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Telecommunications facilities

RATP | Published December 23, 2016
Spie IDF Nord-Ouest
32523000, 45314000, 32000000

Within the metro renewal project (MNC), this contract is to provide and integrate radio broadcast systems RATP and GSM-3G-4G in several metro stations Parisien.

The expected benefits are:

- The preparation, monitoring and end of construction,

- Creation, removal or replacement of cable trays,

- Installation or removal of radiating coaxial cables radio and non-radiating,

- The installation and removal of radio equipment (couplers, antennas, repeaters, filters, multi couplers, loads, etc.)

- Installation, removal, or replacement of cabinet or rack (and related equipment). Removing network cabinets, windows, etc.

- Installation of antennal structures with associated calculation notes,

- Various arrangements,

- Electrical,


- Acceptance of the work,

- The presentation of the qualification application executed + book folder.

This contract is a multi-awarded market. It is part of the Metro renewal project (MNC) and is to complete and integrate radio broadcast systems RATP and GSM-3G-4G in 28 stations of the Paris metro.

This is a market controls including minimum and maximum benefits.

The 28 stations are to be assigned to four holders.

Under minimum:

- 16 stations

Each holder will be given a minimum of 4 stations.

Under the maximum:

- The minimum + 12 stations.

Building installation work

SEMTCAR | Published February 1, 2017  -  Deadline March 14, 2017
45300000, 45310000, 45330000, 85312510

Achieving line b automatic metro includes the construction of three parks relay superstructure. This concerns the AAPC Park Relay Gayeulles.

Park Relay Gayeulles is a parking lot of 402 places of 62 m approximately 35 m, superstructure, with 5 levels above the ground floor to a height of about 20 meters, well-ventilated area. This is a post structure reinforced concrete beams, with flagstone floors alveolar BA concrete and facades perforated stainless steel sheet. This relay Park, partially located above the future subway station The Gayeulles (line b automatic metro) and operates as opening hours of the station.

Lot 102 subject of this consultation concerns the BT electrical works and HVAC Relay Gayeulles Park (see description of benefits Ii-2-4 below).

Lot 102 focuses on electrical distribution wiring yellow tariff, LED lighting all local (500 points of light around - including signage), electric heating in local personnel, and for precautionary measures in terms of electricity distribution infrastructure charging electric vehicles (EVRI) (cable trays and ducts for the CFO and the CFA).

This lot also covers the installation of plumbing and sanitary equipment and ventilation and air conditioning for the development of certain premises.

The market will include provisions to promote the employment of people with special difficulties of integration and the fight against unemployment. The implementation modalities of this integration approach will be indicated in the tender documents of companies.

Fire-detection systems

RATP | Published March 31, 2017  -  Deadline April 28, 2017

This notice is part of the project: Reduction of evacuation time of the Invalides station; Creating additional access to Marne-la-Vallée-Chessy.

It aims to conclude a purchase orders to alloti framework agreement with a minimum and a maximum amount for the design, supply and installation of the Fire Safety System (IMS) in limited Invalides station escalators and device Fume Brake and design, supply and installation of the Fire Safety System (IMS) of Marne-la-Vallée-Chessy station.

Benefits include the design, supply, installation, commissioning, preventive maintenance and training of future operators and maintainers of the ISS.

This lot concerns the establishment of the IMS of the limited Invalides subway station escalators and Smoke brake device.

The services included in the minimum amount of Lot 1:

- achievement of design studies and project monitoring,

- providing SSI equipment

- installation, installation, connection and commissioning of the WSIS equipment

- monitoring services, testing and commissioning,

- the provision of DOE (of executed work record)

- preventive maintenance during the warranty period (12 months)

- the provision of maintenance items,

- training in the use of SSI.

The services included in the maximum amount of Lot 1:

- the services included in the minimum amount,

- laying cable trays,

- completion of services provided in subsection 4

- a variation of 15% of the minimum amount.

This lot covers the establishment of the SSI of Marne-la-Vallée-Chessy station.

The services included in the minimum amount of Lot 2:

- achievement of design studies and project monitoring,

- providing equi ...

