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Supply of cables, cable trays and accessories.

„Контур Глобал Марица Изток 3“ АД | Published July 29, 2014
44320000, 44322000, 31300000, 44322300

Доставка на кабели, кабелни канали и аксесоари.

Modernising the system for measuring the temperature in circulation circles of I loop: Thermal, compensation devices, power. Power, cable trays, standardized converters and more. Participating in the composition of I / PTO ROM, SVRK, CHE and PTA USB relating by passing the increased power level of the reactor unit.

„АЕЦ Козлодуй“ ЕАД | Published October 2, 2013
31682000, 31121110, 71320000

Modernizing the system for measuring the temperature of the circulating circles I outline: Thermal, compensation devices, power supply, cable runs, normalized converters and more. Involved in the composition of NEA / PI, POM, SVRK, CHE PTA and USB on with the passage of the increased power level of the reactor unit.

Repair of railway infrastructure and its facilities in stations FP Lyulyakovo-Daskotna from km 47 + 251 to km 57 + 668, with a total length of 10,417 meters on the III-rd main railway line

ДП Национална компания Железопътна инфрраструктура | Published April 21, 2017  -  Deadline May 30, 2017

The order vkl.izpalnenie of an engineering e-Rooms: I.Deynosti for drafting a parts: Railway incl. surveying, strengthening and drainage vulnerabilities laying continuously track Reconstruction of catenary and Reconstruction of safety equipment. II.Deynosti for execution of works on sections: 1.Zhelezen time, including: Work on substructure of the track; Works superstructure of the track, work on small facilities; Works great facilities; Works tunnels reinforcement works and drainage vulnerabilities; Works magazine. Listets; 2.Kontaktna network, including: Replacing poles and overhead lines, dismantling of existing regulatory and contact wire after the first, second and third leveling; 3.Signalizatsiya and Telecommunications, including -Retention existing cable trays Reconstruction of lighting in the tunnel №2-345m; III.D-Rooms for carrying out supervision on parts of the track, Catenary and signaling and telecommunications.

Guard services

ДП „Национална компания Железопътна инфраструктура“ | Published May 5, 2015
ГДЗЗД „Консорциум — РМ Титан — Бат Секюрити“, Булстат № 176180502

Object of this contract is organizing and carrying out round the clock physical and unarmed guards with technical means of objects owned by SE "National Company Railway Infrastructure" in three lots for a period of three years. Under guard in the areas of the sites are office buildings, warehouses, open storage platforms, machinery and equipment, cable trays, garages and other movable and immovable property, located in the guarded areas - owned by DP "NRIC". Security of objects is carried out in compliance with the contract, the Law on private security and intradepartmental provisions of the Employer and includes measures for prevention of acts leading to damage property, and non-criminal violations, damage shortages and damage, terrorist acts , fires and other harmful effects on the secured sites and stored movable and immovable property. For greater efficiency of security and prevent attacks, it is necessary in some of the sites to build technical devices for security / The Contractor /, which include surveillance of vulnerable areas. Sites subject to organizing and carrying out round the clock physical unarmed security guards and technical resources are located in the Railway Section Sofia; Railway Section Vratsa; FTA Sofia; IP 'Energy Sections "Sofia; UDVGD ​​Sofia; Railway Section Gorna Oryahovitsa; IP 'Energy Sections "Gorna Oryahovitsa; UDVGD ​​Gorna Oryahovitsa; Railway Section Plovdiv; UDVGD ​​Plovdiv. Assignor organized view of the objects to be protected under the conditions specified in the documentation for participation.
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