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Arbetsförmedlingen | Published April 19, 2017  -  Deadline May 18, 2017
80000000, 79998000, 80590000

Short description of the service:

General orientation:

Gumtree invite to tender in the procurement of professional and academic modules, registration number AF-2017/0008 5697th

The program aims to provide individual, additional study and career guidance activities to give participants opportunities for further study or employment.

The overall objective of Occupational and academic modules, the participant during the training with complementary skills have had a clear focus for future study, or work.

Employment Service intends to make education available throughout the country. Vocational and academic modules will be purchased for 70 separate delivery areas.

Short description of the service:

Contract object:

Vocational and academic modules consist of individualized education guidance and career-oriented character. The program has a clear focus on the participants receive additional training that will lead to either further studies or directly to employment. Training consists of 15 modules selectable.

Contract period and warrants:

Preliminary first contract period is from 11/01/2017 until 10/31/2019. The Employment Service has the right to extend the contract period of 12 months and then further up to 12 months with unchanged conditions.

Closing date:

Bids shall be Gumtree later: 05/18/2017 23:59.

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