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A9066 ITR DSC - Swartz Barracks - Oakey QLD

Department of Defence - DSRG | Published June 26, 2018  -  Deadline July 26, 2018

The services include design and related services in respect of the following works: ICT Upgrade – infrastructure to support Army Aviation training, particularly flight management systems. Specific actions include: Provide five (5) new Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) endorsed pits to replace unserviceable ones Replace 108 pit lids with new SCEC endorsed ones Replace copper cabling with fibre optic. Electrical System Upgrade - services to support Base operations. Specific actions include: Restore ISS2 to serviceable condition Upgrade ISS2 – replacement of HV protection relays and auxiliary power, external building to house auxiliary power and switchboard, inclusion of DESN/PCMS cubicle Extend ISS2 switchboard by one panel and install an interconnector cable between ISS1 and ISS2 Verify unknown cable details, replace cables to prevent overloads, update documentation and re-evaluate adequacy of cable protection Replace ring mains cables that are non-compliant with Manual of Infrastructure Engineering – Electrical (MIEE) Replace substation 17 Rebuild indoor substation 18 Replace 13 substations of MIEE non-compliant equipment layout, size or extensibility. Install surge protectors on two transformers Replace Substations 02 and 07, replace Ring Main Units (RMU) of substations 18 and 20, repair RMUs of substations 06 and 10 Provide adequate fire protection around four substations Install a site-wide PCMS for connection to RMUs Upgrade kiosk substation Low Voltage ends Replace four non-compliant switchboards. Stormwater Upgrade – infrastructure to minimise flooding risk at Base. Specific actions include: Repair/replace culverts/headwalls in poor condition Repair structures (i.e. culverts/headwalls/outlets) identified as being in fair condition Repair/replace section of underground network identified as being in poor condition Repair/replace sections of underground pipe network in fair condition Undertake a flood mitigation strategy to improve capacity and compliance at the Base.

Her Majesty's Australian Ship (HMAS) Harman – Multiple Building Works

Department of Defence - DSRG | Published December 6, 2017  -  Deadline January 23, 2018

Demolition of Building 115, disconnection and removal of conduits, cables, electricity mains and generator backup supply, cut back all building water supply services, above and in ground stormwater drainage, disposal and decontamination of asbestos containing and lead containing materials and relocation of security systems in Building 115 at HMAS Harman.

Traffic Control and Woke Site Security Services

Energy Queensland Limited | Published November 1, 2017  -  Deadline November 29, 2017

Traffic Control and Work Site Security Services are an essential requirement to support Energy Queensland network capital and operating Programs of Work.

Traffic Control Services are required to ensure the safety of work sites located near traffic, inclusive of work site employees, pedestrians and motor vehicle traffic travelling near the work site.

Security Services are required to prevent the theft of Energy Queensland property (plant and materials) and to ensure the safety of the community by controlling unauthorised access to work sites and energised mobile generators.

The purpose of this tender is to identify up to, two suitably qualified and resourced Traffic Control suppliers and one Work Site Security supplier to engage under a long-term arrangement for the provision of these services. Please note that the provision of Work Site Security may be awarded to one of the suitably qualified Traffic Control suppliers.

Tenderers are invited to submit offers for Traffic Control and Work Site Security Services which are to be undertaken on a Schedule of Rates basis. Tenderers may submit an offer for Traffic Control Services only, Work Site Security Services only or Traffic Control and Work Site Security Services in its entirety.

Tenderers may bid for these services for one or more Hub Areas and Energy Queensland’s entire South East Region. It is Energy Queensland’s strong preference that Tenderers bid for multiple and/or all Hub Areas and the entire South East region area
The services to be carried out under this Standing Order arrangement include the provision of Traffic Control and Work Site Security Services throughout the Energy Queensland’s Distribution Area on a 24 hour, 7 day per week basis.

1. Traffic Control Services
Including the provision of:
• traffic controllers;
• vehicles;
• two way radios and other communication equipment;
• electronic message boards and other warning equipment;
• stop/slow bats; and
• all other personnel and equipment necessary to ensure the safety of Energy Queensland personnel, road users and the community.

