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DFID 7151 Punjab Education Reform Roadmap

DEPARTMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT | Published June 25, 2015  -  Deadline July 24, 2015

Actual CPV code is ‘75211200 Foreign Economic-Aid Related Services’. The technical assistance team is integral to the success of the Roadmap and will need to: form a close political relationship and work politically with the Government of Punjab at the highest level; be able to work with the Special Representative; have experience of policy, planning and implementation of large scale education reform; possess technical ability in the areas of data collection, analysis and presentation; be able to be responsive, flexible and work at pace; have proven capacity to analyse, problem solve and overcome barriers to change; and understand the wider context in which the Roadmap operates in Punjab (including the Punjab Education Support Programme II (PESP II)).

DFID 7253 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Education Sector Programme (KESP) 2

DEPARTMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT | Published October 8, 2015  -  Deadline November 9, 2015

Actual CPV code is ‘75211200 Foreign Economic-Aid Related Services’. KESP was initially designed as a four year programme (June 2012- October 2016) with an overall budget of £203.5million. The programme has recently received an extension to July 2020 with an additional budget of £ 79.7 million which brings the total value of KESP to £ 283.3 million. The programme has three key components which include: 1) Sector budget support to the GoKP to support delivery of the new five year Education Sector Plan (2015-2020). Disbursements are made against a Joint Review Framework which has been agreed by the GoKP and sector budget support donors (DFID, Australia and the European Union). 2) Technical assistance to the GoKP to support delivery of the Education Sector Plan and achieve the Joint Review Framework. 3) School infrastructure. The service provider or consortium will be required to provide comprehensive, flexible and high quality technical support to the GoKP to deliver the ESP, the underpinning JRF and their priorities for transforming education service delivery in KP. Improve and enhance capacity and transfer useful knowledge, skills and practices to E&SED to build their capacity and improve the quality of education services and delivery. Support and influence policy change and work towards ensuring forms are institutionalized and therefore sustainable. As a minimum suppliers will be expected to ensure a good mix of international and local staff with a strong track record of working on education reform in Pakistan together with an understanding of the KP political, cultural context and challenges. Support and work under the guidance of E&SED and DFID to ensure the effective delivery of education sector reforms in KP. This will include constructive challenge when necessary and proposing alternative ways of delivery. Ensure that TA is embedded within and working closely with E&SED, providing support to them and associated departments/institutions to enable on the job learning for relevant government counterparts. The TA team will need to be predominately based in Peshawar and prepared to work in all districts of KP. The contract is scheduled to commence in July 2016 and will run for a period of 4 years. A further extension of up to 2 years may be granted subject to resources and need.

DFID 7336 Procurement of Goods and Equipment to ‘Transforming Teacher Education and Learning (T-TEL) Programme’ in Ghana

DEPARTMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT | Published October 21, 2015  -  Deadline October 20, 2015
The Crown Agents for Oversea Governments and Administrations Ltd

Actual CPV code is ‘75211200 Foreign Economic-Aid Related Services’. The Procurement Agent is required to assist the T-TEL programme to procure the following: a. Five (5) x 4 wheel drive vehicles to be delivered to the project regional offices in Takoradi, Hohoe, Kumasi, Aburi, and Tamale respectively. The vehicles will be used to visit 38 colleges of education and potentially up to 800 schools based in urban, peri-urban, rural and remote areas of the country, travelling on tarmac, dirt roads, and at times rural tracks. A key concern is that the vehicles are robust enough to keep our staff safe on long and potentially rough journeys. Another concern is that vehicles are able to be serviced close to the offices which they serve (and do not need to be returned to Accra, for example). b. Two thousand (2000) tablet computers for use by College of Education Tutors and Student Teachers. Approximately 50 tablets will be given to each college to be used in professional development sessions and in college classes by tutors.

DFID 7338 Rwanda - Learning for All Programme - LFA

DEPARTMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT | Published February 23, 2016  -  Deadline March 30, 2016

Actual CPV code is ‘75211200 Foreign Economic-Aid Related Services’. DFID is seeking a Service Provider (SP) to design and implement the Learning for All: Technical Assistance for Quality Improvement and School Level Accountability programme in Rwanda. The programme will support delivery of the Education Sector Strategic Plan, with a focus on the Ministry of Education, Rwanda Education Board and decentralised agencies, including schools. The overarching objectives of the programme are to design and implement a programme to strengthen technical skills and capacity on the following: (a) improving learning outcomes in basic education, especially foundational literary skills; (b) improving the management of knowledge and generation and use of evidence to effectively inform policy and programmes and to implement;and c) assist the GoR in improving prioritised parts of the Education Sector Strategic Plan.

