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Operation, maintenance & facility management services to common areas

United Nations Secretariat | Published January 5, 2017
UNAMA EOI for Operation, maintenance &  facility management services to common areas in UNOCA complex, Jalalabad Road, Kabul (EOI/01/17/AN)
This EOI supersedes the previous EOIUNAMA12800 that closed on 31 August 2016.
The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) is seeking expression of interest from qualified vendors for the above. Services shall include the provision of labor and materials.
Proposed duration: Long term contract for 2 or more years.
The UNOCA Complex contains various United Nations offices and accommodation units that include but are not limited to Greenhouses, Gazebos, Guard Houses, Towers & Guard Posts, Street lights, Road Curbing/pavements, Manhole Covers etc. There are a number of shared areas therein referred to as Common Areas covering an area of 61096 square meters. It is anticipated that the Services, in whole or in part, may also be required within individual footprints of some of the other UN offices.
The service responsibilities shall include:
a) Cleaning of Common Area including open area and all built up structures;
b) Landscaping and Gardening;
c) Handyman;
d) Carpentry;
e) Masonry;
f) Painting;
g) Plumbing;
h) Steel Works;
i) Tinsmith Works;
j) Fumigation & Pest Control and Weed Control of the Compound;
k) HVAC Maintenance;
l) Electrical Operations and Maintenance;
m) Operations and Maintenance of Water Infrastructure (Water Pumps, Manhole Cover and Main Valves);
n) Checking sewage levels in septic tanks on days of collection in order to prioritize collection points
o) Escorting of waste collection trucks from UNOCA entry gates to septic tank locations and ensuring septic covers are replaced after collection
The Contractor shall be responsible to purchase, deliver, stock in sufficient quantities and issue to its personnel the following items for the performance of the required services, including but not limited to:
i. Equipment and Tools, to include machine’s fuel and oil requirement, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); ii. Electrical Materials; iii. Construction Materials; iv. Plumbing Materials;v. Gardening Materials;
vi. Cleaning Supplies; vii. Any Other Materials Required
This notice is issued only to allow companies to express their interest; it does not constitute a solicitation. Submitting an EOI does not automatically guarantee that a company will be considered for receipt of the tender. UNAMA reserves the right to change or cancel its requirement at any time.
Details for the requirement will be provided in the solicitation documents to the invited vendors later.
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