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Construction of nursery boussinesq in Montpellier

ville de montpellier. | Published November 14, 2013  -  Deadline December 2, 2013

Building Boussinesq nursery. Lot 1: partitions Suspended Ceilings. The contents of lot 1 is specified in the corresponding CCTP and concerns including partitions dubbing and distribution, false ceiling, installation of door frames, site installation. Lot # 2: joinery Interior - furniture. The contents of lot 2 is specified in the corresponding CCTP and includes the various types of interior doors, closet doors including equipment, furniture and various furniture (all furniture and shelving operation), wall hooks, glass partitions / chassis glass interior incorporating oculus in doors and walls, inspection hatch, various works such as joint cover, signage, caulking, etc.. Lot 3: flexible floor coverings. The contents of lot 3 is specified in the corresponding CCTP and concerns including surface preparation, screed, anhydrite screed, cement pads, acoustic vinyl flooring, anti-slip PVC flooring, PVC skirting chopsticks, plastic skirting, siding, PVC processing JD, brush carpet, tile glue, tiles. Lot 4: resin flooring. The content of Lot 4 is specified in the corresponding CCTP and mainly media verification, soil resin (slope form cement sealing liquid screed screed, high-performance resin), etc.. Lot # 5: painting. The content of Lot 5 is specified in the corresponding CCTP and mainly: preparation of all media painting, glass painting, painting walls, ceilings and walls, painting of various substrates, wood, PVC or other metal doors: songs , oculus, hooks, etc ..., blackout curtains, general cleaning, cover seal, label, caulking, etc.. Lot 6: plumbing. The content of Lot 6 is specified in the corresponding CCTP and concerns including: creation of collective health, DHW semi-instantaneous type boiler, distribution ef, and DHW loop in the building, fixtures and fittings community type or of childhood "Range nursery" sanitary fittings, EU networks within the building, etc.. Lot 7: strong and weak currents. The content of Lot 7 is specified in the corresponding CCTP and concerns including power distribution for construction, test and put into service facilities, the power required for other lots, equipotential bonding, connection to public networks ERDF and France Telecom the cable trays suspended ceilings and ducts, etc.. Lot 8: Heating Ventilation Cooling. The content of Lot 8 is specified in the corresponding CCTP and concerns including the work of ventilation, heating / cooling, power / control. Lot 9: locksmith. The content of Lot 9 is specified in the corresponding CCTP and concerns: fence and gates, metal gate insulating equipment for drying and local stroller grid drains, shade house, various works as cover gasket, caulking, etc.. Lot 9 locksmith been a conditional phase 1: Screen shade. Lot 10: vrd green spaces. The content of Lot 10 is specified in the corresponding CCTP and concerns: equipment suitable for work in progress, difficult access, supply and installation of irrigation networks, embankments, concrete paving, planting, safety in construction zones, protection paths site access. Lot 10 Green Spaces VRD been a conditional phase 2 screed. Lot 11: equipment restoration and insulated silos. The content of Lot 11 is specified in the corresponding CCTP and concerns the actual handling and complete mounting hardware for the kitchen and laundry, installation, connections and necessary tests, the training materials, thorough cleaning of the equipment used and local used, supply and installation of partitions isothermal

Regeneration project of switches positions Belfort - Construction of a storage building and a basic work

SNCF – direction des achats de l'infrastructure | Published January 8, 2014  -  Deadline January 31, 2014
45213200, 45111291, 45112360, 45112330, 45112310, 45112340, 45112500, 45112600, 45213221, 45213252, 45213251, 45213351, 45213400, 45261100, 45261210, 45262410, 45311200, 45331200, 45400000, 45223300

