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Sound equipment

Commune d'Ablis | Published March 2, 2017
SAS Lagoona Strasbourg
32342410, 42416300, 31518100, 38652120, 39515200

Supply contract for services and the scenic construction of cultural facilities Lot 1: stage equipment Lot 2: scenic lift.

Providing scenic and lifting equipment Service carrier stage and hall.

Supply and stage equipment Service:

Cable trays, sound, sound recording, lighting (desk and projectors), video, platforms, stage curtains and options.

Electrical machinery, apparatus, equipment and consumables; lighting

Commune de Saint-Nazaire | Published January 21, 2017
CGE distribution
31000000, 44321000

16s0030 - acquisition of supplies and electricity equipment control group between the City of Saint-Nazaire and Carina.

Son, cables, bare copper grounding, telephone cables, coaxial cables, computer cables, security cables.

distribution cabinets, residential and service protection, automation of the building, terminal equipment, building accessories, industrial switchgear, cable trays and accessories, moldings, ducts and accessories, electric heaters, energy management, hand dryers, air conditioning, ventilation .

security lighting, fire alarm technology, building automation (home automation), sound system, audio / video device, batteries and battery.

light sources, decorative lighting, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, lighting equipment.

Electrical equipment for public lighting.

Telecommunications facilities

RATP | Published December 23, 2016
Spie IDF Nord-Ouest
32523000, 45314000, 32000000

Within the metro renewal project (MNC), this contract is to provide and integrate radio broadcast systems RATP and GSM-3G-4G in several metro stations Parisien.

The expected benefits are:

- The preparation, monitoring and end of construction,

- Creation, removal or replacement of cable trays,

- Installation or removal of radiating coaxial cables radio and non-radiating,

- The installation and removal of radio equipment (couplers, antennas, repeaters, filters, multi couplers, loads, etc.)

- Installation, removal, or replacement of cabinet or rack (and related equipment). Removing network cabinets, windows, etc.

- Installation of antennal structures with associated calculation notes,

- Various arrangements,

- Electrical,


- Acceptance of the work,

- The presentation of the qualification application executed + book folder.

This contract is a multi-awarded market. It is part of the Metro renewal project (MNC) and is to complete and integrate radio broadcast systems RATP and GSM-3G-4G in 28 stations of the Paris metro.

This is a market controls including minimum and maximum benefits.

The 28 stations are to be assigned to four holders.

Under minimum:

- 16 stations

Each holder will be given a minimum of 4 stations.

Under the maximum:

- The minimum + 12 stations.

Underground railway station

SMAT | Published April 4, 2017
Artel société nouvelle
45234125, 45223220, 45262210, 45431000, 45431100, 45261000, 45310000, 45311000, 45311100, 45311200, 45443000, 45421140

Doubling the line capacity - Basso Cambo station Mirail (MBC) - work related to the achievement of improvements in the way station to operate with reams of 52 meters long.

The following amounts are given for guidance:

- Wall échiffres and exterior walls: 354 square meters

- false ceiling outside: 186 square meters

- paving screed 194 square meters

- opaque stain coatings: 909 square meters.

The following amounts are given for guidance:

- anti-corrosion treatment: 58 tons

- primary framework coverage: 16 tons

- backbone failures: 8 tons

- solid slab floor 124 square meters.

The following amounts are given for guidance:

- earth cable 50 mm section 2 : 200 ml

- cable trays: 400 ml

- laying of light beams: 100 ml

- extract manifold: 2u

- ceiling: 186 m2.

The following amounts are given for guidance:

- supply and implementation of smoke opening 20 u

- supply and implementation of curtain walls: 115 m2

- cladding and perforated sheet: 226 m2

- supply and implementation of cantonments screens: 33 ml.

Electrical wiring work

Sytral | Published April 8, 2017
Spie Sud-Ouest
45311100, 39134000

This consultation concerns the work of redevelopment of the central command post metro dieu (CPC) to be conducted in order to integrate a new place to control the line B, due to the full automation of the latter.

The contract performance period is 10 months off completion guarantee period.

This applies to the control points of the ABC line, the shift supervisor and other elements of the CCP environment.

