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Execution of shafts, installation of cable trays, conversion tables computer along with the implementation of internal power lines in the framework of the Project. Reconstruction of the building of the Municipal Office in Libiąż.

 | Published September 6, 2013  -  Deadline September 25, 2013
45315700, 45310000, 45311200, 32430000, 45314300, 45223110, 45300000, 45410000, 45442100

The contract is for the execution of works: Design shafts, installation of cable trays, conversion tables, along with the implementation of computer internal power supply lines in the project titled. Reconstruction at the Town Hall in Libiąż contract includes the execution of the following works: 1 Design shafts and installation of cable trays. and / performance shafts cable b / installation of metal cable trays, c / installation of cable ducts made of PVC. 2 Installation of computer tables. and / assembling computer boards, b / server PC board assembly, c / switch assembly fire, making internal power line arrays. Place of performance of the contract: Building the City Council in Libiąż, ul. Działkowa 1, 32-590 Libiąż overall scope of work for the implementation specified in the construction project (Appendix 9) technical specification of the performance and acceptance of works (Appendix 10), in the model contract (Annex 4), the bill of quantities (Appendix 11 ). Note: The scope of work, which includes building design and technical specification of the performance and acceptance of works is broader than the scope of work that will be carried out under the contract in question. The detailed scope of the contract was definite for the bill of quantities (Appendix No. 11 hereto) ..

Cable and related products

Uniwersytet Medyczny w Łodzi | Published January 31, 2017
44320000, 32421000

The contract: Supply of cables and cable trays to the Dormitory No. III Street. Mazowiecka 12/16 in Lodz.

Renovation of the rooms in the building of the District Mokotów Street. Wiktorski 91A.

 | Published May 15, 2014  -  Deadline May 30, 2014
45315700, 45314200, 45311100, 45311200, 45314320, 45453000, 45442100, 45432111

Disassembly of electrical installations, installation of pipes, fittings and accessories, demolition and repair, installation of switchgear, cable trays, wire and cable, computer cabling.


Uniwersytet Medyczny w Łodzi | Published November 10, 2016  -  Deadline November 24, 2016
44321000, 44322100, 32421000

The contract is for the supply of electrical cables, cable trays, wire LAN, RJ45 sockets, patch panels UTP Dormitory No. III Street. Mazowiecka 12/16 in Łódź-compliance with Appendix 2 hereto.


Uniwersytet Medyczny w Łodzi | Published November 22, 2016  -  Deadline November 25, 2016
44321000, 44322100, 32421000

The contract is for the supply of electrical cables, cable trays, wire LAN, RJ45 sockets, patch panels UTP Dormitory No. III Street. Mazowiecka 12/16 in Łódź-compliance with Appendix 2 hereto.

Reconstruction of the room farmhouse in Chynów - electrical works

 | Published February 13, 2014  -  Deadline February 28, 2014

The contract involves the reconstruction of the hall farmhouse in Chynów in the field of electrical works. The contract includes: Step 1: - execution of cable trays, - laying cables lighting - installation of accessories, - laying cables ventilation. Step 2: Installation of lighting fixtures.

Łódź: Supply of electrical materials (2)

 | Published July 13, 2016  -  Deadline July 12, 2016
Przedsiębiorstwo el12 Sp. z o.o., ul. Św. Anny 5, 45-117 Opole, kraj/woj. podkarpackie.
31000000, 31680000, 31681400

The contract is electrical materials delivered successfully to the needs of the Employer in the city of Lodz. Among the materials are different types and different amounts (as defined in detail in the Terms of Reference): wires and cables, tubes, cans, circuit breakers, residual current circuit breakers, switches flush, sockets, lighting fixtures, moldings, connectors and sockets surface-mounted, cable trays, metal, other.

Electronic, electromechanical and electrotechnical supplies

Stołeczny Zarząd Infrastruktury | Published December 10, 2015
Techko Sp. z o.o.

The contract is for the execution of the design and execution including delivery, installation and commissioning of equipment for the installation of 400 Hz (Luzes - Airfield Equipment Supply Power Plane) and execution of work related to the scope of the installation of these devices (arrangement of cable trays, cables) on the basis of documentation design developed for the task: Construction of a new hangar Warsaw Okecie - Fig. E-23-Z (without hydraulic feeder) - airport technology device, bill of quantities and combination of materials and installation of keys deposit for 80 users.

