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Professional system for adult education

Rana kommune | Published October 15, 2015
Visma Unique AS
48100000, 72260000

Rana municipality intends to enter into an agreement with Visma Unique AS for procurement of electronic specialized system that maintains Rana Adult Education tasks in accordance with applicable law and ensuring communication with the Norwegian Introduction Registry (NIR), and Rana municipality specialized system for Refugee Service ( Visma NRC), the municipality's second professional systems for HRM (Visma Enterprise HRM), billing (Visma Enterprise) and archives (Evry - Ephorte 5) After the Rana municipality has knowledge, is Visma Unique AS only vendor that meets all requirements except integration with municipalities Archives core. File system has interfaces for receiving documents via Webservices4. Rana municipality shall conclude a contract period of two years from the signing of the agreement with an option to + two years. Professional system must ensure the safe handling, storage and production of personal data and archival documents in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. • The solution will deliver a complete professional system for adult tasks such as providing solution for writing elevkartotek, student journal, individual plans, decisions in accordance with applicable law, lesson plans, floorplans, group lists, class lists, intro lists, absence reporting, diplomas, certificates etc. • specialized systems must handle Creation of samples and notices of various kinds to the students using SMS / e-mail. • Registration and withdrawal of reports in connection with the placement and form of employment contracts in practice. • Being able to meet reporting acc. applicable regulations • The solution must ensure easy search, retrieval, tracking, and production of documents.

Software package and information systems

Rana kommune | Published November 11, 2017

Rana municipality plans to hold a competition so as to gather the education sector, schools, nurseries, PPT and the school of arts under one joint ICT platform. The procurement is for a system that enables digitalisation and simplification of work processes for the sector. We are, thus, inviting suppliers to a presentation and quality assurance of the competition at the Town Hall in Mo i Rana, 15 November at 12.00. Interested parties are asked to register.

Software package and information systems

Rana kommune | Published November 8, 2017

Rana municipality plans to hold a competition so as to gather the education sector, schools, nurseries, PPT and the school of arts under 1 joint ICT platform. The procurement is for a system that enables digitalisation and simplification of work processes for the sector. We are, thus, inviting suppliers to a presentation and quality assurance of the competition at the Town Hall in Mo i Rana, 15 November at 12:00. Interested parties are asked to register.

The procurement is for an ICT system with a joint platform for schools, nurseries, the school of arts and PPT. A system shall be established that supports interaction, innovation, efficiency and quality in the service production.

The system shall fulfil the legal requirements and regulations, including the requirements for a certified electronic archive, the Norwegian Data Protection Authority's guidelines, as well as the municipality's own guidelines and requirements.

Educational services engineer Mo i Rana

Sted: hele Norge | Published September 8, 2017
Region: Nord-Norge

UiT Norway's Arctic University wishes to go to procurement of engineering services for the studies in Mo i Rana. The studies are conducted professionally by study leaders and subject responsible professionals in Narvik. The learning objectives, schedule and syllabus are thus determined. Lectures and work requirements are also distributed from Narvik, via web-based LMS. Some subjects in the study programs are fully online supported and offered without local learning resources. The teaching assignments are thus limited to local learning support and ongoing student follow-up at the location of the study area in subjects listed in Appendix 1. The structure and content of the studies are described in more detail in the individual study plans. For further information see Appendix 1.

Year study in activity school education for employees in the Activity School

Sted: hele Norge | Published December 20, 2017

The educational institution wishes to offer employees in the Activity School an annual study in activity school education as part-time study over 2 years. The study will provide knowledge about children's learning and development, as well as competence in planning and implementing educational learning support activities. The study will emphasize activities and play that promote children's reading, writing and language skills, as well as numerical understanding. The offer for a study site must be directed to permanent employees in the Activity School who have a minimum of 5 years of professional competence and / or general academic qualifications. The course will comprise five subject areas, totaling 60 credits. A minimum of 25 study places will be acquired, with an option of up to 30 places for the following 3 periods. Desired start-up is August 2018.

Education as measures and activity for users in NAV

Fylke: Oslo, Kommune: Oslo | Published September 28, 2017

For a detailed description of the assignment, see Appendix 1 to the contract (the contractor's description of the assignment).