Traffic Controllers may also be required to ‘Stand Guard’ in situations of fallen power lines to ensure the safety of the community.

2. Work Site Security Services
Undertake worksite security functions, including:
• Ensuring public safety on and surrounding work sites by installing barrier systems to prevent access to the work area or generator cables.

3. Generator Security and Monitoring
Security staff are required to:
• Report if generator stops or unusual behaviour e.g. excessive smoke
• Report  potential safety hazards
• Report customer issues/complaints

Note: Security staff shall not operate mobile generators.

4. Notification
• Planned Works – Works Orders for Planned Works will be
            emailed to the supplier(s) with as much advanced notice as  possible.
• Unplanned and Emergency Works – It is a requirement that for all Unplanned and Emergency Works, the following maximum response times apply from the time of the call, to
            the emergency contact phone number, to the provision of services on site:

• Traffic Control – 90 minutes (entire Energy Queensland Distribution Area)
• Work Site Security – 60 minutes (Brisbane Metro

5.  Essential Requirements

• Sufficient resources are required to provide continuous shifts, when required, for Planned, Unplanned and Emergency Works.
• Provision of a 24 hour emergency contact number.                        
       Permits/ licensing/ training to undertake traffic control functions, lane closures, parking in bus zones and parking in no standing zones.

Wangaratta – Multi-Use Depot (MUD) Electrical Infrastructure Upgrade

Department of Defence - DSRG | Published September 22, 2017  -  Deadline October 30, 2017

The project involves electrical infrastructure upgrades to the electrical distribution network at Beersheeba Barracks in Wangaratta, Victoria. Site is to facilitate future electrical capacity growth of the site in accordance with (Manual of Infrastructure Engineering Electrical) MIEE and Defence requirements. The design requires ground excavation works to facilitate the installation of underground electrical conduits, cables and associated access pits. All routes have been designed to facilitate both minimum cable journey and flexibility for future site expansion and electrical network additions. Removal of the existing concrete plinth supporting the existing MSB will be required, with the installation of a new plinth (in the same location) to support the new MSB. The Head Contractor is required to undertake geotechnical investigations and soil contamination testing of all disturbed areas as part of its initial site work.

Market Sounding - International broadband submarine cable to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Sunshine Coast Regional Council | Published October 5, 2017  -  Deadline October 18, 2017

Market Sounding

The Sunshine Coast Council is facilitating a new international submarine cable landing to South East Queensland by 2020 which will stimulate local business, generate new investment and improve telecommunications diversity to the East Coast of Australia.

Council is conducting a market sounding exercise to inform the project: the submarine cable (wet and dry), the cable landing station and the backhaul connectivity to understand the level of interest and investment in supplying the solution.

This is not a call for tenders or a pre-qualification exercise. It is a market sounding exercise to provide advanced information of requirements and open a dialogue with the market.

Please register your interest by emailing your name, title, company and contact details to A sample of registrants will then be engaged, sent a detailed brief and have access to a cable route review. Registrations close 18 October 2017.


Powerlink Queensland | Published September 23, 2017  -  Deadline October 4, 2017

The scope of the Works includes the Manufacture, Test, Supply and Delivery (Incoterms 2010, Delivered Duty Paid, DDP) of Multicore Control and Power Cables as listed in Schedule FA and in accordance with specification SMG-203 Supply of Multicore Cables.

Under the current National Electricity Market arrangements, Powerlink may incur liabilities if network constraints result in a total or partial failure to supply.

This will be a panel arrangement and Powerlink reserves the right to add or remove panellists at any time.

Data Cabling

Queensland University of Technology | Published July 26, 2017  -  Deadline August 28, 2017

QUT requires suitable qualified and experienced Information Communications Technology Cable Installers to offer prices for the provision of Data Cabling Services to QUT’s Brisbane based campuses and associated sites.


For detailed information on the specific goods / services sought under this tender, please review the "Specification Documents" in "Annexure 2 Brief to Respondents, Annexures 5 Particulars of Offer and Annexure 6  Communications (DSG section 28)".

