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Health Education East Midlands Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner

Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust | Published October 17, 2015  -  Deadline October 16, 2015

Health Education East Midlands (HEEM) is the Local Education and Training Board that covers Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire and Rutland. Formally established on 1 April 2013 as a subcommittee of Health Education England, HEEMs aim is to ensure the security of workforce supply and to continuously improve the quality of education, training and development in the East Midlands. HEEM also aims to enable the health and care workforce to respond effectively to the needs of patients, carers and families. HEEM is looking to select an education provider to deliver PWP training for the East Midlands IAPT services. The programme to be provided must be at a post graduate certificate level. It will have to be aligned to the IAPT PWP national curriculum2 and accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS) or have the basis for accreditation and provide assurance on how this will be achieved. The provision will be delivered within East Midlands and must be flexible to meet the training needs of the region’s PWP workforce. Additional education and training opportunities that may be available will be welcomed.

HEWM Community Education Provider Networks

Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust | Published September 2, 2015  -  Deadline September 11, 2015

The Community Education Provider Network (CEPN) project is an exciting opportunity for general practices and other primary care providers to get involved in delivering education and training as part of a supported network. The CEPN project is one of the work streams of the HEWM Primary and Community Care Programme that is working to ensure a continued workforce supply to meet the health needs of the local populations. Using a “grow your own” community owned solution for the training and employment of nurses, GPs and other health professionals together with innovative workforce solutions we will meet the challenges faced by primary care across the West Midlands. Through this initiative we are aiming to build capacity for education delivery in primary care and increase the number of student learners in primary care and the community in the West Midlands. This has been shown to have a positive impact on people choosing a career in those settings as a first destination on graduation/qualification

Diabetes Structured Patient Education (DSPE) Service

NHS ARDEN AND GREATER EAST MIDLANDS COMMISSIONING SUPPORT UNIT | Published October 1, 2015  -  Deadline November 10, 2015

Diabetes Structured Patient Education (DSPE) Service for Leicester City CCG (LC CCG), East Leicestershire & Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group (ELR CCG) and West Leicestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (WL CCG) Arden & GEM CSU is conducting this procurement exercise on behalf of the three Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland Clinical Commissioning Groups, to seek suitably qualified and experienced providers to deliver the ‘Diabetes Structured Patient Education’ (DSPE) service. The DSPE service will provide a patient centred diabetes education for adult patients with Type2 diabetes within LLR to support them in the effective self-management of their condition. Programmes should be delivered by appropriate trained educators, evidence-based and suit the needs of the individual. The programmes should have specific aims and learning objectives and support individual plus their family and carers in developing positive attitudes, beliefs, knowledge and skills to self-manage their diabetes. It is the intention of the Commissioners to enter into a 3 year contract with a possible extension option of up to 24 months. This service will be commissioned via an open procurement process. The ITT will be live on 06th October on the Arden GEM CSU e-tendering procurement portal (Bravo). All submissions will be evaluated using the scoring criteria which is contained within the ITT Instructions - Document 1. Clarifications may be asked during the procurement process, the deadline for ITT clarification questions is 5pm on 2nd November 2015. All correspondence relating to this procurement throughout all stages of the process must be managed through the Arden & GEM CSU eTendering Procurement Portal Bravo only. Providers wishing to submit an ITT to deliver this service need to log onto Arden GEM CSUs procurement portal (Bravo):- at least 72 hours before the deadline for the ITT submissions of 5pm on 10th November 2015.

Soft Market Test exercise for a Further Education Information System

Nottingham Trent University | Published October 18, 2015

Nottingham Trent University (NTU) would like to invite suppliers to participate in a Soft Market Test exercise. We are looking to find a Further Education Information System (student records and management information) and wish to engage in discussions prior to formulating our final procurement strategy. This process is the beginning of our market engagement exercise designed to help us assess the maturity and depth of the marketplace, and to understand if a solution can meet the fast evolving needs of our service. This process will better inform and scope any future procurement exercise, and help interested organisations understand our requirements. Please be aware that at this stage we will not be formally assessing proposals, and nothing given or provided at this stage will be evaluated as part of any future procurement process. We welcome responses from suppliers and companies who feel that they have positive ideas on how our vision can be delivered. Please email for documentation providing further details. If you feel that your organisation is able to contribute to this exercise please complete the relevant questions from the background document and return, via email to by 13.00 Friday 23rd October 2015. Following receipt of the responses, and depending on the information we obtain from this exercise, we may invite a maximum of 5 respondents to attend separate open dialogue workshop sessions to present and discuss their responses between 2nd and 23rd November. A decision will then be made internally on the best procurement approach to take. Parties unable to attend a session will not be disadvantaged in any future procurement as this pre-market engagement is only an exploratory fact-finding exercise and is not an invitation to tender or a request for formal expressions of interest. Any supplier invited to present to NTU is doing so to support market research only and to help make any potential procurement process more focused and efficient and to identify the needs of sponsors. No supplier selection or supplier preference is implied.

