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Electrical machinery, apparatus, equipment and consumables; lighting

CTB RDC | Published March 28, 2017  -  Deadline May 16, 2017

supply contract for school facilities (electricity sector, new energy, electronics, refrigeration and air conditioning) for the Haut Katanga resource center (institute Kilima Lubumbashi) and centers Vyombo application (Likasi) and Itima (Kolwezi) in Katanga , DR Congo.

EDF — supply and installation of a 900-kVA generator set for the general headquarters (EMG) of the armed forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (FARDC)

EUSEC-RD-CONGO | Published January 20, 2012  -  Deadline March 20, 2012

The aim is to find solutions to the problem of electrical power supply for the Ministry of National Defence and Veterans/General Headquarters (MDNAC/EMG) building of the armed forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (FARDC) in Kinshasa.

Electricity distribution

CTB RDC | Published July 17, 2014

Renovatie en versterking van de post RS (Verdeelpost zuid) en de elektrificatie van de wijk Karavia.

Central African Backbone SOP5 - P132821

PROJET CENTRAL AFRICAN BACKBONE (CAB 5) | Published October 7, 2015  -  Deadline October 21, 2015

Recruitment D? A Consultant Charge Of Realisation D? A Feasibility Of Study Technical-Economic and Environmental For L? Elaboration Of Records D? Call D? Offers And The Setting Up D? A Management From Center Of Waste From Electrical Equipment And REPUBLIC DEMOCRATIC CONGO AFRICAN PROJETCENTRAL BACKBONE (5 CAB) SOLICITATION ANNOUNCEMENT OF INTEREST EVENTS RECRUITMENT CONSULTANT FOR THE REALIZATION OF A STUDY-ECONOMIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL FAISABILITETECHNICO FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF RECORDS AND TENDER THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A CENTRE DEGESTION WASTE ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT (WEEE) IN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO (DRC) Sourcede financing: IDA GRANT ProjetCAB5-H981-ZR Published: October 7, 2015 Closing date: 21 October 2015 NO NOTICE: No. 10 / CAB5 / COPIREP / SE / CPM / 10/2015 TheGovernment of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) received a grant from the International Development Association (IDA), eta intention of use part of the proceeds of this grant to eligible payments titredu the following contract: Conducting a study of technical and economic feasibility and environmental pourl'élaboration of tender documents and the establishment of a center Waste management etélectroniques electrical equipment (WEEE) in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Etspécifications technical specifications; Participate in counting and technical evaluation. Applicants may associate pourrenforcer their respective powers. It is brought to the attention of candidates that the provisions of paragraph 1.9 of the "Guidelines: Selection and Employment deConsultants by the Borrowers of the World Bank under the IBRD Loans and IDA Credits and Donations" Editioncourante ( "Consultants Guidelines"), relating to the rules of the World Bank's conflict of interest sontapplicables. A consultant (firm, firm) will be selected using the method based on the quality and cost as described dansles Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers, éditioncourante. Lesconsultants interested can obtain further information at the address below and the following hours: Monday to Friday from 9h to 16h. Lesmanifestations interest, written in French, must be either electronic parcourrier sent or delivered to the address below COPIREP later than Wednesday, October 21, 2015. Steering Committee for the Reform of the Portfolio of Businesses State (COPIREP) Executive Secretariat (Procurement Unit) Lumpungu and Equateur, Kinshasa / Gombe, DR Congo emails: and, Secretary Exécutifa.i. Alex N'KUSU DONGALA Siya

Electricity distribution and related services

CTB RDC | Published November 6, 2015

Deze uit de markt bestaat heropbouw in to post versterking van RS (verdeelpost zuid) van de Lubumbashi Karavia elektrificatie van Wijk.