The electrical work involved in this lot are:

- design studies and file the executed works, update documents Sytral heritage,

- complete electrical renovation of existing stations (regulators and watch leader) and wiring of the new posts,

- creation of new low voltage start as needed,

- supply of new equipment,

- creation of underfloor cable trays,

- removing a vent pipe out of service,

- moving a computer rack,

- moving computer CPUs and creating bays to house (including network brewing)

- change fire detection and possible resumption of suspended ceiling tiles,

- modification of the optical / optical connection network,

- removal of unnecessary cables.

the specific contract duration: 10 months.

The work involved in this lot are:

- design studies and file the executed works, update documents Sytral heritage,

- supply and installation of furniture for new jobs for regulators and the shift supervisor's office,

- supply and installation of new furniture for the environment CPC (filing storage cabinet box the internal correspondence of letters, buffet storage, personal lockers, etc.)

- removal and recycling of all furniture items which are not kept,

- closing a technical pit

- producing a false floor,

- Replacement of technical floor slabs.

2016PN028 - Equipment and work Voie Ferree and Catenary eastern sector for the realization of the 15 South line of the Grand Paris Express network

Societe du grand paris | Published November 20, 2016

The market includes education services, supplies, works, testing and commissioning associated with the following facilities: - The concrete railway track equipment 60E1 rail monobloc sleepers with vibration device and track equipment with their operating systems - equipment PAC type of catenary (Air profile Contact) in 1500V - cable trays attached to the segments, evacuation gateways attached to the segments comprising all the specific parts and track crossings - the dry tunnel columns fixed on segments along the tracks, - Sewage pumps tunnel and associated cables to the cabinets / local technical HV / LV. section work exclusively in underground stretches of Noisy-Champs station in Vitry-sur-Seine (Arrighi fallow) and maintenance and storage site (SMR) of Champigny.

Electrical installation work

RATP | Published December 23, 2016
SPIE Batignolles Énergie IDF

This contract involves removal of lighting bands, the provisional application of existing cables and temporary facilities for construction of stations of Metro Line 4.

This is a framework agreement for purchase orders with a minimum value of the contract fixed at 20% of the nominal amount and a maximum amount fixed at 20% of the nominal amount.

This framework agreement is for the execution of works and removal of provisional interim low voltage equipment and facilities of construction of stations of Metro Line 4.

The work required for the nominal amount include:

- Temporary installations site,

- Installation of distribution cabinets and enclosures area,

- Cable laying

- Mounting brackets and cable trays,

- Installation tunnel pipes.

Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

CEA (Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives) | Published October 13, 2015
G2 Metrics

The facilities are Industrial control systems typically comprising: - Cable trays - Fluid Networks - Process Equipment The whole has a very high density of equipment. The size of the premises is variable (Ranging from small rooms to rooms of about one hundred meter length) Benefits include establishing these premises the following: - Control of 3D industrial plant by laser scanner FARO property CEA - topometric control - Post data processing - Management of a database scan readings - Precision Studies - Equipment Maintenance FARO property CEA during the market duration Some of the services may involve dust controlled premises ( ISO 7 and ISO 8) and / or classified radiological restricted area.

Repair and maintenance services of building installations

Bibliothèque nationale de France | Published July 7, 2015
GDF Suez Energie Services — Cofely

The provisions of this special administrative clauses (Ccap) pertain to the maintenance level 1-4 of the equipment of technical facilities Castle Sable-sur-Sarthe. The installations concerned are divided into 7 sections: Section 1: - heating systems - ventilation systems - air conditioning systems - the provision of a plumbing, Section 2: - The extinguishers, Section 3 - The high installations tensions: delivery, processing, HV network under paving, gutters, and cable trays, - the circuit and emergency lighting devices (Baes) - The distribution boards - inverters and batteries Section 4 - Equipment Security, access control, video protection section 5: - Ssi Facilities Section 6: - Lifting and transport of persons (elevator) Section 7 - Cleaning and checking gutters blankets and the market has a defined option in a Section 8: This is the supply of domestic fuel. The market is overall price controls with a share of between 0 and 10 percent of global annual and lump sum in the market for the acquisition and installation parts in the unit value exceeds 400 EUR HT outside labor Lumber and deducted discount. It includes an option that may be exercised to the notification of the market. This is the supply of domestic fuel grade whose benefits will run through purchase orders under the provisions of section 77 of the Public Procurement Code. The delivery time is 72 hours maximum if different specifications on the order. For this section 8, the annual minimum amount is 20 000 EUR (including VAT) and the maximum annual amount of 50 000 EUR (including VAT).

Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

DISP PACA Corse DPE | Published May 2, 2015
Société Berim S.A
71000000, 71240000, 71300000, 71321000

The purpose of this market consultation is a prime contractor for contract covering the design and monitoring of the work of upgrading the lighting of outdoor spaces of the penitentiary center of Borgo. Specifically Borgo CP site currently has a lighting system of dilapidated outdoor spaces that has significant defects and malfunctions. The purpose of this consultation process is to complete renewal of the lighting system of exterior spaces of Borgo CP by the establishment of a sustainable, reliable for effective lighting of the areas while taking into account the requirement for reduction in electricity consumption. Thus, the work to be performed consist mainly of high current electrical work and external works including in particular the realization of the underground network and adequate cable trays from the main switchboard, the installation of all power cables, installation adequate leakage protection, new light installation and removal and disposal of all existing and existing cabling networks fixtures (only for accessible networks). This mission is for work whose estimated cost is estimated at € 1,365,000 including VAT and the expected duration is estimated at 9 months. It is stated that the client wants a phasing of works in 3 tranches with a possibility to spread the work on two to three fiscal years. This work will be carried out in occupied site with particular security and phasing.

Deconstruction of decanter factory Joinville (94). Lot 2: déséquipement work. Removing cables and existing cable trays. Removal of the appliances and electrical and automation (cabinets and boxes) equipment. Loosening and removing metal grating walkways, mobile metal walkways, ladders with safety cage, metal stairs, metal railings (excluding railings on bridges), hatches and access buffers. Removing supply raw water pipes, steel (DN 100 mm and DN 300 mm), extraction pipes and drain sludge, steel DN 100 mm) of all devices associated with lines such as valves (DN 80 mm to DN 300 mm). Removing honeycomb dismantling joint DN 1000 mm, pumps, various equipment (brackets, metal shutters pipes Eternit)

Eau de paris | Published August 19, 2014

Déconstruction du décanteur de l'usine de Joinville (94). Lot no 2: travaux de déséquipement. Dépose des câbles et chemins de câbles existants. Dépose des appareils et équipements d'électricité et d'automatisme (armoires et coffrets électriques). Descellement et démontage des passerelles métalliques en caillebotis, des passerelles métalliques mobiles, des échelles à crinoline, des escaliers métalliques, des garde-corps métalliques (hors garde-corps sur les passerelles), des trappes et tampons d'accès. Dépose des canalisations d'alimentation en eau brute, en acier (DN 100 mm et DN 300 mm), des canalisations d'extraction et de vidange des boues, en acier DN 100 mm), de tous les appareils associés aux conduites tels que les vannes (DN 80 mm et DN 300 mm). Dépose des nids d'abeilles, des joints de démontage DN 1000 mm, des pompes, des équipements divers (équerres de fixation, obturateurs métalliques des tuyaux Eternit)

Construction and installation Saclay berries process control and instrumentation testing station cold superconducting coils project Jt-60SA.

CEA/Saclay | Published October 11, 2013
SNEF33 rue Sadi CarnotRambouillet 78120

The contract is for the construction and installation of the Saclay, berries process control, instrumentation, interconnection links and the distribution for the control of the cryogenic test station superconducting coils JT-60SA project. The market includes: - completion of detailed plans of the installation (on the basis of preliminary studies by CEA to be communicated to candidates invited to tender), - the establishment of record of accomplishment - the provision of equipment - carrying on the Saclay, cable trays - the equipotential bonding of all the testing station - on-site installation berries - berries and interconnection of the various elements - connecting bays power distribution box - commissioning on site. It is noted that the ECA will provide special equipment cetains holder (PLCs, analyzers). The list of equipment will be provided to candidates in the Specifications.