TD0961 - Application to Deliver Free Early Education Entitlement (FEEE) for eligible Two Year Olds at Boulton Children's Centre

Derby City Council | Published June 15, 2015  -  Deadline July 3, 2015

Boulton Children's Centre are now inviting childcare providers to apply to lease a self contained 'fit for purpose' area within the centre. This will be used to deliver high, quality two year old free early education entitlement (FEEE) places from September 2015. The two year old unit provides suitable accommodation for 16 two year olds to access their 3 hour FEEE session each morning and afternoon for 15hours, over 38weeks (term time only) unless a stretched offer can be delivered of 12 hours over 48 weeks. To apply to deliver the two year old FEEE places at Boulton Children's Centre, please complete and submit the application and all associated documents electronically by the deadline date. The closing time and date for receipt of completed applications is 12 noon on Friday 3rd July 2015.

Virtual School - Education of Children in Care - Attendance Data Collection

Leicestershire County Council | Published July 9, 2015  -  Deadline June 4, 2015
Welfare Call

Daily Data Collection and Reporting of School Attendance for Children and Young People in Care to Leicestershire County Council

Derbyshire Educational Psychology Service

Derbyshire County Council | Published August 25, 2015  -  Deadline September 15, 2015

Derbyshire County Council is inviting quotations to establish a framework of between 1-6 associates to work with the Local Authority Educational Psychology Service. The associates' role is to support the delivery of Educational Psychology Services to schools, colleges, early years settings, children and families through the provision of high quality psychological input. This may include consultation, assessment, training and direct interventions to children and young people in Derbyshire, across the Derbyshire region. Derbyshire Educational Psychology Service provides both 'core' (Local Authority funded) and 'purchased' (School funded) work to schools. Most Derbyshire schools have subscribed to the Service and receive a guaranteed level of input; others receive core work only, to a defined maximum level. The Service works with children and young people aged 0-25 in line with the National SEND reforms agenda and may work with maintained and non-maintained EY settings as well as further education institutions. The Service provides statutory advice to the Local Authority as part of Education, Health and Care Needs Assessments.

Provision of Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating (DAFNE) Educational Service Implementation and Delivery in Milton Keynes


The management of Type 1 diabetes requires people to adjust their insulin dose to the food they eat to maintain good blood glucose levels throughout their lives and reduces the risks of long term Diabetes complications. The DAFNE group educational approach is a nationally validated and quality assured five-day structured education package for adults with Type 1 Diabetes. This education programme provides the skills necessary to estimate the carbohydrate in each meal and to inject the right dose of insulin. By empowering people with Type 1 Diabetes, providing them with appropriate skills, allows for effective integration of self-management into their daily lives. Patient education is one of the key priorities within the Diabetes Commissioning Framework. Currently, 10,782 (5.2%) of adult population within Milton Keynes have been diagnosed with Diabetes. Approximately 10% of these are diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. This figure will rise if current trends in population change and obesity persist the total prevalence of diabetes is expected to rise to 7.5% by 2020 and 8.6% by 2030 NHS Milton Keynes CCG would like to receive expressions of interest from appropriately experienced and qualified parties for the provision and delivery of the DAFNE education programme within the Milton Keynes geographical boundaries. Providers would be expected to work closely with local GP Practices, community and secondary care services providers and service champions to ensure DAFNE is delivered as a part of a holistic self-management care plan. Due to the nature of the patient group requiring this education, the service will need to be delivered locally and must be easily accessible. The service implementation would be expected to commence from autumn 2015, with the training delivery operational before end of 2015. MK Clinical Commissioning Group is a consortium of 27 GP practices in Milton Keynes and is responsible for commissioning local health services for the people of Milton Keynes. It has a registered population of 278,383. Further details can be found at If you would like to express an interest in this service, please email by no later than 5.00pm on Tuesday 26th May 2015.