Underground railway station

SMAT | Published April 4, 2017
Artel société nouvelle
45234125, 45223220, 45262210, 45431000, 45431100, 45261000, 45310000, 45311000, 45311100, 45311200, 45443000, 45421140

Doubling the line capacity - Basso Cambo station Mirail (MBC) - work related to the achievement of improvements in the way station to operate with reams of 52 meters long.

The following amounts are given for guidance:

- Wall échiffres and exterior walls: 354 square meters

- false ceiling outside: 186 square meters

- paving screed 194 square meters

- opaque stain coatings: 909 square meters.

The following amounts are given for guidance:

- anti-corrosion treatment: 58 tons

- primary framework coverage: 16 tons

- backbone failures: 8 tons

- solid slab floor 124 square meters.

The following amounts are given for guidance:

- earth cable 50 mm section 2 : 200 ml

- cable trays: 400 ml

- laying of light beams: 100 ml

- extract manifold: 2u

- ceiling: 186 m2.

The following amounts are given for guidance:

- supply and implementation of smoke opening 20 u

- supply and implementation of curtain walls: 115 m2

- cladding and perforated sheet: 226 m2

- supply and implementation of cantonments screens: 33 ml.

Electrical wiring work

Sytral | Published April 8, 2017
Spie Sud-Ouest
45311100, 39134000

This consultation concerns the work of redevelopment of the central command post metro dieu (CPC) to be conducted in order to integrate a new place to control the line B, due to the full automation of the latter.

The contract performance period is 10 months off completion guarantee period.

This applies to the control points of the ABC line, the shift supervisor and other elements of the CCP environment.

The electrical work involved in this lot are:

- design studies and file the executed works, update documents Sytral heritage,

- complete electrical renovation of existing stations (regulators and watch leader) and wiring of the new posts,

- creation of new low voltage start as needed,

- supply of new equipment,

- creation of underfloor cable trays,

- removing a vent pipe out of service,

- moving a computer rack,

- moving computer CPUs and creating bays to house (including network brewing)

- change fire detection and possible resumption of suspended ceiling tiles,

- modification of the optical / optical connection network,

- removal of unnecessary cables.

the specific contract duration: 10 months.

The work involved in this lot are:

- design studies and file the executed works, update documents Sytral heritage,

- supply and installation of furniture for new jobs for regulators and the shift supervisor's office,

- supply and installation of new furniture for the environment CPC (filing storage cabinet box the internal correspondence of letters, buffet storage, personal lockers, etc.)

- removal and recycling of all furniture items which are not kept,

- closing a technical pit

- producing a false floor,

- Replacement of technical floor slabs.

CIV RER line B - Lot 11 low voltage electricity.

RATP | Published March 11, 2016  -  Deadline March 29, 2016

This contract is part of the project of passenger information center of the RER B line. This lot concerns the low voltage electricity stations on RER B. The work includes:

a) To improve the sound of the stations of categories 2-4

- The supply and installation of a construction kit including food.

- Removal or remodeling of existing low voltage equipment for the creation of local VTP (protected technical volume).

- The supply and installation of electrical protection cabinets dedicated to lighting and the small driving force (PFM) VTP premises.

- The supply and installation of electrical protections such boxes 1, 2, 3 or 4 dedicated to sound equipment.

- The power boxes listed above from a source called "normal" or "permanent" including the redesign of the secondary electrical cabinets or lighting existing power station of cells.

- Creating paths like cable trays.

- The supply and installation of circuit breakers in existing cabinets,

- Installation and addressing of autonomous safety lighting blocks and setting associated management stations.

b) For the improvement of railway stations of categories 5

- The supply and installation of circuit breakers in existing cabinets,

- Redesign of existing distribution boxes,

- Replacement of power cables for the enclosures if necessary.

c) For changing the intercom at the docks of call boxes

- Supply and laying of BAES within the bounds of Appeal,

- Establishing internal connections to the terminals,

- For BAES supply from existing networks or to create,

- Addressing and setting BAES and management of power plants.

- The existing BAES travel.