Renovation of the hall floor of the building III Courts and Prosecution in Tarnobrzeg Street Sienkiewicza 27.

 | Published November 14, 2013  -  Deadline November 29, 2013

As part of this task scope of work will include, in particular: - the exchange of terrazzo flooring panels glazed gress on board 40/40 with the exchange of floor layers - 53.9 m2 - replacement joinery door: technical doors 6-pack - buildings with plasterboard pipes, cables and cable trays ICT - plastering and painting walls and ceilings, - replacement of lighting fixtures. A detailed description of the contract is contained in Annex 7 to the Terms of Reference - Object of the contract and: - Bill of work - Appendix 7a - Technical specification performance and acceptance of construction and assembly works - Appendix 7b.

Supply of electrical materials (II).

 | Published November 22, 2013  -  Deadline December 2, 2013
31000000, 31681400

The contract is for electrical materials delivered successively for the needs of the Employer in the city of Lodz. Among the materials are of different types and in different quantities (defined in detail in the Terms of Reference): wires and cables, tubes, cans, circuit breakers S-type, residual current circuit breakers, switches flush, sockets, light fixtures, moldings, surface mounted switches and sockets, cable trays metal, other.

Replacing plumbing hot and cold water, CO and hydrant systems, replacement of granite slabs on the ankle polbrukową - lower terrace with stairs side, 0.4 kV main distribution building No. 40 at the JW 5700 m Wędrzyn

 | Published July 24, 2013  -  Deadline August 9, 2013
45310000, 45317300, 45311100, 45233262

The contract is for construction works consisting of: Replacement of plumbing hot and cold water, CO and hydrant systems, replacement of granite slabs on the ankle polbrukową - lower terrace with stairs side, 0.4 kV main distribution building No. 40 at the JW 5700 m Wędrzyn The scope of work includes the electrical industry - the dismantling of the existing main switchboard - ZK-removal switchgear unit, the R-Bar, R-4 STORAGE, RW, T4, T5, T-SOUND, the closed cabinet in the closed cabinet fan and lighting control - disposal of dismantled materials, - routing, - forging grooves for power cables and control cables - Penetrations in walls and ceilings, - Installation of cable trays, conduits, cable trays in the hall housing the gym, - installation of raised floor in the main switchboard room, - installation distribution power cables, control cables to a central battery (battery delivery and installation is concerned), - installation of switchgear and equipment is - wiring - electrical measurements, - as-built documentation. The scope of works road sector include: - removal of existing pavement with concrete floor - of pavement and stairs of concrete blocks. A detailed description of the order is specified in the technical specification and execution of construction works and provides (Appendix 2 hereto) and bill of quantities forming (Annex 9 to the Terms of Reference) ..

Execution of works after the development of the documentation for the installation of a dynamic drainage in the newly built garages G1 and G2 in the complex of Military Unit 2980 Braniewo - proceedings 35 / RB.

 | Published July 24, 2013  -  Deadline August 12, 2013

The contract is for the development of the documentation: project construction executive with the material scope (project construction executive, takeoffs, detailed investment estimate), and the execution of works: installation and dynamic dehumidification equipment, commissioning and start-up performance training system support dynamic drying, the statement maintenance and operation of the system, the execution of repair works after system installation, design and execution of electrical installations for the supply of equipment dynamic drainage, expansion of existing cabinets, installation of cable trays C 50, the execution of cable in the hallways. The details of the contract described in Appendices 2, 4 hereto ..

Expansion of the hall in rural Poplar-estate.

 | Published October 4, 2013  -  Deadline October 21, 2013
45000000, 45110000, 45212000, 45223500, 45430000, 45450000, 45410000, 45420000, 45443000, 45300000, 45332300, 45332200, 45331110, 45311100, 45317000, 45312310

Scope of the contract includes the development of rural hall in Poplar-estate. The task will be performed: 1 Demolition works, 2 Walling, new construction (foundations, ground floor, first floor, ogniomur), 3 Roof - insulation, cover, 4 Design floor, 5 Implementation of walls, 6 Coatings, veneer tiles, painting walls and ceilings, 7 Windows and doors, banisters, 8 The facade, exterior, 9 Tank bezodpływowy, 10 Sanitary installation: the installation of a sanitary sewage system, water supply, boiler technology, the installation of which, 11 Electrical installation: cable trays and conduits, and lightning protection equipotential bonding, connection to the pole.