High Voltage Ring Main Cable Replacement at RAAF Amberley, QLD

Department of Defence - DSRG | Published June 5, 2017  -  Deadline July 14, 2017

High Voltage Ring Main Cable Replacement at RAAF Amberley, QLD. This task is to replace existing Airfield ring main cable at RAAF Amberley.

Feasibility Study - Sunshine Coast International Broadband Submarine Cable

Sunshine Coast Regional Council | Published May 27, 2017  -  Deadline June 21, 2017

Sunshine Coast Council’s Economic Development Strategy 2013-2033 provides a vision and blueprint for the new economy - a prosperous, high value economy of choice for business, investment and employment, while offering an enviable lifestyle and environment. One of the projects referred to in the Strategy is the Sunshine Coast International Broadband Submarine Cable.

The Sunshine Coast is ideally placed to land a new international submarine cable by virtue of its proximity to Asia and distance from Sydney. Potentially, the Sunshine Coast is the first viable landing point on the east coast of Australia (travelling south from Cape York) for a new cable that links the eastern seaboard to Asia and/or to the United States.

The delivery of an international broadband submarine cable would attract a new calibre of investment in technology based enterprises, innovative design and applications development ventures, industries dependent on high volume online transactions and businesses in the banking and finance sectors.

Tenders are invited to undertake a comprehensive feasibility study and business case that can be presented to potential investors both in the cable infrastructure and associated new business and industry.

Supply and Delivery of Transformer Cable Downleads

Ergon Energy Corporation Limited | Published April 22, 2017  -  Deadline May 26, 2017

The scope of the work is the manufacture, testing and delivery of screened XLPE insulated transformer cable downleads complete with cable terminations.  The downleads will be used in an overhead distribution system in a totally exposed environment to connect the fuses for the pole mounted transformers to the high voltage bushings of the transformer.

The term of this Contract will be 3 years from the Contract commencement date of 5 September 2017.

Ergon Energy has provided for the option of a 1 x 12 month contract period extension. Ergon Energy will at its sole discretion determine if this extension is to be offered to the successful Tenderer.

One completed transformer cable downlead shall be supplied with the offer.  If the sample supplied differs from the tendered item then full details of the differences shall be supplied.


The provision of various Volition and Cat 5 cables

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade | Published December 1, 2016  -  Deadline January 4, 2017

DFAT has a requirement for various types of cables including Cat5e and Volition “patch leads”, which are commonly used in structured cabling for computer networks, including connection of the network between desktops, servers and communication distribution ports. Please note that if volition cables cannot be supplied DFAT may engage multiple vendors to supply individual components of the requirement or one vendor cable of provide the complete requirement.

Manufacture of Stainless Steel Cable for 2000m 8-Lane Buoyed Rowing Course

Rockhampton Regional Council | Published November 10, 2016  -  Deadline December 7, 2016

Rockhampton Regional Council invites written offers for Tender 12338 - Manufacture of Stainless Steel Cable for 2000m 8-Lane Buoyed Rowing Course.

Before making a decision on the offers, Council may invite all persons who have submitted an offer to modify their offer to take account of a change in the specification.


For detailed information on the specific goods / services sought under this tender, please review the "Specification Documents" in "Section 3 - Here is the detail".

Upgrading of the Electrical Infrastructure of the Lake Moondarra Pumping Facility

Mount Isa Water Board | Published November 9, 2016  -  Deadline December 6, 2016

Mount Isa Water Board is seeking tenders for the upgrading of the electrical infrastructure at the Lake Moondarra Pumping Facility. 