General: Construction of a building in Belfort (90000) 25 rue Jean de la Fontaine, consisting of: - two storage halls, a local tool, a garage with a total area of ​​834 m * - a modular building 150 m * including offices, canteen, changing rooms and showers - a modular building 136 m * for office use The entire building will be composed of independent elements in order to possible future deconstruction. Details: The market is a * Company * General combining all trades, it will be awarded to a single company TCE It includes the following lots - a lot VRD, foundations, Big Work: a.Terrassements * Earthworks Realization of stripping of rights of way work area, including all constraints leveling, embankments, cuttings for completion of the car park, traffic and building area. Realization of building foundations and embankments. Removal and disposal and landfill sites classified ISDD following testing and diagnosis made. b. Various road Networks Realization of network storm drainage, construction of sewerage wastewater realization of drinking water supply network, network implementation Food strong current. Realization of a heavy and a light floor floor. c. Structural Work Construction of foundations by building wells including massive, pavement structure (heavy floor) Soft independent. Massive achievement for candelabra including reservations and sheaths for electric power candelabra. Achievement of walls composed of shuttering blocks and siding so gabion. This lot includes an option consisting of the creation of a landscaped bund. - A lot steelwork, Metalwork: Making a metal frame including media coverage portals and walls of metal profiles. Supply and installation of metal doors 2 doors made of profiles and flat sheets aux2 faces, craft doors without bending. This lot includes an option of siding on exterior siding - a lot Coverage * Siding * Stormwater * Green roof: Realization of a typical green roof cover, consisting of tray-type steel brackets attached to frame, a complex of vegetation and a recessed gutter. Supply, installation and connection of downspouts waters. Supply and installation of a cellular translucent polycarbonate cladding. Supply and installation of a lattice-like mesh welded rigid panel. This lot includes an option of siding on exterior siding - a lot HVAC: Supply and installation of a reversible pump for heating the modular building of 150m * heat. Supply and installation of a water heater Thermodynamics 300 liters for domestic hot water modular building 150 m *. Supply and installation of sanitary hot water cylinder with a capacity of 15L for the eauchaude health needs of modular building 136 m *. Supply and installation of air handling 2centrales turbofan for desbâtimentsmodulaires ventilation. Installation and equipment shall conform to the regulation RT2012. - A strong current lot also including outdoor lighting: The work related to the implementation of a new yellow price, supply and installation of a cabinet and a divisional TGBT switchboard, lighting and building Parking, supply and installation of power facilities HVAC, facilities and electric heating outlets circuits. It also includes the supply and installation of electrical expectations for supplying lighting equipment park, storage area and unloading, all cables and cable trays to the installations, connection network connections and equipotential earth. - A lot Modular Buildings: Construction of a modular building dimension 16,25 m x 9,20 m x 4,00 m about including offices, canteen, changing rooms and showers. Construction of a modular building dimension 26,25 m x 5,20 m x 4,00 m about including offices, refectory. The modular buildings will comply with the regulation RT2012. Construction metal frame galvanized steel painted with facade panels sandwich Ave ribbed steel roofing bins, downspouts, interior carpentry, exterior carpentry. Supply and installation of plumbing fixtures and plumbing systems. - Telecom lots and fire protection are not included in this folder. The project site is located on the bank of the town of Belfort in the neighborhood Nursery plot no526.

Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work

SNCF Réseau | Published January 6, 2017  -  Deadline January 23, 2017

This contract is the construction and equipping half a dock before laying the adjacent track.

This market includes all work necessary for the completion of half dock or civil engineering specialties, wet networks, art work, energy and telecoms.

The main quantities below are for information only:

Creating a railway crossing:

Excavation and landfilling: 26 m 3 .

Cable tray embedded in the concrete (3 beds 8 sheaths 110): 13 ml.

free opening room 1.19 x 1.78. 1.50 m deep with metal pads C250: 1 u.

Wharf confection:

Controlled demolition: 10 m 3 .

Wharf Demolition body: 20 m 2 .

excavation of evacuation: 10 m 3 .

prefabricated boxes laying quayside: 325 ml.

Supply and implementation of materials for dock body constitution: 1350 m 3 .

F and P grave cement: 150 m 3 .

Supply and installation of tiles awakening vigilance: 450 ml.

Cable trays: 375 ml.

Drawing Room: 42 u.

Removing and installing the fence: 510 ml.

Primer coat: 1600 m 2 .

Mix 68 tons.

Massive equipment and furniture for shore:

Massive concrete masts candelabra: 30 u.

Massive concrete support poles: 10 u.

massive concrete pier for furniture: 45 u.

Safety mast installation: 10 u.

bench installation: 6 u.

trash laying: 16 u

Laying technique furniture: 4 u.

Tiles with integrated cover:

Supply and installation of hatches 600 x 600 mm: 8 u.

Concrete for BA: 0.5 m 3 .

HA steel: 60 kg.

Formwork: 14 m 2 .


Pose and clock connection: 4 u.

Supply, installation and connection of a cable C1 SYT2 SH 2 pairs: 1 000 ml.

Supply, installation and connection of a power cable 3x6 * C1 SH (2 cores +): 1 000 ml.


Installation and connection of phones like TEX - laying on dock furniture: 10 u.

Supply, installation and 3 pairs cable connection SYT2 armed 9/10 C1 SH: 1 000 ml.

Supply, installation and cable connection 5 Pairs SYT2 armed 6/10 C1 SH: 2000 ml.


Supply and cable laying rigid 2x4 mm * CR1-C1-SH: 1 000 ml.

Supply and laying cable 2x1.5 mm stiff * CR1-C1-SH: 620 ml.

Installation and orientation of the speakers with hanging device and grid: 62 u.

8. Electric power:

Cables of all types: 10 800 ml.

Laying Safety mats: 9 u.

Installation of lighting masts: 31 u.

Lighting 217 u.

300 mm: 950 ml.

Water System:

Pipelines: 600 ml.

circulation pump: 1 u.

