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ON-BOMAL AR, Rue du Nofiot, 6941 1 BOMAL. Renovation of the electrical installation.

Direction Générale des Infrastructures - Service général des Infrastructures scolaires de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles - Direction régionale du Luxembourg | Published September 2, 2015  -  Deadline October 15, 2015

ON-BOMAL AR, Rue du Nofiot 1, 6941 BOMAL. Renovation of the electrical installation. The replacement of electrical panels and lighting. Additions electrical outlets and circuits compliance of the existing electrical installation, and miscellaneous.

VIELSALM IESPSCF Construction of a boarding school and a kitchen-restaurant: electrical installation

Ministère de la Communauté française | Published January 9, 2015  -  Deadline February 10, 2015

VIELSALM IESPSCF Construction of a boarding school and a restaurant kitchen: electrical installation. The work includes the completion of the electrical system, fire detection system, datas and a burglar alarm system (wiring only).

HABAY EFACF refurbishment of the electrical installation

CF_MCF_SG_DGI Direction régionale Arlon | Published April 11, 2016  -  Deadline June 1, 2016

- Complete disassembly of the existing installation of two blocks - connecting the power cables to the new cabinets, - replacing all the wiring of the building - distribution boards - divisional circuits - the small low voltage switchgear sets on plans, - the replacement of all lighting sets of plans, - the connection and programming of ringtones end of the course - the main equipotential connections - connections and the realization of a grounding - receipt and testing of the electrical installation by an approved body.

MARTELANGE EFACF - Internat, Rue de la Poste, No. 10-6630 MARTELANGE. Replacement of the electrical installation.

CF_MCF_SG_DGI Direction régionale Arlon | Published March 18, 2016  -  Deadline May 26, 2016

The replacement of the electrical installation. In more detail, the works include: - Complete disassembly of the electrical installation; - The connection of the power cables to the new cabinets; - Replacement of all building wiring; - The distribution board; - The divisional circuits; - The small low-voltage switchgear sets of plans; - The replacement of all lighting sets of plans; - Table equipment moving outdoor lighting in the new table; - The connection and promulgation of end of course ringtones; - The main equipotential connections; - The connections and the realization of a ground connection; - Reception and testing of the electrical installation by an approved body.

Invitation to submit offers - Compliance of electrical installations according to the RD of 04/12/12 - Direct Negotiated procedure with advertising

AIVE | Published September 21, 2016  -  Deadline November 21, 2016
51112000, 50116100, 50532400, 51110000

This contract is for the renovation of electrical installations of wastewater treatment plants to bring them into line with the Royal Decree of 04/12/12

Invitation to submit offers - Administrative Centre MARLOIE - Elevator Repair the result of water damage - direct Negotiated procedure with advertising

Province de Luxembourg | Published June 3, 2016  -  Deadline June 28, 2016

Following the flooding of the electrical part, it is also planned to carry out the removal and replacement of electrical conduits and all the elements prevents the compliance of the work of the elevator.

The replacement of the control panel and the elevator controls are provided in this specification.

He also requested a receipt and commissioning by an approved body.


Direction Générale de l'Infrastructure Service Général des Infrastructures Scolaires Direction Régionale du Luxembourg - Société Publique des Bâtiments Scolaires du Luxembourg - Infrastructures Administratives, du Sport, de la Santé et de l'Aide à la Jeunesse - Infrastructures de la Culture | Published September 1, 2015  -  Deadline October 20, 2015

Troubleshooting efforts, renewal, extension and maintenance of installations ELECTRICITY performing in schools and boarding of the French Community in the territory managed by the Regional Directorate of the Directorate General of Luxembourg in the Infrastructure, as part of the mission of this department, as well as in office buildings occupied by individual seats that direction and the PMS centers (2 lots).

VIELSALM IESPSCF - Construction and installation of a high-voltage transformer

Ministère de la Communauté française | Published February 19, 2015  -  Deadline March 31, 2015

VIELSALM IESPSCF - Rue du Château, 19-6690 VIESALM construction and installation of high voltage cabin following the construction of a boarding school and various connection work with old electrical installation of the IESPSCF.

ATHUS AR Rue du Centre, 29/31 in 6791 ATHUS development works attic

CF_MCF_SG_DGI Direction régionale Arlon | Published March 29, 2016  -  Deadline May 24, 2016

- Site Installation - Demolition / large Work - frame and frame - works of zinc works - cover / seal - electrical work - HVAC - sanitary installation - screed works - plaster work - walls, floor and acoustic linings - coating floor and walls in linoleum - interior carpentry work


IDELUX | Published August 28, 2015  -  Deadline September 22, 2015

THREE GROUPS FRIDGE AND REPLACEMENT WORK SCHEDULES Works include: -The replacement 3 groups fridge -The piping system -The replacement of the cold battery GP Block C -The ventilos coil placement -The electrical work -The regulation -The all ancillary works

Invitation to submit offers - Renovation of the wastewater treatment plant in Sainte-Cécile - Negotiated procedure with direct advertising

AIVE | Published June 18, 2015  -  Deadline September 4, 2015

The contract involves the renovation of the sewage treatment plant of Santa Cecilia, especially on the following work: • Replacement of the input bar screen; • Supply and installation of a new ventilation turbine; • The renovation of the electrical installation; The • supply and installation of a floating-back system to the secondary clarifier; • The supply and installation of a sludge storage tank.

