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YSK, basic and continuing education - Østfold

NAV Østfold | Published March 15, 2017  -  Deadline March 31, 2017

The course will provide the necessary skills for job seekers who are in need of basic education YSK (140 hours), expansion (freight ↔ passenger) (35 hours) or training (35 hours) to run the carriage of goods or passengers against payment. Training will be provided in the variant participant is in need of from the participant already acquired expertise and from the job participant must qualify for. Single Place. Continuous recording. The measure may also be implemented in the group. Response time (from order date at startup); YSK accelerated initial qualification and YSK expansion: max 4 weeks YSK training: max 2 weeks Supplier can implement call-in group with other participants, also with participants who are not sought by NAV.

Education and training services

NAV Østfold | Published March 10, 2017  -  Deadline April 10, 2017
80000000, 80300000, 80210000, 80400000

The building and construction industry needs skilled/qualified workers, and this course shall assist in providing participants with an industry introduction and motivation for further skills enhancement within building and construction. The course shall recruit participants to the building and construction industry by providing training to the participants in the disciplines of concrete, joinery and painting. Tenderer shall connect with regular businesses that have a recruiting need within the different disciplines. These businesses must have the possibility of participating in parts of the training, that shall be carried out in the course premises or in a suitable work hall/workshop, or in addition on suitable outdoor areas in connection to the course premises, and the participants shall give specific training based on the work they will perform in the businesses.

Course location: Tender offers may be submitted on one or both locations (inner and/or outer Østfold).

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