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70238 Suite of Training Modules linked to effective delivery of Shared Education for the Education A

Northern Ireland Education Authority | Published November 23, 2016
70238 Suite of Training Modules linked to effective delivery of Shared Education for the Education A

HEE Improving Access to Psychological Therapy

Health Education England | Published November 19, 2016  -  Deadline December 21, 2016
Health Education England is looking to place contracts for the delivery of Improving Access to Psychological Therapy education programmes to support the required growth in services to be delivered by NHS England. 
This is split in to two programmes:-
- Lot 1: Low Intensity (PWP) IAPT
- Lot 2: High Intensity (HIT) IAPT
Tenderers may bid for either lot or both lots. Each lot will be evaluated separately.
Generic Requirements
• The Education provider must be an established education provider delivering IAPT education with programmes meeting professional/regulatory body requirements
• The Education provider must have a specialist understanding of the needs regarding designing and delivering education programmes in this area, including an understanding of service requirements and pressures.
• Experience of working with NHS and health care organisations within a multi professional context
• Can demonstrate an understanding of the requirements of Health Education East of England, including monitoring of the contract
• Can demonstrate an understanding of the different issues and challenges encountered when working within a regional context.
• Demonstrates a professional and reliable approach to delivering the requirements of the contract
The contract start date is 1 April 2017 and will end on 31 March 2019.
The process will be a competitive one managed by Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust using the In-Tend e-tendering system. Accordingly, interested suppliers will need to register on and submit their tender via the In-Tend system for which there is no charge at:-
This tender is an open one and is being conducted under the OJEU Light Touch regime.

LTR Framework Agreement for LAC/SEN

Norfolk County Council | Published June 4, 2016  -  Deadline March 15, 2021
Norfolk County Council Children's Services wishes to appoint Service Providers to a Light Touch Regime (LTR) Framework Agreement for the provision of residential care and/or education services, day school services for Looked After Child, children at risk of being Looked After and/or children with special educational needs (SEN) of statutory schooling aged 5 to 19 years either with or without a Statement.

Dynamic Purchasing System - Business coaching/mentoring services for SME's

Cornwall College | Published August 6, 2016  -  Deadline August 2, 2020
Cornwall College Further Education Corporation are inviting suppliers to participate in a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for the provision of the following business coaching services in a range business sectors:
• Mentoring Services.
• Workshop Delivery Services.
• Expert Speaker Service.

Typically the services shall be delivered to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) located in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, however the College may require suppliers to provide the services throughout the UK.

The DPS will be managed by the College’s e-tendering system In-Tend and shall remain open from 5th August 2016 for a maximum duration of four years.

In order to obtain additional detail about this DPS an interested supplier must register and express an interest in this requirement via In-Tend, thereafter Stage 1 - Request to Participate which includes full detail of the DPS tender process, an overview of the College's requirements and the Supplier Questionnaire shall be be released to the interested supplier.

Core Podiatry Services across Derbyshire

Arden & GEM CSU | Published June 20, 2016  -  Deadline December 9, 2016
NHS Erewash Clinical Commissioning Group (ECCG) on behalf of the 4 Derbyshire CCG’s (Hardwick CCG, North Derbyshire CCG and Southern Derbyshire CCG) would like to inform you of the opportunity to participate in the delivery of Core Podiatry services across Derbyshire.  Core Podiatry is defined as ‘the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of common foot pathologies associated with the toenails, soft tissues and the musculoskeletal system with the purpose of sustaining or improving foot health’ (Farndon, 2006).

The service will focus on the needs of those individuals with low and medium levels of foot care needs, with potential providers referring on to specialised podiatry and extended scope podiatry as required and further signposting to non-podiatric services where clinically appropriate, e.g. smoking cessation or weight management services.

The objectives of the service will be to provide:

• Assessment and intervention for those patients with painful foot conditions where this has reduced mobility and independence,
• A surgical option for nail pathologies,
• Management of foot pain associated with foot function and/or structural abnormalities for common foot and ankle conditions,
• Footwear advice and orthotics as part of personalised care plans
• Foot health education information and public health information including signposting to services
• Equitable access for patients across the geographical region of Derbyshire

Integral to the above is:

• Provision of falls prevention advice (following local falls prevention pathway and guidance into specialist services where appropriate) and health education.
• Adults and children with a podiatric need including iatrogenic conditions without comorbidity,
i.e. foot conditions that are a result of health care treatment that do not have direct pathology but do have related lesions elsewhere in the foot.


Dynamic Purchasing System for Positive Activities

North Lincolnshire Council | Published August 26, 2016  -  Deadline August 25, 2020

North Lincolnshire council is inviting requests to participate in a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for the provision of Positive Activities for Young people aged 13 to 19 years and for those with learning difficulties up to the age of 24. Candidates are able to apply for all or any combination of lots:

o Lot 1 – Visual arts

o Lot 2 – Performing arts

o Lot 3 – Sports

o Lot 4 – Outdoor adventure / outdoor education activities

o Lot 5 – Healthy eating / cookery

o Lot 6 – Technology

o Lot 7 – Self presentation

The DPS is to establish a list of providers who will then be invited to submit tenders for specific requirements through further competitions. The initial deadline for submission of requests to participate is 12noon 3 October2016, however the DPS remains open to any provider that meets the selection criteria throughout it's four year duration. The anticipated spend per annum is £100k. The DPS does not guarantee any minimum spend. The DPS will expire 25 August 2020.


Dynamic Purchasing System for 16 Seats and Fewer

ETE - Passenger Transport | Published May 12, 2016  -  Deadline February 28, 2022
Hampshire County Council invites applications from suitably experienced organisations who wish to be considered for selection to tender for admission to the Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for the Provision of Transportation 16 Seats and fewer for Home to School Transport, Education and Adult/Children Transportation Requirements, General Transportation Services. 

The DPS will commence on 1st August 2016 and will be for a period of 5 years with an option to extend by annual increments up to a maximum of 10 years.

Interested parties should register their interest in the project via the In-Tend website, and complete and submit the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire together with any supporting information requested by 2:00pm on 28th February 2022.

How to obtain the PQQ Documents
The Pre-Qualification Questionnaire can be accessed when logged into In-Tend by selecting ‘View Details’ on the relevant tender advert and clicking the ‘Express Interest’ tab. Once in the tender there are five tabs – ‘Tender’, PQQ- documents, ‘Correspondence’, ‘Clarifications’ & ‘History’. Select the 2nd tab (PQQ) where you will find useful information under ‘Tender Details’ continue to scroll down to the heading ‘Tender Documents Received’ where you will be able to view / download the documents.

For further information, please view the synopsis document.

The Contracting Authority views that the range of services to be procured during this tender should be awarded as a multiple supplier DPS and seeks applications from suitably experienced suppliers who wish to pre-qualify for this service. Whilst every effort has been made to consider the full scope of the requirement, the Contracting Authority does not guarantee the volume of the services required resulting from this DPS or that it will accept any prequalification on completion of the procurement exercise.

At the discretion of the council, if a supplier ceases to meet the original exclusion or selection criteria during the course of the DPS it is likely that it may be excluded or suspended from taking part in any Mini-Competition (Tender) process. If a supplier fails one of the mandatory grounds during the course of the DPS the County Council may be required to remove the supplier from the DPS.
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