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Education and training services

The Highland Council | Published August 26, 2016

Education and training services

Education and training services

The Highland Council | Published June 11, 2016  -  Deadline June 24, 2016

Education and training services

Management training services

Highlands and Islands Enterprise | Published November 4, 2017  -  Deadline December 6, 2017
80532000, 80511000, 80570000, 80430000

Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) provides a comprehensive but targeted suite of support to assist entrepreneurs accelerate their growth and scale up their businesses.

We are seeking suppliers to provide executive education and support via a suite of masterclasses.

Bidders should note that this is one of 4 contracts being procured simultaneously, but under separate contract notices (Lots) as follows:

— Lot 1 — Structured Steps in the Entrepreneur's Journey,

— Lot 2 — Creating and Maintaining Competitive Advantage,

— Lot 3 — Strategic Marketing,

— Lot 4 — Strategic Negotiations.

This particular Notice relates to Lot 3 Strategic Marketing.

Bidders can submit a response for one or all of the Lots.

Bidders who are interested in bidding for any of the other contracts can do so by locating the respective PCS/OJEU notices, which were all published on the same date with ‘Executive Entrepreneurship — Masterclasses’ in the contract description.

Strategic marketing management is a powerful organisational process to better reach and satisfy customers while increasing profitability and productivity. It will also help a business become more innovative and better penetrate a market. Through applying a strategic approach to marketing, businesses will gain a deep insight of their customers, competitors, markets and opportunities.

The masterclass will be held over two days in Inverness and will be delivered to a cohort of approximately 25-40 entrepreneurs to ensure the sessions are interactive.

As a minimum, this masterclass will cover the following topics:

— A strategic framework for identifying, assessing and prioritising market opportunities,

— Customer segmentation and channel management,

— Competitor analysis and differentiation,

— Setting and evaluating growth priorities,

— Digital marketing and social media analytics.

The contract is anticipated to be awarded for a 27 month period with a maximum budget of between 35 000 GBP and 40 000 GBP per masterclass.

It is estimated that the total value of these services (over the lifetime of the contract) may be 120 000 GBP and this is the figure which has been used in II.1.5 and II.2.6.

Education and training services

The Highland Council | Published October 15, 2016
Abriachan Forest Trust
80000000, 80510000, 80530000

Longer-term, more sustained assistance for individuals assessed as having more complex histories of disengagement. Clients will benefit from intensive, integrated support to address a range of issues across multi-stages of the pipeline. This will be a Co-investment programme which will require the provider to identify match funding resources.
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