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Professional system for adult education

Rana kommune | Published October 15, 2015
Visma Unique AS
48100000, 72260000

Rana municipality intends to enter into an agreement with Visma Unique AS for procurement of electronic specialized system that maintains Rana Adult Education tasks in accordance with applicable law and ensuring communication with the Norwegian Introduction Registry (NIR), and Rana municipality specialized system for Refugee Service ( Visma NRC), the municipality's second professional systems for HRM (Visma Enterprise HRM), billing (Visma Enterprise) and archives (Evry - Ephorte 5) After the Rana municipality has knowledge, is Visma Unique AS only vendor that meets all requirements except integration with municipalities Archives core. File system has interfaces for receiving documents via Webservices4. Rana municipality shall conclude a contract period of two years from the signing of the agreement with an option to + two years. Professional system must ensure the safe handling, storage and production of personal data and archival documents in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. • The solution will deliver a complete professional system for adult tasks such as providing solution for writing elevkartotek, student journal, individual plans, decisions in accordance with applicable law, lesson plans, floorplans, group lists, class lists, intro lists, absence reporting, diplomas, certificates etc. • specialized systems must handle Creation of samples and notices of various kinds to the students using SMS / e-mail. • Registration and withdrawal of reports in connection with the placement and form of employment contracts in practice. • Being able to meet reporting acc. applicable regulations • The solution must ensure easy search, retrieval, tracking, and production of documents.

Software package and information systems

Rana kommune | Published November 11, 2017

Rana municipality plans to hold a competition so as to gather the education sector, schools, nurseries, PPT and the school of arts under one joint ICT platform. The procurement is for a system that enables digitalisation and simplification of work processes for the sector. We are, thus, inviting suppliers to a presentation and quality assurance of the competition at the Town Hall in Mo i Rana, 15 November at 12.00. Interested parties are asked to register.

Software package and information systems

Rana kommune | Published November 8, 2017

Rana municipality plans to hold a competition so as to gather the education sector, schools, nurseries, PPT and the school of arts under 1 joint ICT platform. The procurement is for a system that enables digitalisation and simplification of work processes for the sector. We are, thus, inviting suppliers to a presentation and quality assurance of the competition at the Town Hall in Mo i Rana, 15 November at 12:00. Interested parties are asked to register.

The procurement is for an ICT system with a joint platform for schools, nurseries, the school of arts and PPT. A system shall be established that supports interaction, innovation, efficiency and quality in the service production.

The system shall fulfil the legal requirements and regulations, including the requirements for a certified electronic archive, the Norwegian Data Protection Authority's guidelines, as well as the municipality's own guidelines and requirements.

Educational services engineer Mo i Rana

Sted: hele Norge | Published September 8, 2017
Region: Nord-Norge

UiT Norway's Arctic University wishes to go to procurement of engineering services for the studies in Mo i Rana. The studies are conducted professionally by study leaders and subject responsible professionals in Narvik. The learning objectives, schedule and syllabus are thus determined. Lectures and work requirements are also distributed from Narvik, via web-based LMS. Some subjects in the study programs are fully online supported and offered without local learning resources. The teaching assignments are thus limited to local learning support and ongoing student follow-up at the location of the study area in subjects listed in Appendix 1. The structure and content of the studies are described in more detail in the individual study plans. For further information see Appendix 1.

Year study in activity school education for employees in the Activity School

Sted: hele Norge | Published December 20, 2017

The educational institution wishes to offer employees in the Activity School an annual study in activity school education as part-time study over 2 years. The study will provide knowledge about children's learning and development, as well as competence in planning and implementing educational learning support activities. The study will emphasize activities and play that promote children's reading, writing and language skills, as well as numerical understanding. The offer for a study site must be directed to permanent employees in the Activity School who have a minimum of 5 years of professional competence and / or general academic qualifications. The course will comprise five subject areas, totaling 60 credits. A minimum of 25 study places will be acquired, with an option of up to 30 places for the following 3 periods. Desired start-up is August 2018.