Coarse management system Mosjøen high school department Marka

Fylke: Nordland | Published July 17, 2017

Mosjøen high school, student location Marka needs: - Mixing / mixing and allocation of my 3 different coarse feedstocks + Power supply - Allotment of different feed to the different animal groups in the barn (mjølkeku, zink, ungdyr, buller etc.) - Must be filled Up with enough feed to last 2.5-3 days without replenishment - App management - The barn will be a classroom, so we want a solution that is transparent in such a way that the students get the best insight / insight into the process - Flexible solution, with flexible means it is possible to feed with mini loader / small wheel loader / tractor if desired. - The solution must take into consideration that there are sometimes visitors to the feed board / feed center - The barn should have a number of cameras that should be linked to the education building so that from the classroom you can see what is going on in the barn, so we want a little " Infrastructure 'that shadows the view inside the barn. - It is assumed that delivery and assembly will take place in cooperation with supplier of I-mek's construction and supplier

Framework agreement for management support

Sted: hele Norge | Published December 22, 2017

Education building will enter into a framework agreement for leadership development, leadership training and defined tasks. There will be an agreement with one supplier. The framework agreement will have a duration of two years with option one year + one year, starting in March 2018.

Trivial survey for the oldest children in kindergartens and students on the 1st to 4th. steps

Sted: hele Norge | Published December 21, 2017

The educational institution needs a research-based well-being survey for the oldest children in kindergartens and students in the 1st to 4th. step. There are approximately 350 municipal and 420 private kindergartens in Oslo, with a total of approximately 37000 children. The target group for the well-being survey, divided into 350 municipal kindergartens, constitutes approximately 9,200 respondents. In 2016, the education institution had education in 179 places, with a total of approximately 89,000 pupils / students in schools, of which 78 primary schools (1st to 7th grade). The target group for the well-being survey accounts for approximately 28,000 students. It must be taken into account that the population in the municipality of Oslo is in development, and it is expected that the number of respondents and units will increase somewhat during the agreement period.

Mapping and Checking of Lighting Rig and Fixed Speakers

Fylke: Oslo, Kommune: Oslo | Published December 14, 2017

Educational buildings shall map, control and correct the attachment of fixed speakers and light gears in our buildings. Educational building has approx. 199 buildings with speakers and 73 fixed light rays. The need for control and condition assessment, as well as remediation, relate to the management and operation of properties of education building. The purpose of the assignment is to ensure that the equipment is in a proper condition and eliminate risk, so that the equipment is satisfactory and that safety for use is taken care of. The assignment is awarded to a supplier

Hjeltefjord Arena Symjehall, steel pool and water treatment

Fylke: Hordaland, Kommune: Øygarden | Published July 20, 2017

Delivery of steel pool 12.5 x 25 m with low-rise sink part, water treatment facility for the mentioned pool and a children's pool of about 30 m². There must be separate water treatment facilities for the two pools. The intention is to find a partner for developing, projecting, building and operating cleaning facilities for pool water and steel pool for Hjeltefjord Arena Symjehall in the municipality of Øygarden. The offer prices are a basis for contracting contractors for the supply of water treatment plants and steel pools. Hjeltefjorden Arena Symjehall is primarily a school swimming pool for education, but also an offer for training / visitors with families in the afternoons / evenings and weekend offers. There will be built two pools for training / training at 25 m pool length with presumed water temperature 28 degrees. In addition, a children's pool with an area of ​​about 30 m2 is planned with the assumed water temperature 33-34 degrees.

Framework agreement for the supply of biofuels oil

Fylke: Oslo, Kommune: Oslo | Published August 18, 2017

Oslo municipality v / Education building Oslo KF and Omsorgsbygg Oslo KF, hereinafter referred to as the Client, invites an open tender competition for the procurement of framework agreements for the delivery of biofuel oil. The framework agreement concerns the supply of biofuel oil to schools, sports halls, nursing homes, day care centers, district administrations and other purpose buildings in the two respective companies' portfolios, who wish to use biofuels oil as fuels. The scope of the acquisition is estimated at approx. 1 500 000 liters biofuel oil per year. Of this, it is estimated that about 115,000 liters must be supplied with quality CFPP -15 ° C. The framework agreement has a duration of framework agreement two years with option for extension for one year + one year on the original contractual terms. Booting will be in the fall of 2017.