Work on the implementation of ISO 8 clean rooms - Equipex UNION - Delegation CNRS Alsace - Building 71 - Cronenbourg campus in Strasbourg

CNRS Délégation Alsace | Published June 4, 2013
Herga5b rue de Port GentilIllkirch 67400

Work on the implementation of ISO 8 clean rooms - EQUIPEX UNION - Delegation CNRS Alsace - Building 71 - campus in Strasbourg Cronenbourg Lot 1 Structural work preparing the site - buried sewage networks - decoupled slab - well foundations - various works Lot 2 Locksmith - metallic metal structure - implementation of security platforms - - setting security technical area - gas bottles shelter closing galleries technical project area - motorized hoist - various works lot 3 HVAC - Plumbing - Sorbonne Depose existing circuits - water production icy - technical room air conditioning - hot water circuit - air treatment - extractors - electric equipment - counters ENERGY - control-command supervision - distribution cold water - hot water - sewage networks - compressed air - cooling water wells - network recovery of helium - Special Gas - Sorbonne - benches - various works Lot 4 Electricity - low current general supply project - plug and grounding - distribution panel - cable trays - various power supplies - distributions - local equipment - lighting equipment - safety lighting - Fire alarms - computer and telephone cabling - controller of access - Intercom - cabling & Programming - various works Lot 5 cleanroom Cleanroom Partitions - partitions - ceilings - doors - various works Lot 6 Coatings floor - Paint Coating soft floor - floor covering resin - threshold strip - floor drain - painting - various works

Installation, supply and installation of infrastructure and wiring of weak current type connections on the eastern basins of the great seaport of marseille

Grand port maritime de marseille | Published September 3, 2017
45112100, 45112100, 45311000

The main objective is to provide, on demand, services that are part of projects aimed at extending and supplementing the weak current infrastructure of the eastern basins of the Grand Port Maritime of Marseille and, on the other hand, to satisfy the carrying out of the maintenance or renovation work of existing installations. The services in question concern in particular: - Supply, installation and connection of different types of communication cables; - Supply of a number of consumables such as optical jumpers, network jumpers; - Supply and installation of cable trays, trunking and associated accessories; - Supply and installation of sub-distribution cabinets or cabinets; - Realization of various infrastructures of low current type, - Realization of additional services of network search and geo-location; - Implementation of infrastructure in directional drilling with installation of PEHD sleeve

Structural shell work

Ville de Marcq-en-Barœul | Published November 15, 2017
Mot de Passe
45223220, 44316500, 45442100, 45310000, 30238000, 39155000

This contract relates to the project of partial development of the media library "La Corderie" of Marcq-en-Barœul for the implementation of the RFID device. The purpose of the services covers all the work necessary for the development and adaptation of the premises of the media library to enable the implementation of the RFID device, the provision and implementation of RFID equipment and furniture.

Realization of structural work, tiling and stone as part of the partial redevelopment of the building of the media library for the implementation of the RFID device.

Realization of the works of locksmithing and mirrors in the context of the partial redevelopment of the building of the media library for the implementation of the RFID device: modification of the entrance gate, creation of a metal and glass canopy and supply and installation of a sliding door.

Realization of fixtures, painting and ceiling slab for the partial remodeling of the media library including the layout of the central reception, the cyber center and the information point in the reading room.

Realization of electrical works, strong and weak currents and SSI, including piping and associated cable trays, as part of the partial redevelopment of the building of the media library for the implementation of the RFID device.

Supply and installation of RFID equipment from the media library.

Supply and installation of furniture for the project of partial redevelopment of the building of the media library for the implementation of the RFID device.

Thermal insulating material

EDF SA | Published November 29, 2017

Lots 2 & 3 - supply and installation of functional wrappings and scc of Flamanville 3 cable trays outside HRA

Electrical installation work

Cofiroute | Published November 29, 2017
45310000, 31121000, 31527000, 32223000, 32560000, 32570000, 34927000, 34928320, 34928500, 35125300, 42512300, 44320000, 45233280, 45341000, 63712210, 31527200, 34928510, 34928530

Equipment work on the toll station and the operating building as part of the development of the A10 / A85 junction

The market is broken down into 2 lots:

- lot 1: works station and building equipment,

- lot 2: public lighting works.

