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"Modernization Bicskei training pool, thermal and technology to meet the electricity needs using renewable energy sources" - Results of the procedure

Bicske Város Önkormányzata | Published November 6, 2015

"Modernization Bicskei training pool, thermal and technology to meet the electricity needs using renewable energy sources" Contractor's duties in accordance with the technical specifications to ensure provision of the training pool Bicske process heat and electricity. The project aims to pool covered by the development application of heat pumps and solar systems below 50 kVA connected load by establishing reduce the rate of greenhouse gas emissions and increase the share of renewable energy sources. The heat supply of alternative energy supply systems, ground source water to water heat pump. The required heat a piece of ground source water to water heat pump. The soil probe to install the necessary size of the area available. The applications that may be relevant in heat pumps and combined with COP of the heat supply system is designed to express the introduced surplus of electric energy and heat energy recoverable value of between 4.0-5.0. Based on the above, the heat pump classified appropriate technical-environmental point of view. For Bicskei Tanuszoda 100-150 kW of heat demand solution can be suitably heat pump trigger. The purpose of the training pool heat pumps and technological needs of electricity supply must be installed 30 KW photovoltaic system in the attached technical specifications indicated below.

"Specifying related Bicske City of the former cinema building construction and renovation works" - a statement of the outcome of the proceedings

Bicske Város Önkormányzata | Published March 4, 2015
Baurek Építőipari és Szolgáltató Kft.
45262690, 45453100, 45454100

"Specifying related Bicske City of the former cinema building construction, renovations," City Bicske former cinema building and the building is situated in the yard of construction and renovation work carried out as specified in the technical disclosure. As a former cinema building construction and renovation work Description: The former cinema building in the north and east, in the direction of land overlooking the border firewalls high stability of inadequate, so they must be broken down and needs to be rebuilt. A firewall is a new section on top of wreath made, which increases the rigidity of the firewall. The ground floor hall is covered in leather jacket removed, plastering training is in place, which will unify the interior. The doorway to the inner courtyard and uniform appearance of the doorway again plastering and painting required. The building is a large room to change the channel floor party find basic cable realignment is necessary: ​​The existing connection from the vaults low point of passing the basement inside edge towards the center of the large room, and under the floor sunk cost to the Patio removed from the system used in tisztítóaknához connected. After the cleaning is mine egyesesítésre channel of the water block. Tisztítóaknából also available under the gate is a new gateway connection. The building has led to thick-walled PE channel welded joints in the floor. Outside the building wiring KG PVC sewer pipe. Courtly building construction, reconstruction of the description of the load-bearing walls collapsing, structural cracks appeared, the foundation plane reached the frost line, the building plinth felvizesedett. For this reason, the building must be demolished by the new foundation is 30 cm wall thickness of masonry, while the finished building roofs, facades and get the cinema building in the courtyard the same color and surface structure.
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