The scope covers electrical works required to improve the reliability of the power supply to Lake Moondarra Pumping Stations and includes the following items:

  • Installation of new pump power and control cables and relocation of the existing circuits from old 3.3kV Switchboards to the new 3.3kV ABB Unigear Switchboard.
  • Replacement of the ageing 33/3.3kV transformers, TX1 and TX2, with two new 33/3.3kV 2000kVA transformers. 
  • Removal of the dropout fuses for TX1 and TX2 and replacement with 33kV Auto Recloser Circuit Breakers.
  • Installation of all HV and LV cabling associated with new transformers TX1 and TX2.
  • Additional changes to bring the 33kV Switchyard up to current standards.
  • Installation of a remote control panel for the Auto Recloser circuit breakers.
  • Installation of additional cable ladder and buried conduits between the 33kV Switchyard and 3.3kV Switchroom
  • Replacement of two 440V Distribution Boards
  • All associated testing and commissioning.
  • Decommissioning and removal of redundant equipment

For detailed information on the specific goods / services sought under this tender, please review the Scope of Work for Lake Moondarra Installation and Construction Works - reference No: MIWB/AS161109 issued on 09/11/2016 .

Data Cabling and Closed Access TV Systems

Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation | Published October 31, 2016  -  Deadline November 14, 2016

The 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games (GOLDOC) is seeking responses from interested parties for the provision of data cabling and closed access TV systems.  This intention to respond is intended to shortlist suitable suppliers for a forthcoming tender process.

Further information related to the the specific goods and services sought is provided within the document entitled "Data Cabling and CATV Systems - Intention to Respond".


Overhead, Underground and Control Cables

Energy Queensland Limited | Published July 18, 2016  -  Deadline September 19, 2016

In order to achieve the program of work for the upgrading and maintenance of its distribution network, Energy Queensland, Energex and Ergon require the supply of overhead, underground and control cables.

Part 1 - Control Cables
- General Power and Light Cables,
- Multicore, Telecommunication and Control Cables,

Part 2 - Overhead Cables
- Bare Conductors, Stay Wire, Tie Wire,
- Low Voltage Insulated Aerial Cables,
- 11kV Covered Conductor Thick (CCT) and Aerial Bundled Cable (HVABC),

Part 3 - Underground Cables
- PVC Insulated Low Voltage Neutral Screened Copper Cable,
- XLPE Insulated Underground Residential Distribution Low Voltage Cables,
- 6.35/11kV Underground Cable,
- Single Core Triplex 12.7/22kV Underground Cable and Single Core 12.7/22kV Underground Cable,
- Single Core 19/33kV 50AL and 300AL TR-XLPE Underground Cable,
- Substation 11kV and 22kV Single Core Underground Cable,
- Underground Residential Distribution Cables,
- Project Power Cables.

Refer to Section 3 – Technical Specifications of the Tender documents for additional information.


Provision of Design, Infrastructure Construction & Equipment Installations Services for Comminication Systems

Ergon Energy Corporation Limited | Published August 4, 2016  -  Deadline August 31, 2016

Ergon Energy is seeking to prequalify suitably qualified contractors to provide communication system services in the local region who have a proven capability and capacity to deliver projects outlined in the scope of work.

Appointment to the Preferred Contractor Panel does not guarantee work will be awarded or allocated during the ongoing appointment.  It simply indicates that the panel member has been registered as a preferred provider of some or all of the communication system services and as such has the potential to be invited to submit proposals for work and may be contracted to Ergon Energy for the provision of that work.

Applicants are invited to submit a response for one or many of the disciplines for this preferred contractor panel.  The scope of the work for each discipline covered under the Expression of Interest includes but is not limited to:-

Design Services

  • Network design for broadband radio or optic fibre communication systems
  • Radio frequency investigations and frequency assignments
  • Network documentation services
  • Structural analysis and design of communication towers, guyed masts and poles  including foundations
  • General arrangement and detailed layout designs and drawings of communication sites including sites located inside Ergon Energy substations
  • Detailed installation designs for communications equipment, including preparation of cubicle layout, schematic and cabling diagrams
  • Preparation of specifications for the provision of communication sites infrastructure and the installation of equipment
  • Logical design and preparation of detailed design documentation for fibre optic cable networks
  • Conducting investigations of existing and proposed communication systems and submitting reports with recommendations