Note that this work is to achieve with implementation constraints, the main are:

- In urban areas,

- Operated on railway site,

- On restricted construction allowances,

- Partly day,

- Partly at night under temporary interception of movement (ITC)

- Consignment under catenary,

- In co-activity with other sites (including the work of the Grande Halle Voyageurs).

Restructuring work of Green Mountain campsite in Strasbourg

communaute urbaine de strasbourg. | Published February 18, 2014  -  Deadline March 18, 2014

dc3047cb - work of restructuring the Green Mountain campsite in Strasbourg. Lot No. 05: structural work. Bat. Home: geotextile 1690m2, 2200m3 embankment technical substitution, excavations for foundations 53m3, 53m3 concrete for foundations, sills 190ml, 180ml seismic anchors, facade walls and concrete shear walls 505m2, 53m2 concrete slab, countertops exterior concrete 13.80 ml slab-on-ground 670m2 Bat. Sanit. : Geotextile 365m2, 435m3 embankment technical substitution, excavations for foundations 14m3, 14m3 concrete for foundations, sills 45ml, 28ml seismic anchors, facade walls and concrete shear walls 130m2, 23m2 concrete slab, worktop 7.90 ml exterior concrete paving on-ground 115m2. TC 1 Running a nailing. Lot No. 06: wood structure. . "Bat Home: timber frame walls 551m2 (60x200mm frame + 18mm thick veil working alone.), Glulam timbers to 31.5 m3 LVL panels 69mm thick to support 1070m2 coverage, solid wood frames for support under. surfaces 656m2bat Sanit.. 115m2 wood frame walls (frame 60x200 + 18mm thick veil working alone.), glulam timbers to 2.5 m3 solid wood panels laminated high dimension 140mm thick 152m2, media coverage.. Lot No. 07: etanchéité "Bat.. Home: TPO waterproofing under vegetation with insulating concrete slab 49m2, sealing TPO under vegetation insulated slab wood 690m2, sealing TPO under vegetation without insulation slab wood 333m2, 5 skylights for lighting, 26 stakes security terrassebat roof. Sanit. : TPO waterproofing under vegetation with insulating concrete slab 20m2, sealing TPO under vegetation insulated slab wood 160m2, 7 stakes safety roof terrace "Lot No. 08: External joinery wood - glazing.." Bat. Home: 82m2 glazed curtain walling, doors 2 doors 3 windows, hoods larch 435ml, glass frame 35m2, tablets windows ext. 23ml, 13 doorsets ext. Full 1-leaf, 1 block door ext. 2 full vantauxbat. Sanit. : Glass frame 16m2, tablets windows ext. 12ml, 6 doorsets ext. 1 full leaf. Lot No. 09: siding and wood ceilings - scaffolding. . "Bat Home: insulation panels wool forming rainscreen 515m2, sealing against moisture 185ml lifts, cladding panels 3 ply 247m2, dressing and dressing over flow pipe, and supply EF. sinks ext 12.8 ml triangular batten siding 420m2, false ceiling panels in ext 3 ply 327m2bat Sanit.... insulation board rockwool forming rainscreen 138m2, 48ml seal against rising damp, cladding panels 3 ply 44m2, dressing and dressing over flow, and supply EF sinks ext 7.05 ml, siding cleats triangular 129m2 Lot # 10 pipes.... insulation blowing "Bat. Home: blown cellulose wadding 551m2, vapor barrier 551m2bat. Sanit. Cellulose wadding blown 115m2, 115m2 vapor barrier "Lot # 11. Electricity." Bat. Home: 1 position with precast transformer. 630kva 1 MSB, 1 wardrobe compensation, 2 TD, cable paths 272ml, 747ml ducts, supply. Kitchen equipment, HVAC, various beats. 141 outlets utilities, razors, hair dryers, 210 int luminaires. And ext., 26 emergency lighting, lightning arresters in tables taken Rj45 27 blocks including 1 bay, 6 video gatekeepers, 1 intruder Central, 1 center SSI type 4, 1 Central techniquebat alarm. Sanit. 1 TD, cable trays 18ml, 33ml ducts, supply. HVAC equipment, various beats., 35 outlets utilities, razors, hair dryers, 33 luminaires int. And ext. 8 security lighting, lightning in Table 1, 1 RJ45 jack, 1 bay, 1 center SSI type 4, 7 technical alarms "" Option 1BAT blocks. Home: Tube luminaire "" Option 2bat. Home: Lighting Led dimmable "" Option 3bat. Home: Video over IP Entry "" Option 4bat. Sanit. : Tube luminaire: Bat "Lot # 12 - Heating - Ventilation tF..." Home: 1 gas condensing boiler 279kw, 1 double smoke pipe diam skin. 250mm, solar tubular 34.24 m2, 1 trainer 3000l solar DHW exchanger with separate, prod. Semi-instantaneous hot water