ADP - CDG - Orly -LBG - works various low current IT and telecom.

Aéroports de Paris | Published March 11, 2016  -  Deadline March 25, 2016

Target market: carry out significant work within the UO / DIA projects especially related to economic regulation agreement 3. The market aims to achieve large cable pulling jobs of all kinds for the purpose of use of access control and video surveillance, as well as to carry out distribution "low currents" in the context of the extension works or upgrading of feeder networks Voice data Image (VDI) inside buildings properties of Aéroports de Paris. important work under the contract in the context of future major development work of CDG / Orly / LBG (junction between terminals 2B and 2D, renovation of terminal 2B satellites junction of terminal 1, work on the Orly heritage ...). Below you will find the approximate quantities of this market - for the provision of benefits and poses: - hundreds of kilometers of copper cables and coaxial cables - several dozen km fiber - strips, coaxial connectors, optical connectors, RJ45 - a few km of cable trays - a few km of chutes - several km sleeves - a few km flexible tubes each - 19 "cabinets and accessories - small masonry work required. - For services Drop-hundred km of various cables. Quantities are approximate and subject to change. Works nights in operating and airside zone (Zsar) potential (several nights a week estimated) markets to purchase multi awarded orders (3 Directors) Type RCP: reopening of competition in each issue of market orders no minimum without maximum Perimeters: CDG + LBG + ORLY.

Repair and maintenance services of building installations

Bibliothèque nationale de France | Published July 7, 2015
GDF Suez Energie Services — Cofely

The provisions of this special administrative clauses (Ccap) pertain to the maintenance level 1-4 of the equipment of technical facilities Castle Sable-sur-Sarthe. The installations concerned are divided into 7 sections: Section 1: - heating systems - ventilation systems - air conditioning systems - the provision of a plumbing, Section 2: - The extinguishers, Section 3 - The high installations tensions: delivery, processing, HV network under paving, gutters, and cable trays, - the circuit and emergency lighting devices (Baes) - The distribution boards - inverters and batteries Section 4 - Equipment Security, access control, video protection section 5: - Ssi Facilities Section 6: - Lifting and transport of persons (elevator) Section 7 - Cleaning and checking gutters blankets and the market has a defined option in a Section 8: This is the supply of domestic fuel. The market is overall price controls with a share of between 0 and 10 percent of global annual and lump sum in the market for the acquisition and installation parts in the unit value exceeds 400 EUR HT outside labor Lumber and deducted discount. It includes an option that may be exercised to the notification of the market. This is the supply of domestic fuel grade whose benefits will run through purchase orders under the provisions of section 77 of the Public Procurement Code. The delivery time is 72 hours maximum if different specifications on the order. For this section 8, the annual minimum amount is 20 000 EUR (including VAT) and the maximum annual amount of 50 000 EUR (including VAT).

Installation of telecommunications equipment

SNCF Réseau, représenté par (PSIG DPF MOM) | Published July 1, 2015  -  Deadline September 15, 2015
45314000, 45312330

The work of building radio coverage under the slab of: - In one hand the telecom work - to unwind the fiber optic cables between local and between local and new radio sites; - Installing new optical drawers and cabinets; - To create 3 new radio sites (Fulton, M3 and WATT); - To install two windows (42 U to local EAS T023 and T31); - To install 12 new RF / FO (3 local and remote 9) in existing and new local radio sites; - Installing new cable trays; - To install 31 new branches and fittings for all the antennas connected to the new radio sites; - 14 to replace their antennas and hardware on BFM by new panel antennas - to drop a few antennas without replacing them; - Installing new grids; - Installing radiating cables on service roads and the subway; - To connect the antennas to the coaxial cable and the RF / optical fiber; - To connect new RF / FO equipment into electrical energy; - Numbering the new grids and all antennas (redials some grids); - To connect all the new grids, antennas and RF / FO to land; And work on the other Energy: - to supply all the new RF / FO in local and new radio sites; - Installing new cabinets and circuit breakers; - Installing proof luminaires for new radio sites. Performance conditions: - Railway Works site operated - Part of the work is performed at night or weekend to the Temporary Interruptions favor of Circulations Rail Catenary and Consignations.