Purchase of office services

Fylke: Oslo, Kommune: Oslo | Published September 7, 2017

The purpose of the competition is to enter into an agreement to meet the needs of the Department community within a wide range of office services in the Government Quarter, the Quadrature and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The acquisition will be conducted in cooperation with the community community users. Supplier shall be responsible for procuring the goods and services necessary for the food delivery, including: • Raw materials procurement • Food preparation • Serving • Cleaning in the production area (kitchen) and the cafeterias • Personnel management • Operation and maintenance of custody systems The following ministries will use the agreement: • Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs • Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion • Ministry of Finance • Ministry of Food and Fisheries • Ministry of Health and Care Services • Ministry of Local Government and Modernization • Ministry of Culture • Ministry of Education • Ministry of Agriculture and Food • Oil- and the Ministry of Energy • Ministry of Transport and Communications • Ministry of Foreign Affairs • Department of Security and Service Organization For a more detailed description of the assignment, see Appendix 1 to the contract (requirement specification).

Frame agreement for purchase of images

Sted: hele Norge | Published December 14, 2017

NDLA, the National Digital Learning Area, needs to purchase images from a comprehensive image base for the production of digital learning materials. The contractor must be able to select relevant images that illustrate and illustrate topics in a digital learning material that will cover up to approx. 100 different school subjects in upper secondary education. NDLA wishes that images should be possible to reuse in the learning work for students and teachers at school. There is a need for an image base that complements your own image base. We have our own project photographer and illustrator that complements what we do not find in photo bases. We are constantly building new subjects and revising old content and visual expression. The competition also includes other media, but the supplier does not need to be able to bid on this. Examples can be graphics, animations, video, music, simulation and sound that can be included in our production of digital learning materials.

R & D: Refugees' employment and social security over time

Sted: hele Norge | Published September 7, 2017

Qualification and employment of refugees is recognized as one of the major integration challenges. Research shows a tendency for declining employment and increased social security for certain groups of refugees and their family reunification after 5-10 years of residence in Norway. This research has mainly been based on analyzes of cohorts of refugees who resided prior to the introduction of the introduction scheme in 2004. The research also did not include variables for receiving different public qualification services, such as NAV measures. There is now a need and opportunity to document whether previous participants in the introductory program and measures from NAV experience the same challenges as maintaining a lasting connection with the workplace. The research assignment will result in an analysis of the importance of longer residence times and public interventions such as the introduction program and various NAV measures, for refugees and their family reunification's employment and use of welfare benefits. The analysis must include other variables that the literature has found relevant for studying these conditions, including cure, education, age, gender, and other characteristics. The full description of the delivery is given in Appendix 1 to the contract (Appendix 1 of the Research Agreement).

Follow-up evaluation of the escalation plan against violence and abuse

Fylke: Oslo, Kommune: Oslo | Published December 13, 2017

This is the first time a compulsory escalation plan is being launched on violence and abuse. The plan both sets out main challenges related to violence and abuse, especially against children, and proposes measures and strategies to address these challenges. It covers a wide range of topics and fields. It determines where responsibility for the work against violence in close relationships and violence against children is rooted. It shows in particular the public responsibility of government agencies for combating violence and abuse and for establishing good cooperative structures across services and sectors. The plan further describes how to prevent violence and abuse, both with efforts aimed at the general public and measures aimed at individuals or groups living under a known increased risk of being exposed to violence. In this, knowledge is crucial and the plan highlights the need for increased competence in all sectors and services, to ensure that violence is detected and stopped. The escalation plan presents challenges related to the follow-up and treatment of those who have been exposed to violence and adds to further strengthening of the relief and treatment services for the victims of violence, but also for violence practitioners. The plan emphasizes that legal certainty is to be ensured in cases of violence in close relationships and violence against children. Investigation of cases of violence and abuse shall be prioritized, capacity to be strengthened and quality increased. The plan highlights the challenges that the Norwegian Children's Home is facing, among other things with regard to capacity and access to medical examinations. The escalation plan is coordinated by the Ministry of Children and Equality in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Care Services, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Justice and the Preparedness. For further description of the assignment, see Appendix 1 to the contract (Customer's description of the assignment). The upper financial framework for the assignment is kr. 4,000,000 in the period 2018-2022 (ex VAT). The provider shall provide a mid-term report in 2020 and a final report in 2022.
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