DFID 7208 Support to Uganda's Response on Gender Equality (SURGE)

DEPARTMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT | Published November 9, 2015  -  Deadline January 11, 2016

Actual CPV code is ‘75211200 Foreign Economic-Aid Related Services’. The goal of the programme is to promote equal access by women and girls to development opportunities and a life free from violence. The programme will span 5 years and support the Government of Uganda (GoU) to integrate gender and equity in Public Finance Management (PFM) in compliance with Uganda's PFM Act (2015). The programme will also support selected NGO's to provide Gender Based Violence (GBV) prevention and response services. To deliver the PFM components, the programme will target six sectors: Education, Health, Agriculture, Justice, Law and Order Sector (JLOS), Energy and Mineral Development and Trade/Industries and Cooperatives. To deliver GBV prevention and response services, DFID will fund three NGO's through the successful contractor to implement the programme for 13 districts. The Service Provider (SP) will implement a programme to promote gender equality in Uganda through the provision of technical assitance and capacity building support to the GoU (paticularly the Ministry of Finance, Planning and economic Development; The Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development; and the Equal Opportunities Commission) for implementing gender equityin Public Finance Management. The SP will also provide technical backstopping support and grants management to 3 NGO's (Action Aid, Mifumi and the Centre for Domestic Violence Prevention) to provide GBV prevention and response services in 13 districts.

DFID 7375 Phase 2 of Global Mine Action Programme

DEPARTMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT | Published November 18, 2015  -  Deadline December 14, 2015

Actual CPV code is ‘75211200 Foreign Economic-Aid Related Services’. The Global Mine Action Programme (GMAP) business case allows for the Department for International Development (DFID) to contract a supplier for land mine and explosive remnants of war (ERW) clearance and mine risk education (MRE) activities in Somalia, South Sudan, Burma and Zimbabwe as part of Phase 2 of the programme The objective is to contribute to the overall impact of the programme – to improve physical security and livelihoods leading to poverty reduction and progress against the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). In particular the supplier will contribute to the following outcomes: •Fewer mines and ERW related injuries and deaths in the target countries, leading to increased personal safety; •Target communities feel safer, leading to increased well-being; •Formerly contaminated land used productively by target communities, and increased access to markets, leading to improved livelihoods; •Target communities have increased access to basic services provided by national governments or NGOs; •Effective mine action programmes increasingly managed by national authorities with minimal outside technical or financial input; •Measurable progress towards Ottawa (Mine Ban) Treaty, Convention on Cluster Munitions and Convention on Conventional Weapons compliance.

GB-Scotland: Is Britain fairer? Scotland Quality Assurance Tender

Equality and Human Rights Commission | Published November 6, 2014  -  Deadline December 2, 2014
79300000, 73110000, 79315000, 73200000

Lot 1 - The first element of this tender is for provision of legal and policy expertise from Scotland to the EHRC GB internal quality assurance working groups and the GB external quality assurance seminars (under Chatham House rules ) for 10 ‘domain’ areas. Domain areas are: Life; Health; Physical security; Legal security; Education and learning; Standard of living; Productive and valued activities (employment); Individual, family and social life; Identity, expression and self-respect; and Participation, influence and voice. It is envisaged that the internal part of this work (working groups) will be completed by February 2015 and the external part (seminars) by end of March 2015. EHRC internal quality assurance (GB working groups)GB data and evidence, including Scotland data and evidence, will be analysed and draft evidence papers prepared to include the data and the legal and policy context. These papers will be prepared by the EHRC research team . This evidence will be quality assured by internal EHRC working groups based on the 'domains'. The purpose of the working groups is to facilitate input from policy and legal experts in order to:•Provide expert interpretation to analytical findings•Identify evidence gaps and emerging issues•Provide a layer of internal QA•Prioritise serious and pressing issues•Ensure messages readily translate to the strategic plan and other audiencesLot 2 - Scotland expert seminarsThe second element of this tender is to deliver and prepare reports on six expert seminars in Scotland. EHRC Scotland proposes to hold six expert seminars over three days during March 2015. The purpose of these is to:•Quality assure evidence papers relating to each domain•Review the evidence and check the logic of draft conclusions•Identify gaps in the evidence and emerging issuesEach seminar will be (not more than) three hours in length and may cover more than one domain. The contractor will identify relevant experts, organise the seminars and draft a report of each seminar.
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