Education as measures and activity for users in NAV

Fylke: Oslo, Kommune: Oslo | Published September 28, 2017

For a detailed description of the assignment, see Appendix 1 to the contract (the contractor's description of the assignment).

Coarse management system Mosjøen high school department Marka

Fylke: Nordland | Published July 17, 2017

Mosjøen high school, student location Marka needs: - Mixing / mixing and allocation of my 3 different coarse feedstocks + Power supply - Allotment of different feed to the different animal groups in the barn (mjølkeku, zink, ungdyr, buller etc.) - Must be filled Up with enough feed to last 2.5-3 days without replenishment - App management - The barn will be a classroom, so we want a solution that is transparent in such a way that the students get the best insight / insight into the process - Flexible solution, with flexible means it is possible to feed with mini loader / small wheel loader / tractor if desired. - The solution must take into consideration that there are sometimes visitors to the feed board / feed center - The barn should have a number of cameras that should be linked to the education building so that from the classroom you can see what is going on in the barn, so we want a little " Infrastructure 'that shadows the view inside the barn. - It is assumed that delivery and assembly will take place in cooperation with supplier of I-mek's construction and supplier

Digital learning in Askerskolen

Fylke: Akershus, Kommune: Asker | Published May 21, 2018

The client wishes to enter into a contract with a supplier who has extensive experience and knowledge about the use of digital aids in the school to provide guidance and courses. The assignment will be to adapt programs to the individual schools covered by the procurement that take care of the following items: ● Increase the overall competence of the teachers in methodical use of technology in the classroom within defined subjects or themes. ● Increase teacher skills in class management in technology environments. ● Contribute to ensuring basic digital skills and tools in key G-Suite tools for education, Chromebooks, and necessary apps within defined subjects or themes. ● Model didactic use of technology within any defined subjects. The competence community should be able to offer a combination of courses in groups, team guidance, guidance of single teachers and participation classroom teaching at each school. The acquisition concerns delivery of the Asker and Hurum municipality service. For further details of the purpose and scope of the acquisition / performance, see Appendix 1 - The contractor's requirement specification.

New Management System -Office Competition

Fylke: Oslo, Kommune: Oslo | Published May 9, 2018

A web-based management system (quality system) will be provided. Education building will acquire an electronic management system that can make available strategies, work processes, work instructions, templates, etc. The management system shall support employees in carrying out their tasks and activities. The system will be used for enterprise management, document control, quality assurance, non-conformance management and continuous improvement. In addition, Education Building wants to acquire an electronic management system, with associated support and maintenance agreement, as well as consultancy services for implementation. The system will be a tool for all employees and employed in the education building.

Learning Norwegian

Sted: hele Norge | Published March 23, 2018

Norwegian course and other Norwegian education / training for employees in the Renovation. For further description see the requirement specification

Prinsdal School - General Contract - Massive

Fylke: Oslo, Kommune: Oslo | Published February 28, 2018

Client Teaching Building shall build a 3-storey body building, approximately 1,343m2, adjacent to the existing main building at Prinsdal School. The bodywork must be carried out in solid wood. The school is scheduled to be handed over to the Customer Education Agency in June 2019. The project is conducted with school in operation. Oslo municipality has taken strict climate targets. This means that, among other things, new schools must be built according to these goals. With this project, the Education Building / Education Agency will establish a pilot project in massive construction to reduce greenhouse gas accounts. Solid wood produces a lower carbon footprint than with traditional construction such as concrete and steel. The automation supplier Johnson Controls will be transported to the general contractor.

Framework agreement for management support

Sted: hele Norge | Published December 22, 2017

Education building will enter into a framework agreement for leadership development, leadership training and defined tasks. There will be an agreement with one supplier. The framework agreement will have a duration of two years with option one year + one year, starting in March 2018.