Work on the implementation of ISO 8 clean rooms - Equipex UNION - Delegation CNRS Alsace - Building 71 - Cronenbourg campus in Strasbourg

CNRS Délégation Alsace | Published June 4, 2013
Herga5b rue de Port GentilIllkirch 67400

Work on the implementation of ISO 8 clean rooms - EQUIPEX UNION - Delegation CNRS Alsace - Building 71 - campus in Strasbourg Cronenbourg Lot 1 Structural work preparing the site - buried sewage networks - decoupled slab - well foundations - various works Lot 2 Locksmith - metallic metal structure - implementation of security platforms - - setting security technical area - gas bottles shelter closing galleries technical project area - motorized hoist - various works lot 3 HVAC - Plumbing - Sorbonne Depose existing circuits - water production icy - technical room air conditioning - hot water circuit - air treatment - extractors - electric equipment - counters ENERGY - control-command supervision - distribution cold water - hot water - sewage networks - compressed air - cooling water wells - network recovery of helium - Special Gas - Sorbonne - benches - various works Lot 4 Electricity - low current general supply project - plug and grounding - distribution panel - cable trays - various power supplies - distributions - local equipment - lighting equipment - safety lighting - Fire alarms - computer and telephone cabling - controller of access - Intercom - cabling & Programming - various works Lot 5 cleanroom Cleanroom Partitions - partitions - ceilings - doors - various works Lot 6 Coatings floor - Paint Coating soft floor - floor covering resin - threshold strip - floor drain - painting - various works

Waterproofing work

RATP | Published October 14, 2017  -  Deadline November 7, 2017
45261420, 45421140, 45431100

As part of the project to renovate the Auber station located on the RER A line, metalworking and fitting work on the exchange room is necessary in order to highlight the architectural heritage of the station, offering an excellent quality of service.

Auber railway station renovation project - LOT TCE 03: Waterproofing, metalwork and fitting of the exchange room.

The consultation concerns a mixed price market.

The works mainly concern:

- Waterproofing of the vault over an area of ​​approximately 7 000 m 2 and concerning the following services:

-Installation of scaffolding and decking, floor height between 3 m and 7 m high in several phases

-Drawing of existing paint

-Application of a SEL (liquid sealing) confined on the vaulted part, with drainage and preliminary injections

-Drainage of the piers

-Tightness of the gutters at the foot

-Installation of gutters at the right of certain premises

-Paint the vault

- Development work on the following services:

- Design and realization of prototypes of various metal products and realization of the complete box with light signaling

-Working on metal walls on the pedestrians with a total surface of approximately 1600m 2

-Working ceiling treatment frame with a surface of about 1000m 2 and comprising:

* Metal ceiling tiles in the underside of mezzanine tiles

* Removal of signage

* The manufacture and installation of a support box for cable trays, lighting and light signs (about 350ml)

* The light signage strip (about 350ml)

-The development of premises and shops (about 400m 2 )

-Plastic flooring at the level of the exchange room with a surface of ...

Electrical wiring and fitting work

RATP | Published May 5, 2017  -  Deadline May 29, 2017

The consultation concerns a framework agreement with manufacturing order forms and installation of the Belliard and Duhesme centralized control substations (PCC) and the uncoupling of the PCC Duhesme emergency power supplies in the context of the operation of Modernization of line 4 of the metro.

The services are for the supply and the works described below.

Concerning the PCC Belliard and Duhesme:

- Study, design, manufacture and installation of LV distribution boxes downstream of PCC inverters 1 and 2

Concerning the Lamarck Caulaincourt Station to the CCP Duhesme:

- Installation of circuit breakers at Lamarck Caulaincourt (Post Lighting Force and quay cabinet) and unwinding of the cables from the emergency supplies to the PCC Duhesme

- Reinforcement of cable supports (hooks, harrows and cable trays) between Lamarck Caulaincourt and Duhesme to allow unwinding of cables from emergency power supplies.