EDF - supply of electrical equipment for general referral hospitals, regional distribution center of essential drugs and the Provincial Health Division within 2 Kasai Oriental Province and North Kivu, in the support project plan national health development (PA-PNDS) in DR Congo

EUF's nationale anvisningsberettigede | Published February 11, 2014

FED — Fourniture des équipements électriques pour les hôpitaux généraux de références, centre régional de distribution des médicaments essentiels et la division provinciale de la santé dans les 2 Kasaï, Province orientale et le Nord-Kivu, dans le cadre du projet d'appui au plan national de développement sanitaire (PA-PNDS) en RD Congo

. Reg & Domestic Pwr MktDev (FY07) - P097201

Projet de Marché d?Electricité pour la consommation domestique | Published October 9, 2015  -  Deadline October 20, 2015

Recruitment D? An Individual Charge De L? The audit Technical Consultant Contracts D? G Technical Support? The execution SAPMP Projects And PMEDE SOLICITATION OF EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST SELECTION CONSULTANTS BY BORROWERS WORLD BANK DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF RECRUITMENT CONSULTANT DUCONGO CHARGEDE SINGLE AUDIT TECHNIQUE TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE CONTRACTS THE EXECUTION OF PROJECTS AND PMEDE SAPMP Date of Issue: October 6, 2015 No Loan / Credit / Don: IDA Grant No. H296-DRC No. NOTICE: No. 09 / PMEDE / COPIREP / SE / 10/2015 For this purpose, a consulting engineer was recruited and responsible for conducting project-related technical studies and the work of contractors desuperviser closely with the Project Management Unit and Agency Exécutionchargée of reversals of markets and financial project management. The auditeurtechnique will undertake the following tasks: 1. desperformances Assessment Cabinet consulting engineer This will involve: (i) Ensure productionsatisfaisante and timing of expected inputs (engineering, CAD preparation , contribution to evaluations of offers, etc.) according to TDR its mission in the various stages of its development (ii) Ensure that the various tâchesdécritesdans contracts and riders were respectéesnotamment: Regular reports -the establishment periodic (monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual as appropriate) of the draft, adequate -l'assistance SNEL and BCECO (quality records and query processing time) for supply contracts passationdes goods, -setting in work of a plan évaluationde monitoring and management of both projects to ensure that objectives will be achieved during the time allowed, -the collection etlacompilation rapportsmensuels progress in the execution of work on lesdifférents works;? ( iii) Ensure that the team listed on the technical proposal is the one who made the Missionand any change introduced was approved by SNEL / BCECO and submitted to the NonObjection Notice of IDA. Del'organisation diagnostic implemented by the consulting engineer for the enforcement of its two missions This will involve: (i) Carry out diagnostic schémaorganisationnel implemented, including the functional relationships between the firm and différentesparties dansl'exécution involved the two projects and to identify possible strengths and weaknesses; (ii) Check descapacités strengthening axes SNEL / BCECO by their involvement in the mission during execution of the two contracts; (iii) verify that modalitésde payment of two contracts and their respective riders respect the contractual terms and schedule exécutionde mission, (iv) Evaluate the use of key personnel and other expertise by focusing on their ventilation betweenthe two contracts. Cost analysis totalde mission (contracts debase and riders) For each period covered by a master agreement or unavenant, the consultant will conduct a detailed analysis of the cost of the mission in relation to funds actually disbursed; cecoût integrate compensation, reimbursable expenses whose mission field costs, office expenses, etc. The consultant will be to recruit an individual with expert leprofil following: (i) highly specialized engineer in electrical energy having at least 15 years of experience in the domained'activités SNEL (production, transport, distribution and marketing), (ii) technical auditing mission in oude diagnostic expertise in the type of mission performed by the consulting engineer, and (iii) Good knowledge of World Labanque procedures for procurement. The Consultant shall be assisted by a resource person with expertise in a domainequ'il deems appropriate. The mission will take place in Kinshasa and the maximum duration of the mission is estimated at 52jours. Interested candidates should provide information démontrantqu'ils have lesqualifications and relevant experience required for the execution desServices, including: (i) An updated resume taking references regarding the execution of similar contracts and previous relevant in desexpériences similar conditions; It is brought to the attention of candidates that the provisions of paragraph 1.9 of the "Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by lesEmprunteurs of WORLDBANKOPERATIONSEV under the IBRD Loans and IDA Credits and Donations" current edition ( "Consultants Guidelines"), relating to the rules of the World Bank's conflict of interest apply. Candidates will be selected according to the method Individual Consultant (IC) as décritedans the Guidelines Selection and Employment of Consultants, current edition. Interested candidates can obt
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