Modernization of power electrical system in the building of the Police Headquarters at ul. Włochowskiej 25/33 in Warsaw.

 | Published July 26, 2013  -  Deadline August 12, 2013

The contract is for construction works upgrading the existing electrical power to run the installed mechanical ventilation in the building of Anti-Terrorist Operations Bureau Police Headquarters at. Włochowskiej 25/33 in Warsaw. Object of the contract include, inter alia: a dismantling of main distribution boards and together with the existing cables on four kontygnacjach former assembly building with the main distribution boards and putting in pipes winidurowych the handles in cable trays, c perform checks and measurements, including calculations of selection cables current carrying capacity and the development of as-built documentation containing sketches and diagrams, tables and switching obtain the consent of an expert on fire v. ..

construction and maintenance of the building the House of Culture Street. Siedlecka 1 in Lodz constituting the seat of Employer

 | Published July 16, 2014  -  Deadline July 30, 2014
45000000, 45453000, 45450000, 42421000, 45310000, 45111220

construction and building maintenance House of Culture Street. Siedlecka 1 in Lodz constituting the seat of the Employer, consisting of fitting: 1. sills of galvanized steel (removal of old and installation of new), 38 p., 2 cable trays, plastic strip that allows for storing bundles of electrical cables on the facade of the building (in the level of approx. 85 m, vertical approx. 10 m), 3 exterior doors, burglar with a certificate from an approved lock the main, with certified liner and a system of fixed hinge bolts on the hinge side, 4. renovation of the roof above the main entrance - timber and galvanized sheet metal exchange 5. lamps (external reflectors) of LEDs 5 pcs. - waterproof lighting environment around the building to a depth of 6m, power 70W, 230V twilight switch, switch mode fixed and the movement, dismantling 6pc. old lamps and the installation of 5 units. to the existing electrical wiring, 6. automatic opening gate with remote control and fixed the building.

Replacing the electrical system in the building of the Faculty of Architecture 10-25 Cracow University of Technology, ul. Warsaw 24 in Krakow - Stage I

 | Published June 6, 2014  -  Deadline June 24, 2014
45311200, 45316000, 45317000

Scope of the contract includes: - removal of existing switchgear object, and above all existing arrays TG, TGO, TGS, arrays power of the TS-X, tables storey TO-X and existing routes circuits - construction of a new substation main building RG located in a separate room dedicated of fire - construction of new electrical switchgear located on floors in selected areas - the exchange of power cables and cable trays - installation of fire power devices (see separate fire protection in switchgear RG) - execution of the fire alarm system SSP detailed order includes design documentation consisting of a takeoff , Project Executive, diagrams and STWiOR, which is an integral part of the tender documents. Terms of the contract also contains a draft agreement annexed hereto 7 ..

Kościelisko: Execution in Kościelisko investment pn: Road overlooking the mountains opportunity to improve communication infrastructure Tvrdosin Town and Municipality Kościelisko

 | Published March 7, 2014  -  Deadline March 21, 2014
45233252, 45233140, 45233142

The contract is for the execution of the repair of municipal roads ul. Rysulówka, ul. Royal Street. Gron in Kościelisko under the common name of the road with a View of the Tatras. The scope of the renovation include: - Implementation of preparatory work - reconstruction of the route and elevation points - Removal of trees and shrubs - Removal of topsoil - Demolition works: removal of wells, roads, pipelines, - Earthworks - made the cut and fill, - Implementation of dehydration - rainwater drainage system of ducts, cable trays sewage, drainage French - Reconstruction of the road - foundation of aggregates and surface of the mineral-bituminous mixtures - making the pavement, - Reconstruction of conventions, - Implementation of street lighting and upgrading the existing lighting - Installation of protective barriers - Implementation of the vertical label - Execution of finishing works. - Support surveying - Fees for TAURON ..