NHS ARDEN AND GREATER EAST MIDLANDS COMMISSIONING SUPPORT UNIT | Published August 20, 2015  -  Deadline September 28, 2015

NHS Milton Keynes CCG is looking for providers to deliver the DAFNE (Dose Adjusting for Normal Eating) nationally accredited patient education programme for people with Type 1 Diabetes registered with a Milton Keynes General Practitioner. The overall aim for this service is: • To empower people with Type 1 Diabetes to manage their condition by enabling them to develop the necessary knowledge and skills • To improve quality of life and well-being by supporting the development of self-management and self-care skills • To increase motivation and attitudes to self-care, thereby reducing complications and unplanned use of secondary care health services. • To reduce the risk of developing long term complications of Diabetes

PAN1054 - External Signs and Internal Signs & Wayfinding

Mr Hussain Dakri | Published September 30, 2015  -  Deadline October 15, 2015

Leicester City Council invites Tenders for the provision of external signs and internal signs & wayfinding for the Adult Education College. The proposed Contract will be for 1 year with an option to extend for a further 12 months and it is anticipated to award to 1 or more suppliers. The Adult Education College is based on the corner of Belvoir Street and Wellington Street. The Adult Skills & Learning Service, Leicester City Council provide adult education classes for the residents of Leicester, and offer room hire including Hansom Hall for meetings and events to the general public. As a part of this project, the in-house team is seeking to commission the design, supply and installation of internal/external way-finding signage; and, to manufacture and install external frontage and entrance signage for the building. The procurement of this signage will radically enhance the quality of orientation in and around the building. The signs are required for a council building, namely Leicester Adult Education College, 2 Wellington Street, Leicester, LE1 6HL All submissions must be processed via Due North and returned by 12:00hrs (noon) on Thursday 15th October 2015 at the very latest.

GB-Grantham: Cookery skills courses incorporating nutritional advice integrated with community growing.

South Kesteven District Council | Published April 17, 2015  -  Deadline May 11, 2015

Provide practical cooking and growing education to increase knowledge, skills and confidence around healthy eating, cooking and growing in the residents of South Kesteven. Particularly among groups and individuals considered vulnerable, to be at risk of morbidity or reduced lifespan.

Student Occupational Health Services

University of Derby | Published June 5, 2015  -  Deadline July 9, 2015

The University of Derby wishes to procure an Occupational Health provider that will work with our Student Occupational Health Service to provide health clearance and fitness to practice to University of Derby programmes as follows The Student Occupational Health Service provides health clearance and fitness to practice to the following University of Derby programmes: BSc (Hons) Diagnostic Radiography MSc Occupational Therapy (Pre-Reg) BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy BSc (Hons) Nursing (Adult/ Mental Health) MA Art Therapy MA Dramatherapy BA H Applied Social Work Return to Practice Erasmus exchange The Occupational Health Service provides fitness to teach for the following University of Derby programmes: B Ed (Hons) Education PGCE Primary PGCE Further Education School Direct Teaching Programme Early Years Teacher There are on average 860 new first year students, in total, studying on these programmes. The service has a responsibility to provide an Occupational Health Service to these students for the duration of their programme.

Cambridgeshire County Council – LGSS. Childrens, Families and Adults - MIS. Invitation to Submit an Outline Solution.

LGSS | Published February 24, 2016  -  Deadline November 13, 2015
Capita Business Services Limited

Cambridgeshire County Council - LGSS. Children's, Families and Adults - MIS Invitation to Submit Final Tender (ISFT) for LA Early Years and Education Management System Lot 1 & Cambridgeshire County Council - LGSS. Children's, Families and Adults - MIS Invitation to Submit Final Tender (ISFT) for Children's Case Management and Social Care System & Adults Social Care System Lot 2.

CPU1646 - Apprenticeship Framework

Nottingham City Council | Published December 3, 2015  -  Deadline January 15, 2016

Nottingham City Council is seeking tenders from sufficiently experienced and qualified contractors for inclusion on a framework for Education Services. The Authority has significantly invested in resources to support local people into Council jobs through our employability initiatives. Our employability initiatives and packages are growing as we identify more citizen groups who are in need of this opportunity to bridge the gap between unemployment and employment. We currently offer Apprenticeships, Traineeships and Work Experience opportunities.

851 Provision of Alterations and Refurbishment of Castle Hall, Castle View, De Montfort University, Leicester

De Montfort University | Published December 22, 2015  -  Deadline January 15, 2016

DMU is seeking to appoint a Contractor to carry out the alterations and refurbishment of Castle Hall, Castle View, Leicester; the works will include structural and building services alterations. The Contractor must be able to demonstrate that they and their sub-contractors have worked within the Higher Education Sector and have suitable experience in carrying out such works to Grade I listed buildings. This building is also in a designated Conservation Area and part of a Scheduled Ancient Monument. The services must be supplied by a suitably qualified Contractor.