Infrastructure Construction Services

  • Construction of site access tracks
  • Clearing, site preparation and earthworks, including the removal of existing fencing, towers, poles etc
  • Supply and installation of underground conduits, earthing, weed control and surface gravelling
  • Construction of reinforced concrete foundations and footings for towers, poles, buildings, generators, solar arrays etc
  • Supply and installation of fencing
  • Supply and installation of cable ladders, electrical wiring, equipment and structure earthing
  • For concrete poles, the supply and installation of ladders, fall arrests, lightning rods,  earthing and fixings (ie associated miscellaneous bolts, nuts and washers)
  • Transport to site, and installation of the following Ergon Energy supplied goods:-
    • Pre-assembled equipment shelters
    • Outdoor equipment cabinets
    • Steel lattice towers and guyed masts and their accessories including platforms, ladders, fall arrests, lighting, lightning protection and antenna mounts
    • Concrete poles
    • Galvanised steel poles
    • Standby diesel generators (both DC and AC)
    • Assembling and erection of solar frames and panels
  • Modifying and reinforcing existing communication structures and foundations
  • Other miscellaneous work required to prepare the sites for the installation of the microwave and other communication equipment

Equipment Installation and Testing Services

  • Taking delivery of Ergon Energy supplied communications and ancillary equipment and transporting, installing, testing and commissioning this equipment at their respective sites in accordance with the site design documentation and Ergon Energy standards
  • Taking delivery of Ergon Energy supplied antennas, waveguides, coaxial cables and other miscellaneous items and transporting, assembling, testing, and installing these items on towers, masts or poles
  • Modifying and reinforcing existing communication structures and foundations in accordance with structural designs
  • Taking delivery of Ergon Energy supplied DC rack power systems and transporting, installing, testing and commissioning them at their respective sites
  • Installation and testing of standby generators including the remote control and monitoring equipment
  • Installation and testing of other passive and/or environmental monitoring equipment associated with communications sites
  • Splicing and testing of fibre optic cables, both single mode and multi-mode.
  • Managing and co-ordinating outages with site owners (at both Ergon Energy and third party owned sites), at those sites where outages are necessary to enable the performance of the work
  • Testing the complete installation at a site and network in accordance with Ergon Energy testing procedures and requirements

Turnkey Services

  • Providing the complete Design, Infrastructure Construction and Equipment Installation and Testing Services of a part of an Ergon Energy communication system

For detailed information on the specific goods / services sought under this Expression of Interest, please review the "Scope & Specification Documents" in "Section 3 - Here is the detail".

Electrical Cable, Vehicle Detector Cable, Conduit and Poles, Pits and Lids- Supply and Distribution,SOA

Department of Transport and Main Roads - RoadTek | Published July 5, 2016  -  Deadline August 15, 2016

The Queensland Government through RoadTek is looking to establish a Standing Offer Arrangement for supply and distribution of Electrical Cable, Vehicle Detector Cable, Conduit and Poles, Pits and Lids. 



Supply and Install Single Mode Optical Fibre Cable and Terminal Units - Cooloola Coast

Gympie Regional Council | Published July 21, 2016  -  Deadline August 9, 2016


Gympie Regional Council invites written quotations for the Supply and Installation of approx 1300m of single mode 12 core optical fibre

and FOBOT terminals at Cooloola Cove.




Powerlink Queensland | Published May 13, 2016  -  Deadline June 17, 2016

The scope of the Works is the civil works associated to replace six (6) bays of nominated aged HV Primary plant and associated secondary systems cables, dispose of redundant plant, install R1 security fencing on nominated areas, seal a section of unsealed road within substation, and establish new helicopter landing pad at Powerlink’s T032 Blackwater substation located in central Queensland.

A compulsory site inspection will be carried out on Thursday 26th May 2016, commencing at 8.30 am at H032 Blackwater Substation. Failure by a tenderer to attend a site inspection may render their tender non-conforming.

Data Centre Cabling and Associated Services

Department of Human Services | Published May 6, 2016  -  Deadline May 31, 2016

Data centre cabling and associated services


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