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Burlington, ON L757 Volatile Chemical Storage Fire Suppression

Environment Canada | Published June 20, 2016  -  Deadline December 7, 2016
Trade Agreement: Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) Tendering Procedures: All interested suppliers may submit a bid Competitive Procurement Strategy:  Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement: No Nature of Requirements:   Burlington, Ontario. 867 Lakeshore Road. Canada Centre for Inland Waters (CCIW) L757 Volatile Chemical Storage Fire Suppression.  Project No:  CCIW-010-Ji119  KW405-170097/A Dhanna, Sheila Telephone No.  (416) 512-5855  Fax No. (416) 512-5862  Email:  Burlington, Ontario. 867 Lakeshore Road.   Canada Centre for Inland Waters (CCIW) L757 Volatile Chemical Storage Fire Suppression.  Project No:  CCIW-010-Ji119  Scope of Work:     The work associated with project CCIW-010-Ji119 includes modifications to the mechanical, electrical and fire protection systems as well as architectural modifications to rooms L757, L757A and W203 in the Administration and Laboratory (A&L) building at the Canadian Centre for InlandWaters (CCIW) located at 867 Lakeshore Road in Burlington, ON.  The work required as part of the project has been divided below to provide an overview of the project:   Fire protection Systems:  Remove CO2 systems from L757 and L757A  Replace three sprinklers in 203W  Add fire extinguisher in L757A   Mechanical Systems:  Replace all air diffusers  Replace gas sensor connected to BAS in L757A  Replace vent seals around perimeters of vents  Seal roofing / flashing on explosion vent curb  Install fire dampers as required in all separations to maintain integrity of rooms L757, L757A and 203W  Verify and adjust exhaust rates  Remove pneumatically operated damper and install grill at duct opening   Electrical Systems:  Remove explosion proof fixtures in L757 and L757 A and replace with new fixtures  Provide 3 new circuits, outlets and data drops for fridges to be installed in L757  Replace existing outlets in 203W and provide an addition 2 outlets / circuits in room.   Architectural Modifications:  Repoint cracking in block walls of L757 and L757A  Repaint rooms L757, L757A and 203W with new epoxy paint including walls, doors / frames, ceiling and floor (floor grade epoxy paint)  Replace or refurbish access hatches  Obtain new shelving constructed of PVFD type material to replace existing and install in configuration acceptable to meet tenant needs in rooms L757, L757A and 203W.   The duration of work is scheduled to be completed within Twenty (20) Weeks from the date of notification of acceptance of the offer. (November 30, 2016).    OPTIONAL SITE VISIT  There will be an optional site visit on June 28, 2016 at 10:00 AM. Interested bidders are to meet at the site, Canadian Centre for Inland Waters (CCIW) located at 867 Lakeshore Road in Burlington, ON.  Bidders must wear their own P.P.E (Personal Protective Equipment) including hard hat and safety boots. Bidders are requested to register with the Contracting Officer, Sheila Dhanna at or 416-512-5855, to confirm their attendance and provide the name(s) of the person(s) who will attend, 24 hours prior to the site visit. Any clarifications or changes to the bid solicitation resulting from the site visit will be included asan amendment to the bid solicitation.  IMPORTANT NOTICE TO BIDDERS  IMPORTANT CHANGES TO GI01 "CODE OF CONDUCT AND CERTIFICATION OF - BID" R2710T, GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS (REFER TO SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS SI02)  Bidders should provide, with their bid or promptly thereafter, a complete list of names of all individuals who are currently directors of the Bidder.  If such a list has not been received by the time the evaluation of bids is completed, Canada will inform the Bidder of a time frame within which to provide the information.  Failure to provide such a list within the required time frame will render the bid non-responsive.  Bidders must always submit the list of directors before contract award.   Canada may, at any time, request that a Bidder provide properly completed and Signed Consent Forms (Consent to a Criminal Record Verification form - PWGSC-TPSGC 229) for any or all individuals named in the aforementioned list within a specified delay.  Failure to provide such Consent Forms within the delay will result in the bid being declared non-responsive.  A COMPLETE LIST OF EACH INDIVIDUAL WHO IS CURRENTLY ON THE BIDDER'S BOARD OF DIRECTORS. (SEE APPENDIX 2 OF THE "ITT" DOCUMENT)  Drawings and Specifications are now available for viewing and downloading in a Portable Document Format (PDF) or in a standard paper version. Tenderers should note that Attachment 1 (ATT 1) contains the Drawings and Specifications Package (DSP) which consists of PDF files organized in an industry recognized directory structure.      Standard Terms and Conditions for this procurement are incorporated by reference into, and form part of the Tender and Contract Documents.   The standard Public Works and Government Services Canada documents may be viewed at  All enquiries of a technical and contractual nature, are to be submitted to the Contracting Officer, Sheila Dhanna:  e-mail: Telephone:   (416) 512-5855, or Facsimile: (416) 512-5862    Bid Receiving:   Sealed tenders will be received at Public Works and Government Services Canada, 4900 Yonge Street,  Bid Receiving, 12th Floor, Toronto  Delivery Date: Above-mentioned  The Crown retains the right to negotiate with suppliers on any procurement.  Documents may be submitted in either official language of Canada.
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