The amounts of the nominal amount are approximately as follows:

- 23 BT boxes

- 350 circuit breakers mainly installed in LV enclosures, any size and any type

- 0.5km of tunnel cable supports including harrows and hooks

- unwinding of 8km of cables, any section confused

The work includes the supply and installation with the exception of the cables supplied by RATP.

The quantities are given as an indication and will be detailed in the consultation file.

The contract is a framework agreement with standing orders with a maximum amount that can vary from +50% to a minimum amount that can vary from -30% of the nominal amount based on the aforementioned quantities.

Electrical installation work

SNCF | Published October 4, 2017  -  Deadline October 27, 2017

The purpose of this project is to define all the supplies and works required to supply the electrical installations and lighting the 3-way workshop on pits / footbridges as part of the SMGL Villeneuve Prairie project.

This building is an ERT Establishment Receiving Workers.

The energy work to be carried out will be the following:

- replacement of an HT / LV transformer substation for the general supply of electrical installations,

- installation of a distribution cabinet,

- lighting of pits and footbridges,

- security lighting,

- lighting of an outer track,

- installation of socket outlets,

- installation of cable trays and supply of forces and lighting,

- installation of power supply for electrical equipment (lifting pumps, velocipedic cranes, ...).

Significant quantities:

Transformation station type Bocage 2 x 630 kVA: 1;

Artery cables BT of general supply workshop 3 VFP (including crossing of lanes, rooms of prints ...): 140 m;

LV general workshop power cables 3 VFP: 2,100 m;

LV BV cabinets workshop 3 VFP: 1;

Luminaire of pit: 696;

Tubular luminaire for traffic gangways: 556;

Projector luminaire for high-luminous lighting: 173;

Stand-Alone Lighting Unit: 280;

Outdoor lighting: 38;

LV supply cables luminaires (all types): 12,000 m;

Socket Set (all types): 188;

LV power supply cables (all types): 7,000 m;

Cable way: 6,000 m.

The quantities indicated above are given merely for information purposes.


Splaad | Published June 3, 2018
71521000, 71521000, 71521000

THE CREUSOT (71): TECHNOPOLITAN SITE - REHABILITATION EXTENSION OF A BUILDING CURRENTLY FOR SCHOOL USE. RESTRICTED COMPETITION ON APS (PRELIMINARY SUMMARY PROJECT) FOLLOWING A PROCEDURE NEGOTIATED WITHOUT ADVERTISING OR COMPETITION.The mission of project management will include the following missions that may possibly be completed and detailed in the project phase competition rules: - APS , APD, PRO, DCE, ACT, VISA, DET (including asbestos removal), AOR, GPA- Complementary missions OPC: Pilotage mission and coordination of enterprises DPGF: Establishment of DPGF filled with quantities and unit prices in phase APD and PRO / DCEo PC: Production and follow-up of the Building Permit file as well as all the Building permit files modifying necessary for the smooth running of the SSI projecto: SSIo coordination mission GUIDE: Complementary drafting mission of the technical, informatic and environmental management guide of FURNITURE building: Assistance with the choice of furniture (quantitative, type, layout, ...) o COMPUTING: Complete design e the architecture of the building's computer network including the cable trays and the recommendations for the active hardware ("Hardware" part). Dimensioning and technical recommendations for the computer solution of the building intended for the management services / animation of the site (part "software"). In addition to the design, this mission also includes assistance in drafting supply and installation contracts and assistance in monitoring implementation. For further information, please refer to the contest rules - Candidatures phase. Required skills: refer to the contest rules - Candidates phase

Deconstruction of decanter factory Joinville (94). Lot 2: déséquipement work. Removing cables and existing cable trays. Removal of the appliances and electrical and automation (cabinets and boxes) equipment. Loosening and removing metal grating walkways, mobile metal walkways, ladders with safety cage, metal stairs, metal railings (excluding railings on bridges), hatches and access buffers. Removing supply raw water pipes, steel (DN 100 mm and DN 300 mm), extraction pipes and drain sludge, steel DN 100 mm) of all devices associated with lines such as valves (DN 80 mm to DN 300 mm). Removing honeycomb dismantling joint DN 1000 mm, pumps, various equipment (brackets, metal shutters pipes Eternit)