TS15023 Supply of an Externally Hosted Music Partnership Data Management Solution and Associated Services

Derbyshire County Council | Published November 3, 2015  -  Deadline November 17, 2015

Derbyshire County Council is seeking Tender Responses to provide an externally hosted Solution to help support the administration needs of Derbyshire and Derby City Music Partnership (DDMP). The Council requires a central data management Solution with reporting functionality in compliance with the Department for Education and Arts Council England. The DDMP accredit instrumental teachers, who are self-employed. Currently, the Council?s main source of pupil and instrument information is gathered from teachers in a one-off rolling annual audit. Therefore, the Solution should have the functionality to import this information. The data is essential for producing mandatory Arts Council England data returns on an annual basis. The Council?s existing Solution holds over 119,000 records including pupil, school and instruments and contains personal data. The Council requires the data to be migrated prior to the Go-Live date. Training will be required to allow officers to reach the appropriate standard of expertise for the Solution. The initial contract term will be 3 years from the successful Go-Live date with options to extend annually up to 6 additional years to take the contract up to a maximum of 9 years.

Nottingham City Integrated Diabetes Service

NHS NOTTINGHAM CITY CLINICAL COMMISSIONING GROUP | Published September 18, 2015  -  Deadline October 9, 2015

Nottingham City CCG invites suitably qualified and experienced providers to deliver a specialist diabetes service in the Community. Nottingham City has over 16,033 registered diabetes patients of which 10% are Type 1. Aims of the Service: The aim of the service is to provide an integrated diabetes service in the community for patients with Type 1 and 2 diabetes. In particular, the following will be included within the service; telephone education, advice and support to both patients and healthcare professionals, emotional and psychological support, structured education programmes for both Type 1 and Type 2 patients (both group and 1 to 1 sessions), continuous blood glucose monitoring, foot assessment, care planning and insulin pump initiation and management. In addition to this, patients presenting post or with a hypo/hyperglycaemic attack will be given advice and support through the hypoglycaemic pathway. Mentorship / training opportunities for healthcare professionals will also be provided. In addition the new provider will be expected to provide support to patients at high risk of developing diabetes. The service will function through a Diabetes Central Triage Hub. Outcomes: • To provide an integrated model of care that meets the needs of patients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes • Ensure that healthcare professionals managing patients with Type 1 and 2 diabetes have the appropriate access to services as and when required • Empowering patients by initiating joint care plans • Patients, carers and healthcare professionals have access to specialist advice and education • Improved care pathway • Reduce unnecessary admissions to hospital • Improvement in self-management, knowledge and shared decision making The service is commissioned as a five year service based on an Outcome Based Activity Model. The provider will be expected to meet the annual quality reduction targets set and subsequently approximately 25% of the contract value will be withheld until targets are achieved at the end of each financial year. (See specification). The contract value is £1,067,000 per annum. Interested parties will be expected to follow a competitive tender process. Following initial scoring of the tender (as set out in the evaluation questionnaire) successful Providers having past the first stage will be invited for a Clarification Interview which will be held on Wednesday 14 October 2015 at the CCGs Head Quarters in Nottingham.


Derbyshire Constabulary | Published February 3, 2016  -  Deadline March 8, 2016

Demolition of 2 existing portal frame storage buildings and associated garage buildings. Construction of a new 2-storey training building (Education/Administrative) with attached 3 double bay vehicle garage and covered wash. Provision of Fire Behaviour simulation training buildings, training towers, search and rescue facilities, garage facility, training yard, training culvert, HGV training roadway, external works and car parking for Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service (DFRS). Construction of a new Training building for Derbyshire Constabulary linked to DFRS Training building including external works, car parking and provision of Biomass plant to serve both buildings.

ITT242 Patient Handling Training

University of Northampton e-Tendering | Published November 24, 2015  -  Deadline November 27, 2015

The School of Health provides education and training opportunities for a range of healthcare professionals and has a requirement to ensure students undertake mandatory training prior to their allocated placements. Students on validated courses within the School of Health at the University of Northampton spend 50% of their course hours working in practice. The training they need to receive must be compliant with NHS partners which are detailed in the specification. We are asking supplier to provide competitive quotations and the successful supplier could expect a contract over a 3 year period commencing on January 1st, 2016 with an initial probationary period of 12 months, at which time the contract will be reviewed.

Northamptonshire County Council - Targeted NEET Prevention

LGSS | Published May 13, 2015  -  Deadline May 22, 2015

Northamptonshire County Council are looking for Organisations to submit bids for services in relation to Children and Families, specifically vulnerable young people aged 13-19 who are, or are at risk of, not engaging in Education, Employment or Training (NEET). The government has placed a number of responsibilities on Local Authorities in relation to ensuring all young people have the tools and opportunities they need to fulfill their potential, regardless of background or life circumstances. Tracking young people's participation is a key element of these duties so that those who are not participating, or are NEET, can be identified and given support to re-engage.