ARLON - FEDERAL POLICE - Replacing an electric water heater 100l

REGIE EDS BATIMENTS | Published May 10, 2016  -  Deadline May 24, 2016

ARLON - FEDERAL POLICE - Replacing an electric water heater 100l

Repairing a sliding door and replacing an electric strike

Regie des Bâtiments - Wallonie Région Sud | Published March 2, 2015  -  Deadline March 16, 2015
45420000, 45421000, 45421100

Arlon-132 Federal Street Repairs Neufchâteau-Police of a sliding door and replacing an electric strike

Works partial refresh of the old courthouse

Ville d'Arlon | Published October 25, 2016  -  Deadline December 2, 2016

Some areas of the old courthouse are regularly occupied for socio-cultural activities, including exhibitions.

To successfully meet the demands of occupation, more and more, it is necessary to undertake renovation work and improvement.

The work includes:

• demolition of walls and partitions

• modification of the electrical system, sockets, switches, lighting

• Soil and tiles renovation

• paint (walls and ceilings)

• creation of new health

• Development of a PMR access

Invitation to submit offers - Appointment of a project applicant to solve the problems at the pool of the Spetz - Negotiated procedure with direct advertising

Ville d'Arlon | Published April 25, 2016  -  Deadline May 18, 2016

This market is divided into slices:

- A firm phase: Study phase consisting of:

- Poses specific diagnostics to identify the nature and origin of each issue (sealing, insulation, defective coatings, ...)

- Proposed solutions to them

- Diagnostic electrical compliance based on the report made available to the author of the project

- A conditional phase: Implementation of the solutions, establishing preliminary draft to the monitoring of the performance of work

Invitation to submit offers - CHINY - Realization of a pumping to Suxy - Installing a booster and a UV sterilizer / LOT C24 - Negotiated procedure with direct advertising

AIVE - Alimentation en eau | Published May 10, 2016  -  Deadline June 2, 2016

- Installation of pumping groups to the pumping station and reservoir.

- Main Low Voltage electrical modifications, automation, communications and supervision.

- Installation of instrumentation and detection measures to the pumping station and reservoir.

- Hydraulic development, replacing pipes in the pumping station and the tank.

- Installation of a water sterilization by ultraviolet starting on the gravity of the tank.

Construction of a wastewater treatment plant 2200 EH in Attert

Association Intercommunale pour la protection et la Valorisation de l'Environnement | Published January 21, 2016  -  Deadline April 12, 2016

Construction of a biological treatment plant by activated sludge in Attert 2200 EH. Preparatory work - Connection to distribution networks (water, electricity, telephone) - Earthworks - Roads to access and internal roads - Area landscaping (planting, turfing, fencing) - Implementation of wastewater treatment works (lift, bar screen, sand trap, flow limiter, selector, aeration basin, secondary clarifier, silo for storing sludge, flow measurement) - Creation of a technical building -Connection to collectors under pressure and gravity - Various works: electrical, automation , supervision, ...

ARLON FITC EL Modernization of electric lifts in workshops 1 and 2

Ministère de la Communauté française | Published November 5, 2015  -  Deadline December 15, 2015

ARLON FITC EL Path Weyler, 2-6700 ARLON Modernization of electric lifts workshops 1 and 2 and omnium contract for a period of 10 years, renewable every year.

NEUFCHATEAU-BERTRIX and VIRTON AR "Nestor Outer" Modernization of electric lifts.

CF_MCF_SG_DGI Direction régionale Arlon | Published July 6, 2015  -  Deadline September 29, 2015

Modernization of electric lifts.

Procurement design and construction of two halls on the relay Vecmont EAP site at La Roche-en-Ardenne

Association intercommunale pour le développement économique durable de la province de Luxembourg | Published February 10, 2015  -  Deadline March 31, 2015

All these halls will be accessible to disabled people and respect the General Regulations for the Protection of Workers. The tenderer's attention is drawn to the fact that the technique presented solution will be part of a lump sum of 570,000 Euro plus VAT envelope included design. These halls are divided as follows: 2 halls of 300 m² inside including administrative space. The use of these halls is not yet known, it is asked bidders to remain as flexible as possible, in the design and in the design of halls (fire codes, electrical installations, ... The balance of the plot should be managed with sustainable recovery and reuse of rainwater, oil separation system, planting native species and late mowing meadows. Apart from this, the site offers quick access to the water and the electricity. As part of its bid, the bidder contractually commits on advanced price.