Reconstruction and expansion of Water Treatment Plant in Nur.

 | Published March 14, 2014  -  Deadline April 2, 2014
45252126, 45111300, 45261000, 45443000, 45300000, 45310000, 45330000, 45342000, 45233200

1 The contract is for the reconstruction and expansion of Water Treatment Plant in the town of Nur including the following works: a) Industry architectural and design: - change to gable roof structure in the rafter-collar beam, - elimination of part of the window openings, - reconstruction of the internal spaces - the demolition of part of the partition walls - eliminating external WC - insulate - replacement fence - the forging of new door openings, b) Industry Sanitation: - replacement of the well casings, - replacement of submersible pumps and fittings, - replacement and construction of solar collectors in the recognition and stations, - construction of settler washings, - construction of surge tanks, - removal of existing technology, - installation of new technology with continuous administration of water - internal sanitary installations c) Electrical Industry - preparing walls for laying cables - Installation of cable trays, - installation of sockets and lighting - installation of technology, - installation of lightning, - acceptance tests. The detailed scope of works and the technology of their implementation are set out in the project documentation, technical performance and acceptance of works and bill of quantitieses are annexed hereto.

works in the field of reconstruction and renovation of the Hall of Neurological Intensive Care Hospital building SPZOZ in Międzyrzecze.

 | Published September 11, 2013  -  Deadline September 27, 2013

1 Dismantling elements made of bricks for cement and lime mortar - walls, pillars and columns .. 5.2. Forging of steel wall frames and grates, detailed order is included in Appendices 8 9 5.4. Electrical work - punching holes in walls and ceilings made of brick, installation of cable trays, cable laying - A detailed description of the ON 8 and 9 5.5. Sanitary works - removal of obstruction sanitation approaches - detailed description On: 8 and 9 5.6.Instalacja medical gases - a detailed description of the ON 8 and 9 5.7. The main object of the contract is described by the following code to the Common Procurement Vocabulary: 45215142 CPV - 4 5.8. A detailed description of the contract is included in Attachment No 8.9, 10 and 11 of the Terms of Reference ..

Construction of the water treatment m. Łysobyki gm. FAT.

 | Published July 7, 2014  -  Deadline July 21, 2014
45112000, 45210000, 45210000, 45442110, 45421000, 45331210, 45113000, 45255110, 45332000, 45330000, 45332300, 45235235, 45240000, 45232440, 54311000, 45310000, 45231400, 45312310, 45314000, 48151000, 45312200

1.Zadanie includes the execution of Water Treatment Plant in Łysobyki, in the municipality of fat on plots registration No: 256/4, 256/6, 256/8, 256/9, 261/3. based on the design documentation approved by the decision of the district administrator Wołomin construction permit No. 1179p / 2010 dated 27.08.2010. issued for Municipal Fat - transferred to the Employer Decision No. 20/2014 of the body of 25.02.2014r. and in accordance with any other administrative decisions relating to the contract. 2 General characteristics 2.1 Construction works of the construction industry - construction of foundations under the building - making the walls and roof structure, - installation of windows and doors - interior finishing works - insulation of external walls 2.2 sanitary works: - dismantling the existing installation in a well SW-1, - construction of two new water intakes SW-2 and SW-3, - installation of new pumps and valves in wells, - construction technology in the building, - installation of sanitary facilities in the building - the execution of sanitary sewage - sewage execution of chlorination - execution of the settling tank washings and clarified water, - making foundations for expansion tanks, - installation of surge tanks, - execution of external pipelines, - execution of the leach field 2.3 works the electrical industry - preparing walls for laying of cables - installation of cable trays and cable ladders - assembly installation of sockets and lighting - electrical installation technology, - installation of earthing and lightning - visualization applications - acceptance tests - running 2.4 Mounting System Intrusion and CCTV system: - preparing walls for the pipes - Installation of cable trays - installation of detectors - installation of manipulators - panel assembly - installation of cameras - a computer Scope of work also includes: - the organization of the site and facilities construction; - Full support for geodetic construction: stakeout, as-built inventory and agreed in ZUD; - Built documentation - other work and activities, which are the obligation of the Contractor - indicated in the model contract. Detailed scope of work shall specify: 1) the design documentation, 2) bills of quantities, 3) technical specifications performance and acceptance of the work, together with the Description of the contract known as the Documentation ..