Eau de paris | Published August 19, 2014

Déconstruction du décanteur de l'usine de Joinville (94). Lot no 2: travaux de déséquipement. Dépose des câbles et chemins de câbles existants. Dépose des appareils et équipements d'électricité et d'automatisme (armoires et coffrets électriques). Descellement et démontage des passerelles métalliques en caillebotis, des passerelles métalliques mobiles, des échelles à crinoline, des escaliers métalliques, des garde-corps métalliques (hors garde-corps sur les passerelles), des trappes et tampons d'accès. Dépose des canalisations d'alimentation en eau brute, en acier (DN 100 mm et DN 300 mm), des canalisations d'extraction et de vidange des boues, en acier DN 100 mm), de tous les appareils associés aux conduites tels que les vannes (DN 80 mm et DN 300 mm). Dépose des nids d'abeilles, des joints de démontage DN 1000 mm, des pompes, des équipements divers (équerres de fixation, obturateurs métalliques des tuyaux Eternit)

Road bridge construction work

APRR | Published January 26, 2017  -  Deadline February 23, 2017

Upgrade work 5 OA located on A6 direction P / L for the following works:

PICF 309 + 870.

PICF 312 + 180.

PICF 313 + 350.

PIBA 314 + 250.

Preliminary operations:

- Cleaning of the area around the work.

Work done on work:

- Complete reconstruction of the seal including statements sealing,

- Demolition and reconstruction of the GBA,

- Jacking of OA apron 314 + 250,

- Replacement of bridge bearings,

- Repair pavement joints,

- Strengthening vis-à-vis the impact of the top cross by shotcrete,

- Replacement or repair cornices,

- Removal / installation of GC S8,

- Implementation of an SEL on eaves and cornices-cons,

- Delivery / installation cable trays.

Work carried out under item:

- Implementation of barbicans

- Treatment of cracks,

- Recovery degraded concrete beams and abutment OA 314 + 250,

- Uncoupling and re-coupling hitch 2 aprons device

- Repair corrosion protection coupling devices.

Facilities, construction and folding means of access (including scaffolding, etc) 4 u.

Placing two cofferdams and driving diarrhea Creek 4 u.

execution of studies and methods (EQUIP, PPSPS, gluing folder, etc.) 4 u.

Diarrhea networks binding 2 u.

trial tests and control 4 u.

Cleaning of the area around the work 4 u.

Media Preparation including statements 800m 2 .

Supply and implementation of the asphalt layer 8 + 22, including the impregnation layer 790 m 2 .

Removing gutter 30m.

Recovery gutter by concreting including PVC sleeves 30m.

Supply and implementation including statements sealing protection mortar fence 80 m.

planing floor including sawing and waste disposal 550 m 2 .

F ...

Renovation of the park carnot in Aix-en-Provence

semepa. | Published September 5, 2013  -  Deadline September 30, 2013

renovation of Carnot Park lot No. 2 to No. 5. Lot # 2: coatings - paints and resin. The work of this lot include: site installation, fencing construction rework and repair soil treatments joints ground preparations of all supports the application of epoxy resin film on all the floors application of acrylic paint on the walls and the ceiling painting of woodwork and metalwork, including gates cross the realization of markings, signs painted horizontal and vertical cleaning work completion. Lot 3: strong currents and low currents. The benefits of this lot will include (non-exhaustive list based on projects and plans): Removal of the old installations Moving TD installed in the stairwells Moving path of a parking level -2 the renovation of cable trays laying functional lighting and enhancement. Lot 4: guidance places. The benefits of this lot will include (non-exhaustive list based on projects and plans): The implementation of the guidance system instead of paths and protective devices of control and power connections. Lot # 5: signs. The work of this lot include: installation site, removing elements existing signage not kept the supply and installation of signage elements including: Door Signs (dead end) users informative panels (CCTV responsibility of users ...) Room Signaling Levels orientation Issues pictograms emergency signage PMR (and traffic) evacuation plans and fire safety safety Transom Metal Safety directional light panels. Main features: work to be performed in the market are mainly the following (attributed to different batches, depending on the chosen decomposition of body separate states): Removed unused networks (sprinkler) work times and repairs épaufrés elements degraded reinforced concrete replacement or repair of screens and other elements locksmith damaged renovation of all soils by applying a film of epoxy resin after repair materials markings and pedestrian paths tracing renovation paint walls , columns and ceilings of the Level 1 vehicle ramps and stairs cages inside / outside, there-including foundations, metal work, wood and fittings included paintings of walls and ceilings at levels 3 and 4, there-including foundations, metal works and wood design, supply and installation of regulatory signage panels, informational and directional, PVC, metal and light metal conducting Safety transoms above doors staircases replace damaged wooden doors and providing false ceiling installation perforated metal - ceiling exit Forbin capture and pipeline leaks on the underside of the top slab level 1 removal of old power plant renovation raceway replacement enhanced by exit lighting pedestrian guidance places Marking Led lights and security lighting

