for equipment and scaffolding: approx 90st , Demolition foundations of equipment and scaffolding: approx 140St. Excavation and road excavation: approx 5'000m3 utility lines conduit blocks: approx 1,800m new pads and streets: approx 3'000m2
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