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Data-processing machines (hardware)

Regionalny Zespół Placówek Wsparcia Edukacji | Published November 18, 2016  -  Deadline December 28, 2016

The contract is for the supply of computer hardware and software for the 5 projects: "Opole vocational education closer to the labor market 2," "Secrets of Science Explorers AO. The increase in the competence of the students and teachers of secondary schools and secondary schools in the area Agglomeration Opole "," Young Science Explorers Secrets AO increase the competence of the students and teachers of primary schools in the area of ​​Opole Agglomeration "- an area I, zone II and zone III. As part of the contract is required to provide personal object of the contract by the Contractor to the individual institutions. The Contractor is obliged to unpack, make the assembly, installation, test run and training in the use and exploitation of one person from each institution. Number of outlets: 19. Detailed in Annex 1 to the Terms of Reference.

Opole: Maintenance of watercourses and water management facilities on the main area of ​​operations WZMiUW in Opole Branch Oleśno

Wojewódzki Zarząd Melioracji i Urządzeń Wodnych | Published July 20, 2016  -  Deadline December 15, 2016
The contract is for the execution of the called Maintenance of watercourses and water management facilities essential in action WZMiUW in Opole Branch Oleśno, which includes construction works (m. In. Blowdown, rozplantowanie ore, etc.) for 8 objects (parts) 1. River Borecki km 0 + 000-18 + 150 2. River Julianpolka II km 8 + 470-14 + 194 3. From River Bzionkowa km 0 + 000-7 + 200 4. River Pawłowiczanka km 0 + 000-2 + 760 5. current River III km 5 + 314-10 + 317 6. River Sowczycki I 0 + 000-2 + ​​600 7. River Sowczycki II 4 + 006-12 + 045 8. Old River Prosna 0 + 000-2 + ​​745 the full scope of works include attached hereto takeoffs. NOTES: 1. Desired by the principal to the contractor prior to issuing tenders acquainted with Part III of the Terms of Reference and made inspection of the place of performance of the contract (agreement with the competent manager WZMiUW in Opole), to take account of the specific nature of the price of its offer. This provision should be understood that in every place in the Terms of Reference, which uses the names, the following words or equivalent. 3. It is recognized that the offer is equivalent to that which represents the subject of the order of the functional properties and quality of the same or similar to those circled in this Terms of Reference, but marked another trademark, patent or origin. In this case, the Contractor is obliged to repair the damage wielding terrain without undue delay, or by restoring the land to its original state, or by the payment of an appropriate sum of money. 5. The Contractor shall take all reasonable steps to protect the environment both on the Site, and beyond, and to limit damage and nuisance to people and property resulting from pollution, noise and other effects of his actions. All fees and penalties for exceeding during the works standards referred to in the relevant regulations concerning environmental protection, borne by the Contractor. 7. The Contractor shall pay the relevant fees and obtain at its own expense all arrangements and export licenses for solid and liquid waste and waste, and safe, proper drainage of groundwater and rainwater from around the Site, or sites related to the conduct of the Works, so that neither Robots or the environment are not damaged. The Contractor shall, at his own risk and cost, provide all equipment necessary for your use of these services and to measure the amount collected 9. Before Works Contractor is obliged to provide written notice of all interested parties (owners or administrators areas, owners of devices and existing underground utilities ) on the date of commencement of the Works and the expected date of completion of the Works. 10. The contractor will limit its activities to the area covered by the robots utrzymaniowymi Contractor shall take the necessary steps to maintain the Contractor's Equipment and Contractor's Personnel within the Site and these additional areas, away from the neighboring areas. The contractor will remove from the Site any wreckage, rubbish and temporary infrastructure, which are no longer needed. Each waste must be handled in accordance with applicable law and in agreement with the Employer. Carried out photographic documentation of the Contractor shall provide the Employer. 14. The contractor is familiar with the location of all existing installations, such as dehydration, lines and telephone poles and electrical, fiber, water supply, gas pipelines and the like, before starting any excavation or other operations that could damage the existing installations. 15. Each time prior to earthworks, checking excavations will be made to identify underground installations where damage could endanger traffic safety. Contractor shall immediately repair any resulting damage at his own expense and, if necessary, carry out other work ordered by the competent department WZMiUW in Opole. 17. The contractor will be required to obtain all necessary consents and permits local authorities, businesses and owners required to remove the existing installation necessary, install temporary installations, remove the temporary installation and re-installation of existing installations, each time on the basis of agreements made with the customer. 18. The Contractor shall ensure that the Works will be guided by individuals with relevant experience and education.
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