Lot 1 includes the following services:

In firm tranche:

- Supply, installation, wiring connection of:

Equipment for (x2) toll lanes,

Set of railings (x76), posts (x24), chain (14ml), hunting mirror post (x6).

Centralized technical management station: (x1) box and wiring, except software,

Building Access Control: (x1) cabinet and wiring, excluding software,

Building surveillance video: (x4) concrete rack masts + (x4) cameras and (x4) massive video + GC distribution cabinets);

(x1) Centralized inverter,

(x1) Generator Set,

(x1) TGBT,

(x2,025 ml) CFO and (x1 310 ml) Cfa wiring for building and station, (x1) data bay,

(x210 ml) cable trays, (x1) technical room air conditioning, (x6) outdoor lighting fixtures, (x8) local building lighting, (x) 19 sockets, (x18) computer sockets,

- Spare parts for maintenance (x1) camera, (x1) transmitter and receiver video on FO, (x1) exterior lighting building, (x1) building local lighting,

- Tests and receptions: in factory and on site;

- Project management, studies, documentation, installations and follow-up, participation in tasks managed by the Project Management

Optional Slice # 1 "Toll Equipment":

- Supply, installation, wiring connection of:

Equipment for (x2) toll lanes

Radio barrier edge control (x2)

Set of railing (x68), posts (x24), chain (x14ml), post hunting mirror (x6).

(x640ml) CFO Wiring, (x440 ml) Cfa Cabling,

Optional Slice # 2 "Free-Flow Gantry":

- Supply, installation, wiring connection of:

Shoot ...


Conseil regional de la reunion | Published March 24, 2018
38551000, 38551000, 38340000

WORK INSTALLATION MEASURES ENERGY ON SEVERAL SITES OF THE HERITAGE OF THE REGION Services consist in: - Designing the energy measurement system adapted to each site according to the specificities described; - Provide and set up complete measuring equipment for identified water, gas and electricity points; - Provide and set up all the wiring and cable trays needed for the work; - Provide and set up a measurement concentrator and program it to enable the transmission of data via FTP on the Réunion Region server.

2016PN031 - Rail and catenary equipment and works of sector West for the realization of Line 15 South of the Grand Paris Express network

Societe du grand paris | Published May 6, 2018
34946200, 34946200, 45234000

This contract includes the services of studies, supplies, works, tests and commissioning associated with 60E1 concrete rail track equipment on monobloc sleepers and switches with their maneuvering systems; catenary equipment type PAC 1500V; cable trays and cable ladders on voussoirs; escape bridges, concrete sidewalks; Dry columns in tunnel and lifting pumps. The section of the works between Sèvres and Vitry-sur-Seine, the connection of the access road to the SMI of Vitry is in underground zone.


Splaad | Published June 3, 2018
71521000, 71521000, 71521000

THE CREUSOT (71): TECHNOPOLITAN SITE - REHABILITATION EXTENSION OF A BUILDING CURRENTLY FOR SCHOOL USE. RESTRICTED COMPETITION ON APS (PRELIMINARY SUMMARY PROJECT) FOLLOWING A PROCEDURE NEGOTIATED WITHOUT ADVERTISING OR COMPETITION.The mission of project management will include the following missions that may possibly be completed and detailed in the project phase competition rules: - APS , APD, PRO, DCE, ACT, VISA, DET (including asbestos removal), AOR, GPA- Complementary missions OPC: Pilotage mission and coordination of enterprises DPGF: Establishment of DPGF filled with quantities and unit prices in phase APD and PRO / DCEo PC: Production and follow-up of the Building Permit file as well as all the Building permit files modifying necessary for the smooth running of the SSI projecto: SSIo coordination mission GUIDE: Complementary drafting mission of the technical, informatic and environmental management guide of FURNITURE building: Assistance with the choice of furniture (quantitative, type, layout, ...) o COMPUTING: Complete design e the architecture of the building's computer network including the cable trays and the recommendations for the active hardware ("Hardware" part). Dimensioning and technical recommendations for the computer solution of the building intended for the management services / animation of the site (part "software"). In addition to the design, this mission also includes assistance in drafting supply and installation contracts and assistance in monitoring implementation. For further information, please refer to the contest rules - Candidatures phase. Required skills: refer to the contest rules - Candidates phase