Construction work for engineering works except bridges, tunnels, shafts and subways

Syndicat intercommunal d'adduction | Published October 28, 2017  -  Deadline November 22, 2017
45222000, 45240000

The description of the works and works and their technical specifications are indicated in the CCTP.

The market is composed of 3 lots:

- lot 1 includes civil engineering works,

- lot 2 includes electrical and automation work,

- lot 3 includes hydraulic equipment and locksmith work.

Lot 1 includes a firm tranche and an optional tranche within the meaning of Article 77 of Decree No 2016-360 of 25.3.2016.

- the firm tranche includes the following benefits:

o Rehabilitation of the 5000 m reservoir 3 including the complete recovery of the inner lining, under seal and recovery of the outer sealing complex,

o Rehabilitation of the reservoir 15 000 m 3 , including the recovery of imperfections,

o Resumption of civil engineering of the valve chamber, including external sealing complex.

- the optional installment includes the following benefits:

The turnaround times for the optional installment are included in the overall lead time of Lot 1.

Lot 2 includes the following services:

- supply and installation of lighting devices,

- supply and installation of emergency lighting devices,

- supply and installation of contacts for intrusion detection,

- the supply, installation and parameterization of the control-command and remote management cabinets,

- the supply and laying of the necessary cables for the various dry networks, the pulling in sleeves left waiting, the pathways,

- supply and installation of cable trays,

- the integration of equipment in the operator's supervision system

- the dismantling and rewiring work necessary for the intervention of lots 1 and 3,

- the wiring of all equipment removed or replaced by lot 3 at the progress of work and according to the imposed phasing,

- re-wiring to the access control of the replaced equipment (access door).

Lot 3 includes the following services:

- the replacement of pipelines and equipment present in the valve chamber and in the tanks,

- the replacement of the body guards, stairs, ladders of the valve chamber,

- the replacement of the main access door to the valve chamber,

- replacement of the cover of the access hopper to the valve chamber

- various locksmith works.

Electrical installation work

Cofiroute | Published November 29, 2017
45310000, 31121000, 31527000, 32223000, 32560000, 32570000, 34927000, 34928320, 34928500, 35125300, 42512300, 44320000, 45233280, 45341000, 63712210, 31527200, 34928510, 34928530

Equipment work on the toll station and the operating building as part of the development of the A10 / A85 junction

The market is broken down into 2 lots:

- lot 1: works station and building equipment,

- lot 2: public lighting works.

Lot 1 includes the following services:

In firm tranche:

- Supply, installation, wiring connection of:

Equipment for (x2) toll lanes,

Set of railings (x76), posts (x24), chain (14ml), hunting mirror post (x6).

