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Dynamic Purchasing System for Long Term Taxi Services 2015 - 2019

North Lincolnshire Council | Published April 15, 2015  -  Deadline April 13, 2019

North Lincolnshire Council is inviting requests to participate for a Dynamic Purchasing System for Long Term Taxi Services. Services requirements include contracts for education/home to school and long term taxi transport contracts.

The duration of the Dynamic Purchasing System for Long Term Taxi Services is 24 months with the option to extend for two further periods of 12 months. It is envisaged that the total expenditure over the full 48month duration will be c.£2m.

The Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) shall remain open for new requests to participate from suitable operators for its entire duration.

Operators who meet the minimum selection criteria shall be admitted to the DPS and invited to further competitions as and when requirements for services are made.

Further information on the DPS and the process for requesting to participate is available via Operators may download and submit a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire via

The council intends to run its first further competition in June/July 2015 for education transport contracts commencing September 2015, therefore the initial deadline for requests to participate for operators wishing to participate in the first further competition is 12noon 18 May 2015 thereafter requests to participate may be submitted anytime up to 12noon 13 April 2019. This Dynamic Purchasing System is being run under the Restricted Procedure in accordance with PCR2015.

The council is inviting interested operators to a market industry day on 1 May 2015. Further details are available via


Provision of Associate Schools Improvement Professionals - Open Approved List

North Lincolnshire Council | Published October 31, 2012  -  Deadline October 30, 2016

North Lincolnshire Council seeks response from suitably qualified advisors to provide School Improvement support. The Approved List will provide schools with a list of approved specialist advisors with the necessary skills and expertise to undertake school improvement work as required. Inclusion onto the Approved List of School Improvement Professionals (SIPs) does not constitute or imply any agreement or guarantee regarding any quotation opportunities, any contract or any other form of agreement.

There are two main areas of requirements:

An education advisor service, which will be a universal offer to schools.

Specialist/intervention work, which will be required to improve schools’ performance when required.


Responses will only be accepted by individual advisors, and not a collective organisation.

NOTE: Following a review of the School Improvement Professionals (SIP) Service and changes in North Lincolnshire Councils Contract Procedure Rules, the procurement of SIP services using the open approved list process, will be ending.

If you require any further information please contact North Lincolnshire Council School Improvement Service on 01724 297040.

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