Tau skole Superparken entreprise 36 Air treatment

Tilleggsinformasjon finnes på | Published March 26, 2018

The air conditioning fee includes: - Mounting of 6 ventilation units, in two technical rooms --Garden kitchen --Ventilation of, among other things, classroom and special education room including special features, multipurpose hall and aula

Evaluation of standard area and function program for new elementary schools in Oslo "Building for learning"

Sted: hele Norge | Published April 18, 2018

The purpose of the post-evaluation is to document and compile user experiences from school facilities built according to "Building for Learning". This will provide increased knowledge of how the schools designed according to the standard program work and how it promotes or inhibits learning and well-being for students, teachers and employees. Through a post-evaluation, the results should be assessed against the goals that are in line with the requirements and guidelines set in the standard "Building for Learning" program. The experience will be provided to the Education and Users in the work of developing new and adapting existing school facilities. The evaluation shall form the basis for the Education Agency's proposal for any changes in the standard program.

Rest Transport Follo 2018

Sted: hele Norge | Published April 9, 2018

The tender concerns customized special transport for which Router is responsible. This may be schoolchildren in elementary school and high school, which for various reasons can not use the ordinary public offer. These are students as Akershus County according to. The Education Act is responsible for organizing the transport to.

Framework agreement for the purchase of translation services and language washing

Fylke: Oslo, Kommune: Oslo | Published May 11, 2018

The purpose of this framework agreement is to cover the client's need for translations and language laundering. There will be a need for technical translations and language skills related to, among other things, legal, economic and academic issues in health, climate, environment, education in the field of development. Examples of these are translations and language wash of treaties, performance reports, annual reports, etc.

Trivial survey for the oldest children in kindergartens and students on the 1st to 4th. steps

Sted: hele Norge | Published December 21, 2017

The educational institution needs a research-based well-being survey for the oldest children in kindergartens and students in the 1st to 4th. step. There are approximately 350 municipal and 420 private kindergartens in Oslo, with a total of approximately 37000 children. The target group for the well-being survey, divided into 350 municipal kindergartens, constitutes approximately 9,200 respondents. In 2016, the education institution had education in 179 places, with a total of approximately 89,000 pupils / students in schools, of which 78 primary schools (1st to 7th grade). The target group for the well-being survey accounts for approximately 28,000 students. It must be taken into account that the population in the municipality of Oslo is in development, and it is expected that the number of respondents and units will increase somewhat during the agreement period.

ICT solution for the completion of digital written exam for private individuals

Sted: hele Norge | Published March 22, 2018

The purpose of the acquisition is to facilitate continued implementation of ICT-based written exam for private individuals in Oslo. There is a need to continue the infrastructure in the examination venues in order to conduct an ICT-based exam. The privatists have their own computers that they can use to produce the exam answer. Oslo municipality The education office v / Privatistkontoret needs to provide wireless networks for managing candidates in the premises, networking for candidates so that permitted digital online resources in Oslo can be used and so that it is possible to deliver answers digitally in the Education Directorate's submission tool PGSA. There is a special need to control data traffic in the exam room. A scanner solution is required that can handle large amounts of paper replies, which generate automatic files with specified file names that the Private Office delivers on behalf of the candidates in PGSA.

1-Oslo Sea School-2018 - Rent of vessel for rescue course

Sted: hele Norge | Published May 6, 2018

Oslo municipality The Oslo Maritime School, hereinafter referred to as the principal, invites an open tender competition in connection with the hire of a boat for teaching. Oslo Sjøskole is located on Hovedøya. The primary school assignment is to teach the school's pupils in Sjøvett and Livberging in open water. The education office in Oslo v / Oslo Maritime School will hire a suitable vessel for the completion of the education offer "Lifesaving in open water" during the period 20.08.2018-20.06.2020 with option for extension for 1 + 1 + 1 year. The rental ratio follows the school holiday when it comes to holidays and holidays in the period from 15.4 to 31.10. During the period 1.11-14.4, the principal does not rent the boat. The dates for start-up and end of teaching each year may have to be shifted for practical reasons.

Portal and academic system for the Cultural School Sack

Sted: hele Norge | Published April 17, 2018

The cultural tank has initiated a project - "Portal and Education System for the Cultural School Sack", where the purpose is to acquire a common administrative system for planning, implementation and follow-up of the Cultural School Sector at the national, county and municipal level. The project is a priority for the Culture tank in the coming years. The portal and trade system is expected and operated by the supplier, it is also appropriate to acquire additional services and further development.