Centralized technical management station: (x1) box and wiring, except software,

Building Access Control: (x1) cabinet and wiring, excluding software,

Building surveillance video: (x4) concrete rack masts + (x4) cameras and (x4) massive video + GC distribution cabinets);

(x1) Centralized inverter,

(x1) Generator Set,

(x1) TGBT,

(x2,025 ml) CFO and (x1 310 ml) Cfa wiring for building and station, (x1) data bay,

(x210 ml) cable trays, (x1) technical room air conditioning, (x6) outdoor lighting fixtures, (x8) local building lighting, (x) 19 sockets, (x18) computer sockets,

- Spare parts for maintenance (x1) camera, (x1) transmitter and receiver video on FO, (x1) exterior lighting building, (x1) building local lighting,

- Tests and receptions: in factory and on site;

- Project management, studies, documentation, installations and follow-up, participation in tasks managed by the Project Management

Optional Slice # 1 "Toll Equipment":

- Supply, installation, wiring connection of:

Equipment for (x2) toll lanes

Radio barrier edge control (x2)

Set of railing (x68), posts (x24), chain (x14ml), post hunting mirror (x6).

(x640ml) CFO Wiring, (x440 ml) Cfa Cabling,

Optional Slice # 2 "Free-Flow Gantry":

- Supply, installation, wiring connection of:

Shoot ...

Rehabilitation of the storage building materials the police in Illkirch

esid de metz. | Published February 4, 2014  -  Deadline February 24, 2014

Ostwald (Bas-Rhin): District Leclerc 291st Jg Btl Building 0035-rehabilitation of the storage building materials the police identifying Plimat No38 889 Lot 1: structural work - Plastering / Suspended ceilings - interior woodwork - ceramic coatings - Paint Lot 2 : electricity lot 3: Sanitary Plumbing Heating Ventilation. Lot # 1: structural work - Plastering / Suspended ceilings - interior woodwork - ceramic coatings - paint. For building work include:-fences and construction facilities (see PGCSPS) decline after, demolition of walls, demolition of local grid, the demolition of tile health-removal technical equipment, creating doorways, the supply and installation of hollow brick wall, the recovery of all the pavement by a surface treatment designed to make it slip resistant and corrosive products, penetrations , fillings, enlargement of the walls, the removal of all the debris to recycling chains or authorized landfills, cleaning the site. Lot # 2: electricity. The work includes:-recording of electrical installations, removal of all or part of the interior installation (lighting, electricity, telephone), the realization of electrical installations (LV and ELV), the supply and installation of new Key cabinets, the achievement of lighting installations and distribution of relief, connecting heaters, supply, installation and connection of electrical equipment, supply, installation and connection cable telephone, supply, installation and connection of optical fiber, the grounding of all equipment, the introduction of cable trays, the establishment of trunking, setting instead of switches and sockets, the establishment of an alarm type 3, the establishment of a wiring closet. General characteristics (power and distribution) voltage: 220 V neutral-Plan: Tt, Frequency: 50 Hz Lot # 3: Sanitary Plumbing Heating Ventilation. Plumbing work and health to perform include:-demolition of the existing network of sanitary plumbing. -The supply and installation of equipment and materials necessary for the completion of systems, including the study and calculations pre-delivery and installation of sanitary facilities, sinks, toilet, urinal, sluice, including valves s 'thereto, the supply and installation of cold water distribution pipes in copper, the supply and installation of meters (EF and Ecs), the supply and installation of wastewater discharges, the connection to copper piping, distribution ecs Ecs ball, the realization of all openings required for works including masonry times, checks, functional testing, disinfection and commissioning. The work of heating and ventilation perform include:-checking the substation heating, checking all the heating system, the supply and installation of VMC single flow for washrooms, changing the local household the local chemical storage and local storage of sensitive material, the supply and installation of wall heaters for local cleaning, toilets, changing rooms, rest room, offices, local storage of chemicals and local storage of sensitive equipment, supply and aero-drivers hot water horizontal discharge poses for other local, supply and installation of equipment and materials necessary for the completion (including study and preliminary calculations, controls) distribution and heat emission, specific electrical work, painting, refilling, calfeutrements fittings and coatings, functional testing, and commissioning. Main Features: rehabilitation of the building in 0035 Leclerc neighborhood Ostwald (67). Work will be performed in accordance with the requirements of special technical (CCTP). They include the redevelopment of the interior space and the rehabilitation of offices and health